The Wheel: Week 2!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zeede, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. I've only spun No Reward... much more harsh than past years :(
  2. Jeepers

    Has NO ONE won a prize yet??

    It’s likely slanted to reward better towards the end of the comp though so we should be seeing the prizes increase as it moves on.

    Many of the prizes are limited editions so it would be pretty lame to win all of them sooner than later lol
  3. There's probably a lot of people who spin who don't post on here.
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  4. Well, I see... 20-ish people posting here every day? We have done almost 60,000 spins on the wheel so far... Yea. This is a TINY sliver of the total # of people spinning.

    Lots of prizes have been given out!

    Not correct. Odds are all equal for each spin. We make the odds a bit difficult in the hopes that we don't run out of big prizes early, but we don't make the odds easy later. The good news? Though we have given out lots of prizes, we aren't out of any specific prizes yet!

    // L
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  5. Wow, 60k spins!
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  6. I love this contest.... if it can even be called a contest.
    Theory 11 offers stuff for free... 100% free. Now all I've ever won on the wheel since 2016.. is elite points. I'm more than ok with that. Soon I'll be an elite member and I can purchase an effect using only points.
    Points I've mostly gotten from The Wheel.
    No other magic company offers this amount of free stuff.
    Some "other" company.. makes you spend at least $50 in order to get something for "free"(?)...
    I love this and one day my ship will come in and I'll win big!
    Good luck to everyone!
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  7. I have already gotten two rare decks from the archive entirely from the EP won from the wheel. T11 is the best
  8. waiting on my turn. ya kow, like the guys on the Indianapolis. well, not really. but darn it I am hoping for a rare deck, and at this point ANYTHING good. I've gotten a lot of 25 point spins (only worth something if you spend here, which I have), 100 points, free spins (sometimes three in a row before last spin takes place), lots of no prize, uh, and thats it.
  9. must be 50 elite point day. I bought a video and got 50 points, and my free spin gave me 50 points.
  10. Today I got a Spin Again , then No Reward.
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  11. 25 more Elite Points today!

    375 so far this month!
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  12. Regardless of it all - it’s a great promotion guys!

    Really enjoy it!
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  13. Today I received 50 points. 250 points total so far.
  14. Nothing for me today.
  15. Sounds like quotes from a Harry Potter film...."I got 50 points today!"
  16. How's about the idea of buying spins from using your EP?
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  17. You can. You can use your Elite Points to discount a purchase to one penny.
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  18. 50 more Elite Points today.

    Grand total thus far: 425

    Thanks Theory11!
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