The Cardistry Card Game and Animation

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  1. Heya guys. Biz here. Wanna introduce you to a new idea called The Cardistry Card Game. It's a card game where players must perform card flourishes in order to keep on playing.

    We've also made a full animated trailer for the game which I'm really excited to share with you guys!

    You can check both of them here on kickstarter and see the game in action on instagram.

    I wanted to make this post to answer any questions you guys might have :)
  2. So did anybody pick this game up?

    It looks like quite a few Kickstarter backers now have their copies, so I'm curious to hear some initial reactions from people.
  3. I dig it. I just feel I'd need more friends in my area who did cardistry to play with.
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  4. You can play the game online with others too :) ! I've played the game through instagram live with 30+ people ^^. Also, there's an online version too <3

    Really happy to hear that you liking the game man :D
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