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  1. Hi all,

    I've got a taped double backer, two strips on one side, and I'm having issues when I peel off cards, namely that it makes a big peeling off noise... Has anyone got any tips of how to handle this? Cheers!
  2. I don't know the aplication for your double backer, but one small strip on one side is normaly enought to addere to another card. Regarding the peeling noise, you can apply a Dick Kornwinder's procedure to separate the cards without making noise. I will not reveal what it is, but you can find it on a book called The Wisdom of Solomon by David Solomon & Jeff Siegfried (great book btw).
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  3. Typically, the noise isn't as noticable for your spectators because they aren't listening for it. With double sided tape, the adhesiveness and noise diminishes with use. If it is too sticky or noisy, put your finger on it and pull it off once.
  4. You can always catch a small break and slide it off you nail. Maybe just out tape across the tops, and a little bit at intervals along the side?

    You could also make other forms of double backers. Splitting cards and using double stick tape or rubber cement on the inside is the best option. You can very easily just use double sided tape/rubber cement in between 2 cards, without splitting it.

    Alternatively, use a glue stick. The only problem occurs if it is not used for a long period of time. At that point, you can maneuver it to crack the glue on the inside, making it soft again.
  5. I don't think the OP is talking about the use of double tape to make a double back card. What I understood, is that he applied double tape to one of the sides of the double backer and when it sticks to other card he wants ways to peel them apart whithout making noise while performing.
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  6. As in peel the double backers apart? I thought he meat peel, as in when you take/count cards off the top.

    If that is the case, then why not use just 2 peices of tape, lightly put on top? Or the type of adhesive used in letters and credit cards in the mail. That is easy enough to pull off.
  7. Hi, thanks for the replies. I tend to do my tricks in quite quiet environments so it seems pretty noticeable, I reckon that if I was outside or at a bar etc it would be fine.

    I've swapped to one piece of tape down the middle rather than two but it still seems very loud. I'm trying to make the tape less sticky with my finger and I will definitely check out Dick Kornwinder's procedure so thanks for that!
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