Tally-Ho's finish durability?

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  1. I recently bought a brick of Blue circle-back Tallys from T11, and after first opening the box, I was amazed. However, I realized that after i first shuffled them and used them (about 15 mins after opening box), they felt terrible compared to how they first came. I later tested this with another brand new pack, with the same result. My friend has also felt the same thing, so now I'm wondering... are they really worth it? Or was there some mess-up that either came with the deck/we caused?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. It could be dependent on a number of things. Especially the weather, climate, humidity, etc. You may want to send a support ticket, but they may say that they are fine.
  3. More then likely, you bought your Tallys from the print in Kentucky. These tallys compared to the ones in Ohio are crap.
  4. On the side, it clearly says:


    I'm pretty sure that's not the Erlanger, KY facility.. any other ideas?
    I'm not quite sure about that climate thing either, since the 2nd pack was indoors in a 73 degrees cooled room, and i opened them and started using them on a poker table (@ a friends house).
  5. I don't know, I've been noticing new bikes are less 'springy' then what they used to be. I opened a new deck this morning, and they were bending left and right while I was trying to break the deck in.
  6. The construction of the New Bikes and also their pip size has come under fire since the new "Standard' box has been released. The quality of the stock is questionable, the pips are smaller, the boldness of the ink sucks, and lastly nobody likes the box. Numerous people to the point where people are jumping ship because of the supposed failling standards at USPCC. Some has even questioned the last run of their cards at the Ohio factory. Who knows really what going on at USPCC.

    Honestly I havent noticed a big diffrence but I havent worked with the new bikes often enough, only a few times. I been trying to use up some of my Bees
  7. Hopefully I just got a few bad packs out of the supposedly amazing cards. Hopefully the brick of blue circle-backs I'm about to order off of T11 is all that it's hyped to be...
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but sometimes, just because the box says Cincinnati does not mean it is from there. The best way to tell if it is from Kentucky is by the seal. If the seal is black, the cards suck. If the seal is blue or red, lucky you.

  9. I have heard this about the seal. Honestly only time will tell if the cards coming out of USPCC are going to suck. I hope this will not be the case but when you have control over the market you could do what you want.

    Honestly as long as I can still perform with them I will buy them.
    Like I said time will tell if our fears our true.

    If it is the case I suggest looking for back ups.
  10. Just to clarify this - the smaller pips will be fixed soon. I spoke directly with USPCC brass about that issue around a month ago (link), and can confirm that it will be resolved soon. I have no idea as to what the inspiration was behind the change, or it it was intentional or not. But I do know that it will be fixed if not already.

    Around the time of the USPCC move to Kentucky, we did notice some quality issues that we took up with their R&D team. Over the past several weeks, I have worked alongside USPCC's research and development crew to test multiple deck prototypes - as have Bill Kalush and Richard Turner. Quality is improving and progress is being made - I am confident of that. But because they are using a new primary press in a new facility, things were not silky smooth in transition. Things are looking up, though. I am optimistic.
  11. Could the new changes be due to USPCC wanting to reduce operating costs ?
  12. Thanks for the clarification, JB.

    However: Facepalm to my tallies. They all came with black seals.
  13. I don't believe that to be the case - no more than to be expected. As a company, surely they try to reduce operating costs whenever possible. But the issue here was achieving a level of comfort with the new presses in the new facility. The individuals that I have spoken to and given critiques to at USPCC aren't sales executives - they're the technicians working on the factory floor and operating the presses. Therefore, they have a great vested interest in maximizing quality. Over the past few months since the move, they have become more and more comfortable with the new process, and I think quality has been on the up and up.
  14. I hope so , the quality of the Smoke and Mirrors V4 , which are printed at Kentucky , are of excellent quality.I was hoping that they would physically move their printing machines to Kentucky but that is unlikely.
  15. Their old press was sold back to the manufacturer under the condition that it could no longer be used to print playing cards of any kind. Their new press is made by that same manufacturer (it's just a newer model). In theory, the new press should enable much greater quality and accuracy in the years ahead. The transition was not too smooth, but they're getting there.
  16. The quality is indeed getting better.I just bought a pack of Kentucky bikes and they actually felt better than the Ohio bikes.The backs were centered though the pips and color issue was also present but not noticible.

  17. This is good to hear and thank you for updating us Mr. Bayme. Its good to here that they are listening to the concerns of the consumers and their clients.
    I imagine it will take awhile before the previous runs to be exhausted before we could see the the improved cards.
  18. Just to add one more note here - ALL standard Bicycle and Tally cards being printed now for retail are using black seals (and have for the past 8 months). So seal color should NOT be used as an indicator of quality or which run a deck was printed in.

    There IS an indicator, however - on the Ace of Spades. There should be a code on that card that can be used to identify which run and press the deck was printed on. If you do receive a deck from us that is not of acceptable quality, please contact us and let us know - we will do whatever we can to make things right.
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    thats good news JB i was thinking about switching to Anglo's

    but now i think i'll wait it out a while longer
  20. @JB(or anyone else who can shed some light on this) Somewhat off topic here but you may have more insight into this than I.

    Arrco recently stopped being printed and there has been a lot of buzz about this. I have yet to get concerned about this because A: there is a heavy supply right now and B: there is nothing(that I know of) to prevent USPCC from printing another run if supplies get short.

    So my big question to you relates to B. Is my assumption there correct? If supplies of Arrcos start to run short will USPCC be able to simply make another run? or do Arrcos have something in their processing that was lost when the old press was tossed?

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