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  1. Do you know this for a certain fact??

    Cuz I've been saving up for some good non-card trick like maybe the Gecko... But if it will be worth that much, then I could get 5 geckos! (or maybe the gecko and all the new releases from T11...)
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    Simple solution. Don't buy one. Simply put, it's art. If you don't see the point in buying one, you shouldn't, and let someone buy one who does see the point. Don't bother buying them to resell them later. There may be only 150 now, but they'll be reprinted during the next print run, so it's not really a great opportunity to flip collectibles for a profit.

    Personally, I can't wait to get one. I've been looking for an affordable sheet of uncut playing cards for some time now, so these definitely appeal to me. Not because I'm going to get rich off of the purchase, not because there are only 150 of the 1st edition. In the end it's an uncut sheet of playing cards, not a poster. That's a great deal if you like uncut sheets of playing cards!

    I do have a question regarding them though. What are the dotted lines? It looks like the lines go over the pips. Where these made specifically to be sold as uncut sheets? Saying 150 were made as well as the dotted lines, clue me to the possibility that they were only made to be sold as uncut sheets. You don't make uncut sheets of cards, you make playing cards and remove the sheets for preservation before they are cut. I would prefer an actual sheet of uncut cards without the dotted lines. If these are what they looked like before being cut, then wouldn't it be more accurate instead of saying only 150 were made, to say only 150 sheets were preserved uncut?
  3. There are no dotted lines on the uncut sheets you will receive - there are cut lines (actual perforated cuts) made during the printing process. Those small cuts (about an inch a piece) are on every uncut sheet I have ever seen - straight off of the press at USPCC. These uncut sheets were pulled directly from the press during our first production run of the Sentinels in July 2010.
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    Man am i glad that I'm on the computer at 2am. I just picked up a sheet. This was quite a surprise. $30.00 is an AMAZING price. At Ellusionist they want $17 for a PRINT of one of their sheets made out of poster paper. I'm glad the Sentinel Sheets weren't hyped up or else they would have sold out in minutes. Just out of curiosity, once these sell out, and its time for a new run of decks, will the stock of uncut sheets be replenished indefinitely?
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    Thanks for the clarification! That's very pleasing to hear! I would love to see uncut sheets offered for other past, present, and future theory11 decks. They are definitely a hot collectors item. Can you list the dimensions of the sheets so I can prepare a frame?
  6. "Next production cycle" meaning when the first batch of Sentinels runs out? And if so, do you guys have a time frame for that at all?
  7. I'm from Malaysia, Will the uncut sheet send here bend ?
  8. Just as an update, 20 Uncut Sheets remain in stock! Grab em while they're hot!
  9. How are you so sure there's exactly 20?
  10. you add one to your cart, type in 30 in the quantity, update it, and it will say they have 20 in stock. But hey, go on exomagic tinychat so we can talk man.
  11. We take every precaution to prevent damage in shipping. The uncut sheets are shipped separately from the rest of your order in a protected, secure tube. This should prevent any issues of bending or damage due to bad weather (rain, snow, sharks, man-eating lizards) while in transit. The goal is to make sure they get from our warehouse to your doorstep in perfect condition.
  12. JB, are you planning on having uncut sheets for other decks available? A few of us in ExoMagic's chat were talking about how sweet it would be to have Bee Stingers uncut sheets too.. And will you have 150 uncut sheets each time you reprint them? Or just this time and next?
  13. UPDATE: 12 left!! If you were thinking about picking one up do it now before it's too late!
  14. What are the dimensions of the sheets and what frames would you recommend?
  15. They're about 26 x 22, but I would wait until they arrive to size them up for frames. For framing, unless you're super crafty, you would probably want to take them to an art store or frame shop to take care of. Alternatively, you could get a basic hanger like this - but it wouldn't protect the sheet from dust and little brothers with crayons.
  16. Cool, thanks! Yeah, I was hoping to make a plexi-glass frame where you can view the faces or the backs simply by flipping the frame.
  17. Less than 10 uncut sheets of Sentinels remain up for grabs, so if you want one, the clock is ticking!
  18. And now, 2 are left.
  19. I'm assuming these are sold out because i went to get another one and i can add it to my cart but, when i go to check out my cart is empty.
  20. You are correct - as of this morning, the Sentinel uncut sheets are officially sold out. The few that remain in warehouse will be held in our private archive.

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