The True Story of the Pre-Release Monarchs

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    I decided to sale a deck and see how much they are worth in the market today for those proud owners. Check ebay and search "theory11" if you are interested. Don't know if I can post a link to my auction but any who I'll take one for the team and find out how much they're worth :cool:
  2. Couldn't see it on Ebay. Has it been sold already?
  3. Please contact me I would love to buy it It may be expensive I need to talk about buying it though I need one
  4. Please sell one to me u can't pay 500 dollers but I can pay a smaller amount it doesent have to be sealed it can be opened please
  5. Please keep the purchasing of products to other places. This forum is not the place to do this.

    • This is a place to discuss magic. We’d prefer that you keep all trading and selling of personal items to other venues.
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    Thank you.
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