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  1. Guys,

    Just a note that we realize many of the posts that were previously deleted did not need to be - and they have been corrected and restored now.

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  2. eye cut download--great teaching and beautifull quality.
    soundtrack-- great beats and it even has itunes album artwork --yea!!!!

    Now where is my anaconda download i hope it comes tonight.
  3. Someone who has the eye cut download, would you care to explain just how "Talon" is different from the D.C. grip?
  4. Isn't it obvious? They have different names:D
  5. Can you show a picture/ video of the D.C grip... can't find it :confused:
  6. See PaulyD, I told you they'd make it all better, going above and beyond your expectation. They are no doubt winners. They have winning personality and a winning outlook on life. I think this is a great learning experience for them. It has not hindered my excitement for the content, or the respect I have for them. The process was just a little less than I hoped for. I'm downloading the Eye Cut again, when I downloaded it at work, it wouldn't open. I'm downloading it at home here, hopefully it works.
  7. The DC "grip" is the same but getting into and out of the grip is new. And much more practical in terms of a one hand cut sequence since it starts and ends in dealer's grip.

  8. I just watched the Eye Cut tutorial. Excellent teaching! It goes through everything you need to know. I'm glad I don't have to try to learn it off of a performance video, I don't think I'd ever figure it out.
  9. No, getting into and out of the grip isn't new, it was taught in De'vo's SB Vol. 1 way before "talon" was ever mentioned. I think it's kinda silly and pointless that the virts/Bone felt the need to rename and claim ownership of the grip when it was put out a while back....
    Can't wait to watch all the material.
  11. I just ordered the Digital Download of the Soundtrack and Anaconda...let's hope the link doesn't take too long to receive.
  12. Do you have The Eye Cut tutorial? Its different than DC. Same idea, different handlings.

  13. He's right, there are some very specific finger placement that Bone goes over that seem to be different from DC
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    Would you rename a cut (or even call it different) just because your fingers are a mere centimeter or two from the creator's handling? The precise finger placements of D.C. is personal preference (De'vo mentions that himself in the book), the thing is, D.C. is a grip where one packet is held with the thumb and index finger and another with the middle and pinky fingers, the exact orientation and placements of the packets doesn't matter (heck, they can even be held over the long ends) if two packets are held with those fingers, they are in the D.C. grip.
  15. Just watched the Anaconda Tutorial. Kind of surprised how short it was. Not to say there was a lack of material, it's just much simpler than I expected. :] all in all good clear teaching.
  16. Good point.
    Though honestly it really doesn't matter to me whoever created it first or whatever; but you have a very good point.

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