The Virts and Anaconda...

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  1. lol. totally was thinking the same thing.

    I also find it pretty funny that a lot of the people who disagreed with me in the beginning changed their mind. Thanks for your newfound support.
  2. 'tis different when it finally happens to one, oi?
  3. This is how I pass the time, waiting for the digital downloads.

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  4. lol, it just smacked me how ironic this was.... :D
  5. I thought the reason they waited was to add 'extra awesomeness'

    What a load of b.s.
  6. Tonight was a huge let down. Now at 2:30 AM, I'm giving it up, lol
    Hopefully I'll have the downloads in my inbox tomorrow morning.
  7. I think it pretty obvious what they should do... even though I doubt they will do it. With the constant stream of lies evident from this, they should refund everyone, then make the anaconda a free download.

    Obviously them overpaying for the DVD's , and over hyping the product problems, and their horrible customer service that a 8 year old could do better than needs to change.

    Unless they do this, they will not have my respect, I'm afraid a refund is the only possible way!
  8. Woke up and checked email, nothing. Got to work and checked again - this time I actually had an email to go download the Eyecut. About time, eh?
  9. Just got mine aswell!
  10. I'm at work so I'm not able to download and watch it. Therefore, I'm waiting for the email telling me that the avaliable time to download it has already expired! Hahaha
  11. I got mine as well.
    Heh they flood our email boxes with Hype but they don't email us when there is a problem.

    BUT i'm happy I got the eye cut download.

    I wonder if the Anaconda dvd shipped :)
  12. Got mine too. After watching, realized that the text for the right handed version is left handed. They filmed it right, but didn't change the wording. At least in the beginning.
  13. According to Huron, the dvd's were shipped on 08-31
  14. Got my Eye Cut download, now just waiting for the Anaconda and the soundtrack.....
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    Wow, finally received it at 7am this morning. Yesterday afternoon, I emailed Huron and he said he was uploading a vastly improved version of the eye cut tutorial, and that it would be up in a few hours.
  16. Now the soundtrack was delivered, just waiting for the big one. :]
  17. well, I guess something good came of this....

    Huron e-mailed me back this morning and apologized for everything. He also made a VERY generous offer I'd feel guilty taking him up on, so I declined and we agreed that instead of a refund he'd ship the DVD. All is well.

    I'm a easy man to please. I look forward getting my DVD. :D
  18. lol what was the offer?
  19. Well I'm glad everything turned out ok for everyone. Hopefully when the Virts do their next release, it won't be a mess. I'm sure they learned something this time around. I do think they should had refunded a little bit of the money spent back to everyone who bought the DVD and download, as they messed up quite a few times. Even so, everyone has gotten their material and all is well. It's obvious that the Virts were very unprofessional when doing this release, but I'm sure that they themselves know they were unprofessional at this point. I'm sure they have seen this thread by now. Glad to know that the Virts apologized for everything, and for some people, even offered some special deals (even though I think everyone who made a purchase should had gotten some sort of special offers). Good to know everything worked out though in the end. :)

  20. the offer wasn't important, it was the sentiment that counts.

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