The X-Effect Card Change

Jan 1, 2009
I have created a new effect and was wondering if by posting a preview of the effect it would hurt the chances of it getting published. I've put a lot of work into the effect and wouldn't want it ruined by my stupidity. So let me just give you a summary.

X-Effect (What Happens)

Deck is cut and shuffled by the magician and the spectator. Then after all the mixing of the cards, the magician begins cutting the cards, and telling them when to say stop. The top card will be there card. You say "I need some space for this" and you step back throw the card into the air and it changes. You hand it out to the spectator and they see its just a regular card. Then you end not 100% clean, but really, really clean. So clean, over the 3 to 4 months of me doing this effect, no one has caught me. Involves a very cheap gimmick and a normal deck of cards.

(X-Effect is not the name of the trick, just don't want to reveal the name of this trick in this point in time.)

I just wanted to find out whether or not a site like theory11 wouldn't publish it because people had already seen the full trailer, or my preview. This effect is most likely not going to meet the elite standards of tricks produced by theory11, but just it case it is good enough, I need to know the answer to my question.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
Well, honestly I don't think it would get published either way.
It doesn't seem like something everyone would go crazy over. Its just like "oh theres a new idea" sort of thing rather than a "WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!??!!??! NOOO!"
Basically your effect is a color change in midair.
Im not sure how visual it will be but i doubt it is going to be that amazing (no offense). With the spinning of the card, a simple double lift and a card throw will work just as well. Dan and Dave have a similiar idea for their click change.
Sorry bud, but I doubt it is good enough to let anyone publish it.
Your tricks is really in reality a color change. And it sounds very similar to an Aerial color change that I have been working on. And Gianni has a change the same as mine. So I dont think it will get published and its not that original. Sorry.

Sep 1, 2007
If you want to get something like that published you need to come up with something a bit more interesting. Let's face it, at the moment, they chose a card, and it changes, it might be a visual change, but so what. There's no motive or interest there, no hook so to speak.

You need to make it more intersting. One of the most basic ideas, though obviously this has been done a million times before, is to try to find their card, get it wrong and then turn your failed attempt in to their selection. Or alternatively have two cards selected, find the first, then change it into the second. Something like that.

Sep 2, 2007
1. an Arial colour change has been done before. they aren;t that hard if you think about it
2. There is already an Arial colour change coming out (Giannis. though it was delayed for reasons that only he knows)
3. it doesn;t really sound all THAT amazing
6. I think I missed something....
7.A trailer would not destroy your chances of of it being released, because if it's a trailer, that means that it is going to be released indefinately. If you mean just post what it looks like, if It's really powerful, the site won;t really care. Also, you can try MJM magic, or emagic cupplies, or mental playground productions. There are more sites to submit tricks than T11
Jan 1, 2009

everybody saying "why just buy a stupid color change, its really not that powerful"....cough....cough...shape shifter. Another question i have for you guys, where can i find a vid of this aerial change, because i have looked everywhere and found nothing like my trick.
Sep 2, 2007
one item like yours would be the chameleon change. and Gianni's change is unreleased as of yet, but it has, however, been announced on the magicisdead website.
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