The Red Envelope Contest : Day Ten - Winners List

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  1. lol wut?

  2. schizophrenic episode?
  3. They have no record of who received what card. I sent them an e-mail about how I assumed that the sample on the contest page was the winning number so I threw mine away, (I included my order number) and I received this e-mail back:


    Hope your holiday season is going well thus far, it's good to hear from you. The holiday contest has been going great thus far, but I apologize for your confusion. On that same contest page ( there is a link to the updated winning codes within the same paragraph. I'm sorry but being as these cards are randomly pulled during the fulfillment process, there is no record of who got what code.

    I can't send you out any additional codes but you can enter to receive one free entry. Check out the bottom of the contest page for details on how to get your one free submission. Have a great new year!"

    Seems kind of basic to keep a record of who got what codes.

  4. seems kinda basic to read the instructions and hang on to a little piece of paper, just saying
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    quoted from the same paragraph

    "Starting December 21st (Day Eleven) we will draw a select number of codes corresponding with the day, ending with a Grand Prize drawing for one lucky winner on December 31st (Day One). All winners will be announced in our forums each day at 11:00pm EST"

    while i can understand the frustration of throwing out those codes i just dont think its fair to blame T11.
    anyways, whats done is done, im more curious about what happens to unclaimed prizes.
  6. I'm only slightly blaming theory11, for the most part I'm blaming myself. It was over a month ago, so I don't remember exactly what I was thinking at the time.
  7. fair enough. it should be interesting to see what they do with the unclaimed prizes, whether they pick other codes or do a random raffle. it would suck though if the 1st prize was unclaimed
  8. I probably won the grand prize...:rolleyes:

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