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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jamleras, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. I am a new iPhone user , new to magic forum , i just wonder which is the best app of iPhone .
  2. You mean for magic or overall?
  3. I dont think it is allowed in this forum.
    But for magic, I would check Greg Rostami's work. Most of what you actually see about magic in the appstore isnt worth installing.
  4. For magic, WikiTest is my favorite iphone trick. It's awesome, but expensive.
  5. It’s not an app, but I would look into toxic. Great trick with any calculator!

  6. I’ve had a bit of fun creating my first magic app, it may not be the best....fairly sure of that! (its free to download, and there are no adds), link below

    If the link doesn’t show search for ‘free drinks at the bar’ in the iphone app store.

    You simply ask your friend to open their calculator and times single numbers together until they reach a 9 digit number.
    Ask them to tell you 8 of the digits in any order but keep 1 a secret, if you guess this number they will buy you that number of drinks!
    As they tell you each number you use the app to enter each number.
    The app will reveal their secret number...... sounds impossible, try it, it works and they can never figure out how you did it!

    It would be great if you can offer any improvement advice, or other tricks you think I could develop!

    Hope you like it.


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