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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deechristopher, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. I've been on both sides of the fence; when it comes to personal performance, I'm performing what I want to. However, while I was working at a magic shop, I was performing magic that I had to do/thought I had to do. In some ways, coming up with presentations for effects I wasn't thrilled with proved to be a beneficial exercise as it forced me out of certain comfort bubbles and rounded out my perspective on magic. In the end, I may not do those specific effects in my performances, but my performances are better for having done those past effects.

    . . . sorry for rambling I know that's not quite the direction you were going with that question Bizzaro.
  2. Very much the magic I want to do. At the beginning I wasted some money on one trick downloads and things because I didn't really know how to buy magic or get into it, so I kind of felt obligated to use this stuff I had bought. However through the majority of my magic performances it was stuff that I liked, with methods that appealed to me, to people I wanted to show it to. I have a much stronger hobbyist background in typically circus related stuff, though not in that context, ie. Juggling, fire twirling, unicycling, and a basis in diabolo and flower sticks, plate spinning, and general related stuff. Most of which people have seen me do, but I've done very few paid gigs for. This led me to my brief proffesional busking career, in contact juggling, which certainly adds a magical aspect to juggling, and I was quite successful as a very part time busker, for my age and craft. This, among other things progressed into a nice clean, neat, organic styled preference to sleight of hand kind of stuff, so thats mostly how and why I do stuff that I want to do.

    The reason I babbled on so long about all this is because it relates to my question to you. Do you do any of this stuff? Forgive me as I have not seen very many videos of your performances, more just things that you have released, so the answer may be obvious. But you seem like the kind of performer who would blend juggling, for example, into what you do. At the least, I'd be surprised if you couldn't juggle or dont have some sort of cirucsy background. I've heard you started as a professional quite young; so I guess as an addition to my first question, how did you start magic?

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