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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by paulyd, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. I must say, I'm pretty disappointed.

    I'm not sure if many of you know, but there's been some rather irritating things going on with the Anaconda DVD sale.

    For starters, people have been talking about the mass hype marketing, It bugged me a bit, but I let it pass. It looked cool.

    So as we were all herded onto their little ordering site (note that I said order, and not pre-order), we all entered our details to order the product, and right after we did, were were finally greeted with a page that said, "Shipping in september..." Excuse me? So you just spent all this time marketing the hell out of a product you weren't going to ship right away? I was irritated, but again, I gave it a pass, hoping this would be the last hurdle I'd have to deal with. It's ordered, no big deal....until...

    A few days later, I get an e-mail from huron stating there was a glitch in the payment system which didn't charge the first few customers shipping and demanded I pay another $10 for shipping. Now I was extremely irritated. So first you let me commit to paying one price, and now you're trying to add on shipping? It's not about the $10. Not even close. It's about the fact that they screwed up and the customer shouldn't have to pay for it. Had that $10 already been in the price, I would have gladly paid it.

    Keep in mind, I've worked for various companies, I've sold tons of things myself, and I've dealt with a ton of companies (T11 being one of them who was EXTREMELY COURTEOUS, thanks) and the general Modus Operandi is that whomever is at fault pays for the mistake. Clearly they should have tested the site before they made it live, but they didn't.

    So I e-mailed back explaining that while I understand their situation, that i was already irritated by the first two issues and that since this is their fault that it would be courteous for them to cover it. After some exchanges, all diplomatic, Huron disagreed.

    Huron also claimed that the shipping date was intentional to better provide better "customer service" (and I use that loosely) and to "avoid piracy". I'm not even going to get into how it does nothing to curb piracy, but you'd figure that they'd at least hold true to their "customer service" promise. Nope....

    So Huron asks if I want a refund, and I say "Your call - Refund it or cover the shipping."

    No response for a week. No refund.

    I get a broadcast e-mail that the DVDs are sold out. Which had a message about their upcoming reprint after they INITIALLY SAID they were only doing a limited release of the DVD. Oh really? Thanks for the info. [sarcasm] Good to know you have integrity [/sarcasm]

    So I e-mail Huron and he said he refunded it. I check Paypal, still no refund. Go to Paypal's refund request, request the refund. E-mailed huron, he said he'd look into it. Still nothing.

    Just thought everyone should know. I tried to be diplomatic about the whole thing, but I think right there they've shown what kind of integrity they have. Personally, I won't be dealing with them ever again, and thought you all should know how they treat their customers - Deception and outright lies.
  2. I understand how you feel. I too was disappointed by the product not shipping until september 1st, but I understand why they did it. They wanted to get the most out of their sales right away rather than loose profit to piracy.

    Don't let one bad experience decide how you feel about them. Realize they are in a tough bind and have to make a wise business decision. If they made an exception in your case, they would have to make an exception for everyone.
  3. I didn't really want to get into this, but people who were going to pirate the DVD were still not going to buy it. They're still going to wait until it ships to download it or acquire it how they normally would.

    One bad experience? I'd have to say I let one slide. But this is a whole bunch of bad experiences, one after another relating to the same transaction.

    First, the due date thing. (which I was willing to forgive)
    Second, the shipping cost thing.
    Third, the lie about only doing one run of the DVD.
    Fourth, the refund that never came.

    And I think I've been more than fair in trying to resolve it...

    I just wanted to let any people considering them to know how they operate, and to let anyone else who's experienced the same treatment to speak up.
  4. I gotta tell ya I am highly pissed off about how they handled everything. If you say you are going to do somthing F@#$%#@^ do it. So it is released YEAH BABY I was so happy i entered my credit card information I was so happy than came the F#%%^$ up PDF about how it STARTS shipping in September but, you could add 5.00 to the cost of the damn thing to be one of the first it would ship to. They would expidite the DVD for anyone willing to pay the extra 5.00. So I thought well at least I bought the video download since I had to wait. WRONG AF@%#$@#$^@&GAIN the video download will not be available until September as well. THIS VIRTS COMPANY IS FULL OF SHIZZNIZZ AND WILL PROBABLY LOSE MUCH RESPECT AFTER THIS WHOLE THING PANS OUT.
  5. Totally agree with you on the whole virts thing. You failed to mention the whole pay 5.00 extra and be one of the first it ships to in september. Or buy the video download for 10.00 more but, oooopppppsss after paying for that it you learn that it does not get sent out till september as well.
  6. Looks like I'm glad I stayed away from buying it.
  7. I partially agree.
    I think the shippingpayment is okay.
    I always knew I had to pay shipping extra, and figured there was something wrong.
    The price of the DVD was CHEAP, so the 9 dollars shipping doesn't bother me.
    What DOES bother me, however, is the fact that they're releasing more DVDs, when this was supposed to be an "exclusive" thing..
    and the download-issue also bothered me.
    Why would I want to download something I already have on DVD?
    Only if it arrives earlier, like I thought it would.
  8. I, for one, had no problems ordering it.

    I knew that there was going to be shipping. Of coarse they didn't include it in the original price because shipping is different depending on how far away you live.

    The two DVD's were extremely cheap so an extra ten dollars is completely worth it.

    I just found out that it's shipping later than I expected. While I understand what they're trying to do, they just sold out. Even if the guy who pirates the DVDs wanted to be fair this time he couldn't. So they're left to just pirate.

    BUT... waiting that long might let them forget that they were going to pirate it anyways.

    This is just my opinion

  9. kinda sounds like your whining and voicing something that was a private dialogue into a public forum. I ordered the dvd and had no issues whatsoever, and have nothing but praise for the virts and bone. With the enormous number of orders some issues were bound to come up, especially with this being their first big release. If a vendor volunteers to cover the charge for an error for something thats one thing, but asking for it makes you look real tacky man, especially when its for shipping which you should have expected anyway. You also need to keep in mind this isn't a Big company, like Ellusionist or T11, its a group of a couple guys, yeah shipping is gonna take awhile and i think it makes sense that they are shipping it out in Sept. Settle down, its just a few days away you can wait, it wont kill you. Next time you have an issue with a group or person, keep it between you and them.

    edit. as for the extra dvds, as was stated, they want a few for close and personal friends, and may, MAY allow a short window for rebuying. This may just be a result of such unexpected response to the sale. This is not the first time a company has done this. Hell T11 has done it with their White Cents, Dan and dave with the system. Things get reproduced when they are popular, thats their right. But again their was no guarentee when or if they will re-open the buying, besides they also guarenteed they would sell it for 7 days, they ran out, why not live up to that promise. Honestly, the way the Virts and bone have gone about this dvd is amazing, the price was ridiculously low, the content was amazing and they keep mentioning bonus' which none of us know about yet, i think complaining is a little ridiculous. Why's is matter if them make more?
  10. I completely agree with everything you just said.
    I don't see why it shipping out on the 1st is such a big deal. I didn't even think twice about it, cause it doesn't really matter. I didn't have any problems either, but for your problem they'll probably get to it! There's a reason that they're shipping them out late so they can deal with problems like yours after the seven days are up. So they can put their full attention on it.
    Personally, I'm really looking forward to it.
  11. If you think it's about the 10 bucks you're missing the point. It's not about the 10 bucks. I would have gladly paid it if it was in there when I ordered. Had they said "oh, by the way, shipping is 30 bucks, I'm sure more people would have been pissed. It's the principle behind it. When I screw up at work, I pay for it (be it monetary, or in terms of credibility). This is their work and they screwed up. Bottom line.

    If you think the shipping date isn't a issue, then again, you're missing the point. Nowhere did they say it would be shipping in September until AFTER you've practically paid for the product. Again, I was a little bugged about this but was willing to overlook it until they've REPEATEDLY dropped the ball customer servicewise.

    your point about the white cents is moot - theory11 didn't reprint them, they just sold what they had. And they didn't say they were never going to release them again because they didn't want everyone to have it. Bottom line, here if they re-release it, they've outright lied. Lied to sell copies of the DVD as fast they could.

    and last, they said they were going to refund it, and a week later, still nothing. If you're going to use customer service as a scapegoat for late releasing the DVD, then at least provide it.

    I tried my best to come to an amicable arrangement. It takes a whole 6 seconds to hit the refund button on paypal.

    And if you think posting a private situation posted on a public forum is wrong, in this situation you're mistaken. This is a review forum and there's been reviews of other shops on here before.

    As for it being a personal thing - I have no personal beef with huron. I have beef with the way he does business. And I can't think of a more appropriate thing to do than to inform others about it.
  12. You hit the nail on the head. I completely agree. PaulyD sounds like you were looking to get over on the mistake they made. As far as I'm concerned they did try to fix this issue by allowing you to pay the correct shipping rates but you declined! Cry me a river!
  13. I have to say I pretty much agree with everyone here. I was really excited when it came out and then I figure out it's not being shipped until September. Then I realize I can't even watch the Instant Download. There's a reason it's called an INSTANT download not wait a few weeks download. I can see why they did some of the things they did though.

    All I can say is, this better be a pretty damn good dvd.
  14. Yeah a royal pain.

    I thought id at least get the instant download eye cut.

    Way to much hype and Way to many emails my box is filled with emails about it. Im still getting them.

    I guess I will be happy when I finally get the dvd.
  15. Wow now the pirates are gonna have to wait a few more days before they start torrenting:rolleyes:
  16. First let me say that I bought the DVD to support the virts, and for the anaconda DVD bonuses, but am I the only one who noticed that the dribble has been released about 15 times before? the pictures were on HL a couple of months ago, it was published on the internet about a year ago, and i heard it was in the encyclopedia of playing card flourishes. Not to mention its like the simplest flourish to develop on your own.

    Not to belittle the product, but the hype could be toned down a bit.

    Just my observations
  17. This has all been a massive epic super duper FAIL.
    The Virts should have planned it out allot better (if they did they would not have nights with no sleep. *rolleyes*), they would have been better off selling it during the holidays. Learn a thing or two about customer service. I think that them making you pay an extra 10$ on their fault, is BullSh*t.
    Glad I didnt buy it. Who needs a super awesome high def fully sick dvd with lots of editing crap when almost everyone can do both moves anyway?

  18. Sounded like it was a personal matter.

    I was mainly annoyed at the truckload of "ITS FINALLY HERE!" e-mails. shouldnt have signed up really.

    Annoying, respect has dwindled.
  19. I'd understand your point if you were the only person the shipping error happened to. I'm certain they would have gladly waived the $10. But it didn't happen to just you, it happened to hundreds of other people too. If word got out they they let you not pay, others would be marching with torches and pitchforks to get their $10 refunded. I work for a major corporation in their customer service and when an error like this happens we don't waive the fee, even it if was our mistake, we would take too much of a loss. We give the customer the option of paying or canceling their order. I certainly don't expect a few guys selling a DVD to waive the shipping fee.

    As for it not shipping out until September, I felt like I had been had. I didn't pay the $5 to have it shipped sooner, but I did purchase the DVD download, which I expected to have right away. In the end it really doesn't matter because on september 1st, I'll have my download copy of anaconda and eye cut, without having to wait 2 weeks for the DVD. I'm more happy than ever that I purchased the download copy of anaconda, regardless if I had to wait a little while or not.
  20. If they were trying to fix the mistake, I'd have my refund by now...

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