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  1. Not too long ago I placed a relatively large order (for an individual) over at Dan and Dave Industries. My money was taken and it was over a week before anything was posted. I emailed them and they gave me an unsatisfactory explanation as to why, thanking me for my patience. No mention of the word sorry.

    I bought Pure Smoke from Ellusionist on release and have had numerous problems with it leading to replacements. I really appreciate that they have replaced it for free, even though it's their fault for selling what I consider to be an unfinished product but it takes them days to respond and longer to get a replacement shipped.

    I placed an order at World Magic Shop for one of their PK rings and money was taken immediately. 2 weeks went by and I heard nothing so I called, they said I hadn't specified whether I wanted gold or silver. Another week went by and I heard nothing so I called again and they said that it was packaged and ready to be shipped, so after 3 weeks of waiting and hearing nothing from them without having to chase it up myself I cancelled the order.

    I have similar stories from a couple other large magic suppliers but here's the point I'm making;

    2 days ago I created a thread on this forum about my Smoke device. Jonathan replied swiftly advising me to contact support. I submitted a ticket and Lyle replied, during a weekend! I sent a picture of my Smoke device and today a replacement was sent out. Not only that but the messages I received were very positive and helpful.

    Clearly Theory 11 are providing an unparalleled level of support for us, the customers, and I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you and stay awesome.
  2. Yeah say what you will about magic companies when it comes to customer service Theory11 is consistently one of the best out there. It's that little word "consistently" that I want to make sure gets the attention drawn to it that they so richly deserve.
  3. This is why I love theory11 so much, they have higher standards and will stop at nothing to keep them high. I have no problem giving my money to theory11 because they always deliver exactly what they say they will and have been known to go above and beyond.

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