theory11 LIVE Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. It was a good idea in theory (no pun intended)... But as Shini pointed out, the inevitable idiots just ruin it (Y'know, 'cause they're so funny and cool), the amount of spam made it unbearable.

    Other than that though, it was good fun and I enjoyed the good stuff.

    - Sean
  2. What a joke.

  3. lol, I asked if change was real like 500x times. Sorry for spamming, I just wanted a yes or a no. Maybe even a comment about it would have been kewl. :(

    That was good though, lots of great questions.
  4. Ahh, great chat! :)
  5. Noooooooooooooooooo,

    he didnt say LLAMA
  6. Sorry for the spam, I just really like the word dougy.

  7. That was awesome - got to go through a lot of questions, and we got to play the Happy Birthday song to CK twice. Next time we'll have a few moderators on hand in the chat during the discussion to keep spammers away and discussion clean, but overall - had a great time!
  8. Just as JB said in the chat, we'll have to have some sort of moderation next time. The chat was overall good, but people kept spamming.

    Guys, if you asked a question about 50,000 times... the reason it didn't get commented was either 1. The question was dumb or 2. They didn't want to comment. I mean... someone kept spamming if JB talked to D&D about Andthensome.... Its not JB's place to talk about D&D's new product if they didn't announce anything.

    So from now on in these chats

    1. Don't ask questions you know are not going to get answered and

    2. Don't spam.

    The chat was overall good though. We just need a bit more order in them. ;)

  9. In conclusion, after participating in the discussion for at least half an hour, I felt no smarter or more knowledgeable about anything. There was too much spamming, and a lot of off-topic questions were posted. I think it would be better if a "group" could be made for the discussions, where each person who wants to take part would have to be "approved" first with a username and then double-checked with the one on T 11. Then, we wont have six random Lee Ashers and Danny Garcias. Also, moderators would be nice. I was listening to JB talk about this at the end, and it sounds like a good idea. I could volunteer for something like this, and it would give us T 11 members something to make us feel like we're helping out.

    Lastly, the discussions on the website were pretty informative..... if I was a gossip girl in the sixth grade. Maybe there should be a specific focus to a possible weekly discussion, and that way anyone who wanted to actually know something could voice out his/her opinion easily and without doubts that it would have to be posted 20 times in CAPS and in BRIGHT YELLOW to be seen.

    Hope my input offends no one.

  10. I thought it was a very cool idea, and I enjoyed it.

    People need to only ask questions, wait for the artists to finish answering the questions, and stop spamming.

    I think it will be a lot better with moderators.
  11. Definitely agree - for a first chat, that was rockin'. Next time, we'll have 2-3 moderators to keep the text discussion orderly (and spam free), and some basic guidelines so that we still have plenty of user discussion, but not distracting all the way through. For a first run-through, though - that was great.
  12. If this were to happen again, I too would like to volunteer as a moderator.
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    Looking forward to the next one!
  14. That was super fun for the time that I was there, hope that there's another one soon! :)

  15. Very cool! I love this idea! Can't wait to do more of these. :)
  16. Ah shame i missed it, oh well
  17. I missed it but what is the password
  18. Dang. Missed it. Oh well, watching OK State take Mizzu down was so much better! GO POKES!

  19. yeah, what is the password =/
  20. You didn't need a password. You just had to refresh the page.

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