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    SIX months, is that a testament to the astonishing inability of the USPC's to print straight/consistently?

    When you say destroyed, were they truly destroyed or were those 6000 shipped out to the market, (ie walmart). In a previous post you said that the guardians that are purchased from walmart are inferior to the ones from T11 (I have seen badly printed guardians that were bought locally).

    So are the perfect printed cards reserved for the individual/company, and the rejects are sent into the mass market for everyone?

  2. I only have one comment...

    I know you want to do it yourself and all that but c'mon guys. Thos smooth lines in v1,2,3 were awesome. Color does not equal to genius pen and ink work.

    Si Scott did some amazing work with these and just removing everything he did in the course of a year!? or two!? is just not okay with me.

    I have 1 Joker from the S&M 2v deck and that makes my day everyday because i have a piece of excellents with me.

    Drop the whole world repairing plan and get back with Si Scott.

  3. Hmm, not sure how much I liked the idea of green...

  4. video

    where the hell is the preview video?
  5. Where some of the misfits sold and Magic-Con? two or three of the cards in one of the decks (haven't opened to others) I got have a green ink line/smear in the top white part of the border. And at least two of the cards have little white circles on the faces, such as in the middle of a spade on the 8.
  6. In a way, yes, but since this was the first time that they printed metallic inks on that new press, we knew it was going to take a little bit of time to get it right. But in no uncertain terms, we were frustrated as can be at the six month delay. That said, there was no other option while maintaining high quality of feel, finish, and print.

    Those 6,000 S&M v4 decks were destroyed, as in thrown away and incinerated. The only decks that theory11 distributes to mainstream retailers at this time are the Guardians.
  7. Agreed, SI Scotts work ruled. The green and the fact all the lines are taken away ruined the decks.

    Bring back SI Scott for v5!!!
  8. Well put :)
  9. i bought three of these decks at magiccon and i love them
  10. video

    hey why is no1 replying

    i want to know where is the preview video!!!

    they say there is a preview video which i cannot find !!
  11. The preview video has not been released yet. It will be released on Monday @ 11:00 pm est.
  12. Looks great guys. Very unique. Are these in limited quantity? I know Bayme said that they will sell out quickly but there is a next batch coming in. My question is, are there going to be more and more batches or just 2?
  13. ...unless, of course, you attended Magic-Con. ;)
  14. Im wondering the same thing.

  15. Will the cards come out with the preview video? That is slightly redundant in my opinion...

  16. hmmm....a nice change of pace from black and white, but, in my opinion, they aren't anything new. The addition of green is cool, but they aren't really that different from the original deck. Maybe some day they will do a complete reworking, maybe with a different artist or something(not that I have a problem with Si Scott, would just like to see a change)
  17. These cards, no joke, look sick....

    Can't wait....
  18. Some of us ran out the door while the preview video was going. I had to get in line :p
  19. So, will they just be available in green or will there be other colors?
  20. Just a quick question:

    Why are all the other decks on theory11 $4.95 or below, but then these cost $5.95? I think the quality of the decks on theory11 aren't that much different than the S+M decks...?

    Are these going to be priced at 4.95?

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