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  1. Good question. YES, I would rename a cut ('renaming something' and 'calling it different' mean the same thing, btw). A mere centimeter or two is A LOT in cardistry. As long as people have 2 hands, and 2 feet, there will be an infinite number of fighting styles(-bruce lee)...ermmm, I mean flourishing styles.

    Precise finger placement is required for the eye cut. You're correct, the D.C. grip is much more general. Talon has much more precise finger placement.

    Just because De'vo has held a deck of cards in his hands (De'vo GRIP! Everything is just a variation of the De'vo grip. Wow you think that's new? That's just a variation of the De'vo grip. (What is De'vo grip? It's just picking up a deck of cards, therefore EVERYTHING you do in cardistry De'vo already has done) ) doesn't mean he is the root of all flourishing.
  2. You are right, in terms of the grip it is the same. But the handling of getting into the grip, that actual mechanics are what differs. Yes, talon does get you into the DC grip. But the move is not DC, DC is much easier, but less practical than talon.

    What matters is how to get into the grip, any idiot can look at a picture and figure out the DC grip, but the DC move and Talon are what are important, its how to get into the grip.

  3. Sigh if Andrei came up with D.C and devo used it in one of his dvds and changed it's name then everyone would be calling devo a thief and a liar.
    How about we just go back to discussing the dvd and downloads.
  4. talon is just a variation to get into the D.C, there are **** load of ways to get into the D.C grip. De'vo did say we should explore other ways to get into the grip, and Bone did just that, so Bone should credit De'vo, maybe he did? i don't have the eye cut tutorial, but if he didn't, then here comes more arguments.
  5. i thought De'vo did invent everything and just kept it all underground?


    i liked your bringing Bruce Lee into it.
  6. Let the artists take it up with each other if there's a problem... it's not our problem...

  7. Anyways, for people that has the Anaconda Digital Download, how is it? Was it worth buying? Is it easy?
  8. Well as for the's pretty awesome. I think it's worth the price. The teaching quality is top notch as well. It's a reasonably difficult flourish but that should never convince you not to buy it. With enough practice you can get it.
  9. Why does the eye cut and soundtrack have to be limited on supply? The anaconda dvds are understandable since they have to make the copies but the downloads are just...well files.
  10. give them a break guys... its been hard for them since da event.. just let this one slide ^^
  11. Ok guys, short little review here... I received all the digital downloads, and I'm VERY impressed, and pleased with the quality of everything.

    The Anaconda soundtrack is awesome, I've listened to it about 6 times the past 2 days, and it's Epic. You'll have a lot of fun flourishing to these mp3s (or wavs!). I know some of you said "i was planning on getting the soundtrack, but because of the credit card error, I'm not going to bother". Please reconsider! I really think you'll be missing out.

    The Performance Videos are awesome. The video quality, the sound, all top shelf quality. The same goes for the Tutorial videos. The teaching is very detailed. Some of the moves are difficult, which I expected, but when you know what you're trying accomplish, when you've got the psychology of the flourish down, all it takes is practice after that. Things become a lot easier. They don't leave a lot of guess work in the moves, the tutorials cover everything.

    After everything has been said and done, I think the Virts accomplished an Epic win, in spite of a few snags. I really look forward to more of this type of material in the future.

    Remember, they aren't just a business and we aren't just their customers, we're all friends here. Think of it friend to friend, not just customer to business. Would some of you that were bashing the Virts bash them if they were your personal friends? No, I don't beleive you would. If your personal friend attempted something like this, would you forgive them for a few mistakes, or would you treat them like a huge corporation, expecting compensation?

    Remember they've given us many awesome FREE tutorials, like Tornado Tips, Flicker, The Spring, Ninja Spring, ect, ect. They didn't need to do that. They took time out of their lives, to give us something, very high quality, to advance the art. These guys are awesome, and I don't know what else you could ask for. They've got great personalities, and they are positive thinkers. They are the type of people I like to hang out with.

    Thanks again Virts, for such an Epic event!
  12. Just to let you guys know, despite The Virts best efforts I have already found the eye cut and the anaconda tutorial up for illegal download.

    I have told Huron and am waiting for a response.

  13. OMG...I think i just wasted 60 bucks. I mean if it was already taught for free on his site moths ago, and now other people can get what i payed 60 for before i even get it is BS. I thouht the wait was preventing this :rolleyes:
  14. I don't think that they give a shi t.
  15. Yeah, What good would that do? I'm sure they knew it was going to get pirated at some point. with 300 (I think) copies sold, you don't expect not one person to pirate it.
  16. I think they sold more than 300.
  17. Thank you guys for all your support!
    My great personally appreciation : )

    For those who have bought EYE CUT And ANACONDA DVD, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me over email or Facebook.

    Thanks again for everything guys! You are the best.
    Bone Ho.
  18. :rolleyes: Someone missed the first post...
  19. Or almost all the posts
  20. He must have been reading my posts, as it seems I'm one of the few who actually support these guys... during a time they needed support the most, too many people turned on them like rabid dogs.

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