The True Story of the Pre-Release Monarchs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. It's about the pursuit of perfection. These decks were not flawed, mangled, or damaged. They just weren't true to our exact, original vision. Any other company would have said "good enough" - we didn't. We were willing, and we forever will be, to pursue perfection, even if that means there will be complications, headaches, and frustrations along the way.

    This certainly was frustrating. I lost a lot of sleep over it. But at the end of the day (or actually, at 6am in the morning) - we had to make sure the final result here was something GREAT, not just good. The same logic can and should be applied to everything you do. Follow your vision, follow your heart. Never settle.
  2. I managed to get 3 of the decks and I'm glad I did. I live in Canada so I probably won't even get them until after the release date anyways :(

    On another note, there is a few decks posted on eBay already. Buy-it-now for $500!!! No thanks. There is another with 8 bids on it already.
  3. From your email earlier:

    "Congratulations! If you're receiving this message, you were one of only 111 people who are lucky enough (and fast enough!) to snatch up a pre-release deck of Monarch Playing Cards.

    Some details about the deck you'll be receiving: It's the best we've ever done. Printed at The United States Playing Card Company using imported papers, metallic inks, and stunning, elegant artwork. The deck represents the pinnacle of playing card design and manufacturing today. They're the most elite playing cards ever produced."

    So, the deck was simultaneously "not perfect" and "the best we've ever done...the pinnacle".

    While claiming rarity was not the intent, you certainly go out of your way to point out "They are the most rare decks we have ever produced."

    No - I do not trust you or any "promises" you make. I think everybody here understand the ridiculous amount of hype that accompanies every release, but this goes beyond that.

    Further, can you stop saying "111 people". I know some people who got 3 decks. If everyone got 3 decks it would actually be 37 people.
  4. Really? Seriously? My god man. It was a mistake that was made. They owned up to it and are now telling you that they didn't want to compromise quality, so they destroyed them all and are making a new batch to it actually lives up to the hype. And yes, he is sorta selling the 111 decks out there. Why not? What is the big deal.
  5. Thank you for the support. We have made mistakes before and certainly will again. Part of the territory with innovation, and making decisions of any sort, means that some of those decisions will be wrong. The only way to avoid ever making a mistake is to do nothing. Monarchs push the envelope FAR. They have been a challenge since day one. And true to form, they were a challenge all the way to the end. But we did it! Through trial, and error.

    In this case, this was simply outside of our control. Once aware of the situation, our team acted in nothing but complete honesty, transparency, and 100% dedication to making the best product possible. Any other company would have said the decks were "good enough." We didn't - we knew they could be better. And with assistance from our friends at USPCC, that's exactly what we're doing.
  6. So are the tuck cases 100% identical? Not even one minor difference?
  7. Yup, that has been said multiple times.
  8. And what should be a secret and surprise was NOT a secret and surprise anymore.
  9. Huh? Haven't seen any leaked photos online. The eBay picture is one that's been around for a while.

    As for the case, usually the back of the box shows the back of the card (which should originally have gold in it). If they took the gold out of the back you would think they would take the gold off the box. I'm only speculating of course. I don't even have mine yet so I have no idea if the box even shows the back design.
  10. Yep - you are correct. Our goal is to preserve the mystery of the deck until release, so we requested help to keep that secret until the official pictures come out. We'll be posting some more glimpses in the coming days - we're less than one week from release. Coming very soon!
  11. I'm just a little disappointed that I probably won't receive my pre-release decks until after the official release (seeing as I live in Canada and shipping from the US usually takes around 2 weeks). I wish theory would send me some picks :p
  12. Disappointed? Most people won't even see the decks you're getting . . . EVER. There are only 144 made. That's like 1000xs rarer than White Centurions or Jerry's Nuggets. Get excited to be apart of it/no matter how long it takes for the decks to get to you. :)
  13. I'm so excited to hopefully get mine tomorrow. So proud to have a piece of theory11 history in my hands for a lifetime. Can't wait to hear other people's thoughts on the decks after they are publicly released. They've been a long time coming!
  14. Oh I am excited to get the Gold edition, trust me. However, I probably won't open one so I won't be seeing them. I did order 3 so I might open one.

    As for rareness, it says there are around 1,100 White Centurions in existence so really these Gold Monarchs are about 8x as rare ;)
  15. I'm one of the lucky owners a these rare Gold Monarch decks. So I was wondering if any of the other owners have re-sale one of there decks and around how much are they worth right now??? just wondering :)
  16. The last two listing's on ebay that I saw had an opened deck listed for $300, and the sealed one was $500. No way to know what they actually sold for, though they didn’t last two days.
  17. Wow! thanks nice to know :) I appreciate it.
  18. It'll be a cold day in hell when I pay 500 quid for a deck.
  19. Agreed.
    I had a hard time picking up Jerrys for $50.
  20. And now the Jerrys are worth like 3 or 4 times what you paid...
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