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  1. A classic, simple, timeless effect in magic presented by a living legend: Lennart Green. You display two ordinary matches. They're completely normal and can be fully examined. Hold one in each hand, and demonstrate the impossible.

    In an instant, you make one of the matches PASS THROUGH the other. Solid through solid. And it's completely impromptu.

    The Impossible Penetration is a classic effect in magic that you can perform with a variety of objects - from cigarettes to matchsticks. Produced by Luis de Matos and shot on location at Studio 33 in Portugal.

  2. Looks very nice. Is there any word on the release date for the DVD series? Also, will Theory 11 carry it?
  3. I remember doing this one back when I was 8 and was learning magic, but I've never seen it done this well and this fluidly. Lennart Green is amazing!
  4. We absolutely will be carrying the DVD series. It's produced by our great friend Luis de Matos and featuring the life's work of Lennart Green. How could we resist?! I was able to check out the production quality of the DVD's a few weeks ago via video conference in Portugal, and simply put - everything was just 'done right' - as one would expect from Luis.

    No official release date that I am aware of as of yet. Will keep you in the loop as soon as we have more details. It's a FOUR DVD set, so there's something within it for everyone. Even if your style differs from that of Lennart, the techniques are brilliant and you can evolve them to fit your own routines.
  5. Great to hear! I'm extremely excited. Oh and I totally agree. I say that even if you don't use what he teaches, just watching the man work and seeing how he thinks is a lesson in and of itself.
  6. This looks very similar to Akira Fujis Linking cigarettes. Is their any difference? Different methods? I was thinking about buying some stuff later but I do not know which one to get. You can see Akiras Linking Cigs on ellusionist. Anyone have any info on this?
  7. This has been in Lennart's repertoire for MANY years. Akira's was originally released with Seo Magic but is being picked up by Ellusionist. Would you rather pay 30 bucks for Akira's? Or a little less than 5 bucks for Lennart's? I would go with Lennart! :)
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  8. I did not even look at the price only the videos, because its going to be a bit until I get some more stuff but I just wanted some info. I was kinda confused about how come two different magicians are selling the same thing. So I thought their must be something different. But the effects look exactly the same to me. I just wanted to make sure. And you're right if I looked at the price I would not even be asking this question, hah, I wouldn't care. I agree I would go with Lennarts too.

    Thanks Casey.
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  9. I Believe it was published in Jean Hugards first magic manual..

    Whilst the same 'Methods' you're paying for the 'Finesse' of each individual

    and Akira Fujis does loot a lot smoother and not as 'Jerky'
  10. Lennart Green performed this very well, and it seems like a good place to learn if it you like to learn from videos. Daryl and a myriad of other magicians have published this on video too. This has obviously seen print before as well.

    With that said, Akira Fuji's is absolutely astonishing. Price shouldn't be an issue, and Fuji's looks like real magic. Even when slowed down, it looked like trick photography. Green's looks good, but Fuji's is out of this world.

    Just my opinion, of course.
  11. They also used "Spin Orbs" I think with Crush, but that's totally unrelated. The editing looks GREAT!
  12. Not trying to bash you guys here, but Akira Fuji's is more visual and the method isn't published in every magic book you can find at your local library.. Although I can't wait for more Lennart Green stuff. Are there any plans to have a download for the snap deal? Having problems understanding it from the booklet.
  13. Oh they did use spin orbs. I mainly look at the cardistry and card magic products.
  14. I completely agree with you.
  15. I think we can all agree, it's pretty much the same effect, and the spectator is going to leave thinking they saw the exact same thing no matter who's version you go with. :)

    They both look really good, whilst Akira's may be more visual and smooth, that works really well for him and his handling/performance style I imagine. Whereas, if you look at Lennart's h/p style, you can see why his might not look as smooth, even if he could, the kind of 'Jerky' (as someone described it) motion in Lennart's is natural for him to do; to me, his feels a little more offbeat, like a little joke, whereas Akira's is more of an elegant display of solid-through-solid.

    In my opinion, take it or leave it as you will of course, if you're considering purchasing this effect and don't know whose to go with, think about your style and handling of things and who's handling (from what you can tell) would work best for you. :) For me, that happens to be Mr. Green and I think, I'll toddle on over to the checkout for it now.

    - Sean
  16. Im more astonished by Akira's lnking cigarrete, it's more visual. You can really see the illusion that they 'link' even in slow motion.
  17. I disagree. One looks like magic, one does not but one is practical and one is not so practical (judging from what I know about the effect).
  18. Fair enough. Perhaps I should've said "most of us could agree" instead. :p

    I'm not seeing the difference in effect and the effect I thought I just saw between either of them. To me, I would say I saw solid pass through solid right at the fingertips. I think you'd find maybe most spectators would say something similar, of course when you put the two next to each other, I'm sure everyone would agree one is a lot more visual and perhaps more 'magical' in that sense, but overall, I'd say they were on the same level of looking like magic.

    I know what you mean about one looking insanely visual compared to the other, but my point is that we should consider what suits us more, there's no point in having insanely visual magic if you don't use it because it doesn't really suit you; and we certainly shouldn't force ourselves into performing something that looks crazy visual, but doesn't really suit us in our handling/performance style.

    This is all of course just my personal thoughts on things, we can agree to disagree maybe! :D :p
    - Sean

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