theory11 cards?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Creeper, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. are they not printing their decks anymore or something? how come everything but guardians is sold out?
  2. yeah i think they should either have the old cars come back in stock or make more new card but the BEE [red] STINGERS that they have right now is cool so better get it before it goes out of stock haha
  3. DeckONE v2 will be back in stock within the next two weeks. It showcases some noticeable design changes that I think are well worth the wait. Aside from that, we are currently refreshing the design of Propaganda and Centurions, so those decks will remain out of print for the time being. All other decks are in stock and available, and we have many new surprises in store for the next few weeks!
  4. Well not the White Cents. The Wynns, SM, and split spades arent T11 and are out of stock, so why do you keep them listed?
  5. Sounds pretty exciting. Are we talking major design changes, or small tweaks?
  6. White Centurions (nor Brown Wynn's) were never a deck regularly available - they were both restricted to limited release windows, only, due to the super low amount of decks in circulation. We keep those product pages online as an archive of those products, as well as to keep the preview videos visible.
  7. so the next two week all t11 playing cards are going to be back in stock except for the White Centurions and Brown Wynn's

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