The 'World XMC Championships'

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  1. I love cardistry but when its like this I just want them to drop there cards :p
  2. These video's made me glad that I never really took up cardistry (and also gave up drugs).
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    So who d'you think will win? :p

    - JCG

    PS - Congrats on your 666th post, D ICE R *evil laugh*
  4. Jay Sankey's mancing has nothing on this.
  5. Why are you guys putting them down for doing something you've only dreamed of doing? They're actually creating routines and performing. You put them down because they are from Handlordz? Wow...
  6. um, who the hell dyou think you are?

    i agree fully with jet eye night, geez, get a grip of yourself. at least their performances show consistency in what they do.
  7. /amen JetEyeNight, FOO:L
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    what i hate about this . is you guys putting him down . im no fan of devo`s work. but i have respect for those people who actually go out there and "do it"
    the only joke here is you making this sort of thread + the fact that your not a cardist/xcmer/flourisher or whatever... wow!

  9. Right, to be fair, the intro sequence on the first video is a bit silly (however, I imagine it was done with an element of tongue-in-cheek). And, additionally, the interpretation of "live performance" on the second video is less than inspiring. However, by their very nature of being performed to an audience, both videos stand head, shoulders and waist above the large majority of (literally) navel-gazing magic and cardistry videos performed solely for the dead uncritical eye of the camera.

    Matt Tarrant et al....what are you actually mocking? The idea of flourishes being performed to a live audience? The skill level of the performers....?
  10. ahem... jealous pricks!

    These guys are getting up on stage and doing what they love, and you have the audacity to try and make fun of them? Wow, even a few people I considered respectable are jealously putting others down.

    Go cry yourselves to sleep, heartless mother****ers. :D
  11. Firstly, I go out and 'do it' so please do not think I am just a Keyboard Warrior Magician.

    Secondly, the reason I created this thread was not particularly to mock or insult, but to try and understand what this was all about?

    To me, it seemed like a couple of guys doing ridiculous moves on stage with some fairly deplorable 'acting.' The whole kicking/fighting sequence the first performer completes before (and then during) his act is completely pointless.

    Yes of course they both have skill, but is this truly the direction that our art is taking?

    I have seen several live performances of cardistry before and all have been done with elegance and style and have never seen it performed as the above. I guess I was more so interested in others opinions on the two above performances.

    Feel free to point me in the direction of some more live cardistry/xcm/flourishing performances as im interested in others approaches to their acts.
  12. XCM is always going to look different from cardistry. If you search each word on YouTube and then watch videos from each, you'll see the difference.

    I'm not going to open the can of worms by attempting to describe or decifer the differences though!
  13. Now I ish confuzzled, there is a difference between XCM and Cardistry?

    I always thought XCM was what it was originally but the name lacked elegance and was to long, so someone coined the term Cardistry. Just an outside observer trying to understand both parties here.
  14. i agree 200% with you! i mean come on guys at least these individuals are performing what they love! so yeah dont make fun of them for what they are doing!!
  15. Alright y'll take a breather. The op just clarified that he wasn't intentionally putting anyone down.
    Gabriels kind of has a point except for this,

    "the only joke here is you making this sort of thread + the fact that your not a cardist/xcmer/flourisher or whatever... wow!"

    Outside observers of any art do tease and make fun of the art form they have every right to do so. I like speedcore and hardcore techno (click the names if you want an example), Go ahead click them. *Waits two minutes* Yeah pretty annoying right? Not to me I found the bass loops and transitions to be pretty darned flawless. My point is, I am not a DJ and I can say that Trance sucks and is completely pointless, and in contrast, DNA and CSR rules!! You don't have to do something in order to poke fun and be critical about it.

    So like I said before, people yelling "Hate crime" need to take two step back take a breather.

  16. In my opinion, cardistry / XCM on stage is incomplete without including elements of performing arts like dance, music and maybe drama. In fact, cardistry / XCM is a type of performing arts.

    For someone doing cardistry / XCM on stage without all the camera cuts and fancy editing, I feel they have done really well. "completely pointless"? I think not.

    Oh, and wasn't cardistry / XCM something we do for fun? Is it wrong to have a little fun when doing cardistry / XCM?
  17. Interesting.
    Wouldn't that then just be dancing/music/drama accompanied by cards then?
    I thought the cards were supposed to be the focus.
  18. That's an interesting point, but I would suggest that cards in and of themselves are boring, and its up to the performer to make them interesting. Therefore I believe the focus should be the interaction between the performer and the cards. Otherwise it would seem to follow that the focus of a football game is the ball, or, to extend the logic, the focus of a TV show to be the TV. To my mind, in each case, the cards, ball or TV are merely the medium by which the "show", whatever it happens to be, is conveyed.

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