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  1. So last night my wife took me to see the Illusionists.
    The show was fantastic. The highlights for me was Adam Trent and Colin Cloud.
    Adam Trent is a very friendly and personable magician. He just genuinely seems happy to be performing. The effects he did went over very well, however his Ambitious Card was a little tight.
    Colin Cloud the Mentalist was unreal. He totally blew my mind. Some of the things he deduced from the audience left me speechless. He never claimed to have mindreading abilities, yet by the end I believed he did. lol
    Johnathan Goodwin the Daredevil was pretty cool. Not my cup of tea though.
    An Ha Lim a Korean card manipulator was pulling cards out of thin air. Very cool.
    The low point was Darcy Oake. He came off as arrogant and wouldn't even bow... just a slight nod. He acted as if He was The Show and everyone else was just a filler.
    Overall though it was a very entertaining show, I'd see again!
  2. Good to hear!

    They are doing a few shows down under in the coming weeks. Pretty sure it’s a different line-up but I’ll likely be going nonetheless.

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