Taking WOW to the next level - A MIRACLE!

Feb 2, 2008
Hi All,
I wasn't sure where to put this, but it is a routine/method/HANDLING of WoW I came up with to take WoW to a whole new level - A ****EN Miracle. For all you mentalists, I know you guys are going to love this. This is just to SHARE the handling with all of you, magicians helping magicians.

Imagine making an open prediction with a word written on a card. The spectators choose a card writes a word on the card. Your prediction doesn't match.... with just a shake... You have yourself a MIRACLE.

Check it out here (not an explanation, but I am sure all of you can figure it out)

I would like to thank Keith Barry for the wonderful idea/routine as well as Alex (BMWGuy) for collaborating with me on this.

Hope you guys like it and use this idea!

Feb 2, 2008
Keith Barry does =P

It's the fact that you build suspense that you actually got it, then the level of guard from audience goes down after you are wrong, then you FRY their pants off to mars

essentially a direct reveal of a prediction has a lesser impact than a wrong prediction
Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
Kieth Barry calls himself a magician more than he calls himself a mentalist.

Straight up it is a trick.

Everyone in the audience who sees it will understand it as that and nothing more. How exactly are you reading minds I could understand the open prediction and the book test as such. But your audience will ultimately just see it as nothing more than a trick and decreases the whole power of the presentation that you are trying to portray as a mentalist. The clear plastic case that you use for the WoW just screams magic shop as it is the exact size for a playing card. I would go as far as to say that if you were to do this at any point of your show you would have to be incredibly careful as it could destroy the whole image that you have worked so hard to create.


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Dec 1, 2008
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Thank-You for posting this one. I have been looking for a neat way to acually use my Jay Sankey "99" effect and this will help me out greatly. Not only has my "99" been sitting around for a while but so has my "WOW" so it looks like they will be coming out of the closet together (awwww how sweet).
Sep 1, 2007
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Paul Gertner already beat you to the general idea, sans word prediction. I purchased my gimmick from him at one of his lectures.

He also has a presentation that motivates the gimmick to make it less suspect and people to be less grabby about it. And that presentation also allows for an extra effect reminiscent of one of Thomas Edison's old PR campaigns about crap he never actually planned to invent: cameras that could photograph thought.

Also, Paul doesn't draw on the gimmick.
Sep 1, 2007
Porthcawl, Wales.
Great idea, I'm really into open predictions right now, so this is right up my street!

The most abstract, unique and incredible use of the WOW gimmick that I've seen, was done by Jonathan Kamm and can be seen here:


If your like me then I'm guessing you watched that video about 5 times? Amazing right?

Anyway, someone by the name of Yee Chung found inspiration from Jonathon Kamms video and came up with a workable routine for this idea. And can be seen here:


Hope you enjoyed these videos guys,


Aug 31, 2007

since the gimmick is quite pricey, I would be too fond of writing on mine and limiting it to only this trick. Essentially erasing all of its versatility.

I'd much rather have them get the word, and show that their word is written in invisible ink on a card inside my pocket the whole time inside a closed and protected card case, then make the word appear.
Dec 14, 2007
First, congrats for thinking about an idea so many are doing out of the box.

But yes, as "mentalism" this is flawed. The moment you do something "magical" it ceases to be a display of mental phenomena - it becomes slight of hand, or magic or something. That's not to say that this wouldn't be an entertaining or deceptive trick - but no one will walk away thinking it is the result of psychic or mental powers.

As to other's having thought of it - Paul Gertner, Docc Hilford, Nathan Marsh, Al the Only, Bob Sheets and I all spent some time together working on things to do with this right when it first came out. There are a ton of ideas that have not leaked into the mainstream.

I, for example, wrote a two card transposition routine centered around (loosely) the premise of the Prestige. (I have this routine to a friend as a Christmas present.)

However, if you want to have your eyes burned out, find a clip of Bernard Billis performing this.

Then you will KNOW we have only begun to scratch the surface.

Fun idea, but I think you might be better off playing this is a cool trick as opposed to some sort of mental skill.

Brad Henderson
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