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  1. I love how their excuse for the late release was to optimize customer service. :D

    Now what's their excuse?
  2. Like I said, I too have worked as a CSR, and know the drill. I've dealt with the customers that try to squeeze blood from a stone, and I've dealt with ones who feel legitimately betrayed. I'm not the blood squeezer - I have too much sympathy for a CSR that tries to do his job. We exchanged a good number of e-mails and it became evident that they were stalling and didn't really care, I decided everyone else should know. Unfortunately it was after they already sold out the DVD....I guess I was even too nice.
  3. They just aren't to bright... Like Sinful said, maybe i'll wait till the 5th or 6th release.. hopefully they will have all of their problems fixed by then, and I don't plan on paying (idk really how much) but I think I saw around $30-$40 for each DVD? No thanks for only 2 or 3 moves. You can learn the eye cut from the youtube video, and all you need for an anaconda is to know how to dribble and then practice? idk seems weird to me. But if they lower the price about $20 each then MAYBE i'd be interested lol.

    Good luck too those who purchased, seems like hell just to get 2 downloads :/
  4. I sent an email to Huron asking why he waited until Today to let us know there has been issues processing our orders for the downloads. This was his reply.

    Hi Chris.

    I waited until today as I've been spending every day doing my best to
    solve the CVV2 problem, especially since the web programmer who I
    obtained the script from for the streamlined check out customization
    just dropped customer support, leaving me stranded to solve this on my

    I hope you understand. Thanks Chris.

  5. WOW.
    Solve the CVV2 Problem? It is ILLEGAL to store CVV2s. Right after the order goes through its deleted. How did he expect to "solve" it?
    I respect The Virts and Bone as flourishers, but they can't play businessman to save their lives.
  6. I found it rather interesting myself. I don't see how that explains much of anything. If they didn't have a reputation already, I would assume they're a group of con artist.
  7. I have stuck up for them, but this is just ridiculous!

    If they thought that they couldn't send out the downloads today, then why tell us that they are coming out today?

    It can't be that hard to email out a few download links!

  8. So we know the downloads are delayed, does this mean they have NOT shipped the Anacondas out either?
  9. If they can't even ship out the download links, I HIGHLY doubt that they're going to ship the DVD. This is starting to tick me off. Really. They make us wait for weeks after we already paid because they didn't tell us it hadn't officially been released yet, and now on the OFFICIAL release day the DVD's aren't shipping and nobody's even getting their downloads. The description of the INSTANT download was a bit misleading. Now, because of glitches, we STILL don't get to watch it.
  10. On WLD09 Huron posted that they had some last mibnute changes and refilming of the Eye Cut, and should be up within an hour or two. I emailed him asking about whether or not the anaconda will be able to be downloaded, and here is his response:

    " Hey! We had some upload issues today but it's all uploading as we speak. =) "
  11. Has anyone recieved theirs yet?

    Its the 2nd of September here now.
  12. I don't really care about the money. And I don't care if there is something late.

    But when you have a product and you give it as much hype as the Anaconda DVD you better make dame sure it gets released right.

    Man I haven't even gotten an email saying that there is problems.

    I buy A LOT of stuff online and this is the worst service I've ever had.

    I guess I'll be happy when of if my Anaconda will reach my door.
  13. it would be funny if they would just close the site and disappear :))
  14. I'm half expecting that to happen. It's nearly 10pm on the east coast and I haven't seen anything about the Eyecut yet today.
  15. "Darian says:
    September 2, 2009 at 9:16 am
    The Virts are officially an epic fail….


    lmao this was a comment posted on
    Maybe they'll realize that people are genuinely upset.
  16. I already sent an email to Huron earlier today asking him if he was aware of how upset some of the community is, I'm sure they know by this point.
  17. According to Huron, the service they use to allow us to download these, Amazon S3, is running slow.
    This to me just seems like another example of how unprepared they are. Why wait until THE DAY OF to upload the items? They've had plenty of time to upload both things. They could have just sent us a link today.

    And I'm sure, if you were to ask Huron, he'd say something about how they had to refilm almost the whole eye cut, because they were inspired or some bull. I'll say exactly what I said at wld. For them to preach and boast about production quality, time, and effort, but then quickly refilm it at the last minute? That doesn't make any sense to me.

    And even if that is the reason, they could have uploaded and/or sent out the anaconda download links long ago to help ease customers just a little bit.
  18. Agreed. Stick to the flourishing, and if you wanna hype stuff, at least deliver -_-"

    This whole thing has been a hilarious fail.

    And to the OP, I completely agree that you deserved a lot better on a lot of accounts. Too many people simply just missed to point and/or didn't bother to read your post carefully enough.
  19. They're currently working on deleting all the comments we posted on the WLD site.
  20. Yeah I just refreshed an saw almost all comments containing negativity disappear :/

    You would think they would try to offer both sides of the story?

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