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  1. Quick question:

    Does anyone know anything about "The Wire"???
  2. Yes. I believe it's not called "The Wire," but rather "The.Wire" or, to some, "the.Wire".

    Hope this helps. :D

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    I'm now wondering if it'll be "1-on-1 Live" as mentioned in the contest.
    Something to think about ...
  4. stage/ stand up magic???
  5. It might be an "other"section. What I mean is it might be filled with podcasts, music downloads, interview and things like that.
  6. thats correct JTM its also known as "the big tuna".
  7. It's gotta be some alien-transport device used to teleport creatures from mars into our world........ingenious.

    Anthony Bass
  8. that makes alot of sense. the one about the interviews and such... maybe it will be interviews with t11 celebs such as richard and kev ho. And I am sorry that this is repeated weekly, I did a search and nothing came up.
  9. Don't worry about it.

    There's was a thread a while back about a possible weekly theory11 podcast, or something along those lines, and some thought that could be The.Wire. Or, as Anthony Bass mentioned in a previous thread, it could just be a digital metal wire. No one know what it is, except for a select, lucky few. And they probably don't know either. :D

    It's all conjecture -- up to our imagination -- and that's where the fun lies. :)

  10. It could be some sort of news station. I don't remember what but there was some company that had a Wire, which was a place for news.
  11. I think its going to be cool :p
  12. God I hope its NOT a chat room.
  13. I think it will be..
  14. Why do we need a chat room, when we have a forum :p
  15. An IRC would be awesome. I could chat anywhere from my hacked ipod. T11IRC all the way!!!
  16. Blink, but a chat is instantenous.. and its live :p
  17. A T11 IRC would be absolutely ridiculously full of win. But also bad, because I'd never come out of it.

    - Sean
  18. Actually,

    The Wire Section looks great and works just fine for me.

    I love all the cool information on there and the unique way you can trace the originator of a new Wire.

    I love the way the Videos are perfectly merged with each wire and you can link your video to the wire for some feedback.

    This is the best section of the site.

    T11 did say they will only allow the best to have access to this area, so I am not sure who else can see it.

    I Love It.
  19. I'm actually working on coding a chat room myself. Mostly just learning, working, learning, working, etc. But I'm getting there.
  20. You know what I would love, instead of a chat room.

    A place where we could all set up a Webcam/Text chat with each other.

    You could view others webcams, practise together, learn new tricks etc.

    And perhaps some of the '11' could join in every now and then

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