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    I was just thinking about this effect and how powerful it is. I mean c'mon u get ink to appear on the spectators arm! I know some psychology is involved in this. But how can u get ink to appear on their arm? Even with a gimmick! It boggles the mind. I cant figure it out!( Now i dont wanna know unless i go out and buy it) So i waz just thinking about it and whether i should buy it. Any other thoughts people??? O and i read somewhere that this effect takes "balls" to perform cuz u have to look into the eyes of the spec. Is that really true? I'm thinking about buying this and i really really want it. But is it worth 30 bucks? And how hard and how expensive is the gimmick?( The gimmick used to tag someone) and how hard is it to make? lol sorry i just want to 100% on this. IS IT STOOGED???(Secret Helper)

    "A real magician tries to invent something new, that other magicians are gonna scratch their heads over"
  2. It's a decent DVD that goes over like 2 hours worth of teaching and different types of effects that go along with the tagging itself.
  3. Is there a gimmick included with the dvd? or you have to do it?
  4. you have to make the gimmick yourself, however it is really easy and takes a total of a minute or two. The effects that he teaches do not require the tagging procedure at all and work really well. Is it worth $30 I'd have to say yes as it teaches you a lot and the 'tagging' is only a small part of that.
  5. i personally love this dvd!!!
    the possibilities with this trick are awsome!
    you dont have to have a word on their rist, it can abe a number, a symbol.....i sometimes do it as kinda of stigmata, but on their hand. ( its no the same but still), the reactions are great! very simple
    and yes you do MAKE the gimick, but its not reallly a gimick, its like a tool, they never ever see it.
    and Rich, goes over it very well, and different options to make it!

    So i think you should deff get the DVD, i like it alott.
  6. Buy it. Worth every penny.
  7. 2 words, GET IT
    now i dont have it. my friend bought it and he isnt very ballsy, but he told me it takes just a lil confidence and you can pull it off easily.
    the cost for making the gimmick is a few bucks, maybe 5 or 6, even less if u can find a good deal.
    but it is a very good trick. and the revelations are ENDLESS. a book a card a name a number an emotion a song. basically anything you can spell you can tag.
    even numbers can be tagged. Even PICTUREs can be tagged. its all up to your imagination almost.
    but get it. and he goes over ALOT of neat ideas.

    and if you cant look into a spectators eyes, then dont even bother with magic. cause thats all you really do in magic. lol

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