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  1. Last Thursday at 11:00pm EST, we chose the grand prize winner in our 2009 holiday contest - The Red Envelope. The prize? An all expense paid trip to Magic-Con (March 2010) - an intellectual and interactive conference for magicians and the largest gathering of theory11 artists in one place since our inception - inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodations, and registration to the conference in San Diego, California.

    Unfortunately, the grand prize winner we chose previously (F06823) will be unable to make it to the conference in March - which means YOU still have an opportunity to win. Attached to this post you will find a link to a page containing 100 contest codes chosen completely at random. One lucky winner will be drawn from that list. Check your codes - are you on the list? A video of the drawing will be posted at 11:00pm EST on January 8th, 2010 (Friday) in our Media section.

    We have many plans in place for the grand prize winner at the conference - and it will truly be an experience of a lifetime. Good luck...

  2. Soooo close, ah!

    2 #s off...
  3. Damn all the W's had 096 i was 097

    Good luck to everyone!!

  4. Same here!

  5. you mean to say another 100 were drawn and still my codes weren't in there? Man i'm so unlucky :D
  6. any other unclaimed prizes?
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    my code is up there, but the email you sent it in got deleted... can i still be eligible?
  8. i threw awa y my codes is there any way i could recover them if i sent you my store info
  9. Fortunately and unfortunately, in order to conduct this contest in a manner most fair, code cards were included in shipped packages at random by our warehouse team. That said, short of having the actual code card in your hand, there is no way for us to verify which code was included in which order.
  10. Dam!, none of my codes are up there.
    I don't like this one, JB, I say you choose another 100 to pick from. lol.
  11. The reality is that JB lied and they do know which codes are in which packages. I called him up and specifically told him not to include any of your codes in the drawing. Coincidentally the whole drawing was set up to make you win, but I decided it was for the best you didn't win.

  12. yay :D! I have 1 code up there!
    Oh yeah and, it doesnt seem like my codes were at random seeing how all 11 of them were one number off each other. But i guess that was how it was supposed to be.
  13. lol odd question but umm....would you guys have on record which numbers were sent to the customers?

    cuz i got my package 3 days ago, check my cards (6 of them , none were winners)
    threw them in the garbage

    naturally im pretty confident 1 of the nuimbers of the 100 was one of mine, but today being garbage day, its already been picked up lol

    although theres a 99% chance that number wont be picked
    but if it is, and have no proof, ill be utterly angry lol

    for the record, think it was i09113, or I 09908 bah lol
  14. k went through the garbage, its i09113
    1% chance of winning, jaja :)
  15. For that, I hope you win.
  16. Yes 1% percent of winning:D and too make it worst for yall it was a free code.

    But I won't win though;)
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    I have around 40ish codes infront of me...none up there. Oh well. I still have 1 unopened package at the post office. I hope! Anyone want to sell ther codes il buy em haha!

    Whats the highest sold code? Like is It R or are those free? Or J?
  18. Not up there. :(

    ...not that I can complain, I had a free code, heh. ;)

    Good luck to those with their codes on the list! :)
  19. i have one code in there!!

  20. Tonight at 11:00pm EST we will post the results!

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