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theory11 newsletter : something dangerous - friday the 13th


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
The latest theory11 newsletter has just been released. This issue discusses d+M's Dangerous, the new 1-on-1 video by Joel Paschall, and the roundtable discussion with Wayne Houchin this past weekend. If you are not yet subscribed to the newsletter, you can do so on the main page of To read it now, click the link below...
Sep 3, 2007
I'm sure there's some crazily hidden link deep down in the depths of the newsletter... but I couldn't find it... as usual. :(
Sep 1, 2007
Dang, Surfaced tommorow, now this on firday. My bank accounts going to be taking a serious hit. Could a theory11 team member please give me an idea on how much it will cost.

Deleted member 2755

hopefully a price will be anounced tonight

I wouldn't count on it. I plan on probably seeing the price when it's released. I'm in no hurry to buy it so I won't be getting it at first. Gosh, I'm still working with Trilogy. :) However, this is a must pick up in the future at some point.

Sep 1, 2007
This is gonna be crazy. Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out the 12th, Surfaced soon, and now this. I need more money.
Dec 13, 2007
yeah... looks like theory 11 is hitting everyone in a financially bad time

i got the money but i'm gonna be dead broke

hey... its worth every penny though
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
I'm pretty sure it is. You obviously didn't see the site.

im not trying to start an argument. its just if you read the newsletter they sent out today, it says that more info and the final trailer will be released NEXT WEEK. i could be wrong but that is directly from their own newsletter, not speculation from a site that was up for trial for 5 minutes
I'm pretty sure it is. You obviously didn't see the site.

I'm pretty sure it isn't. Dan and Dave sent out there newsletter saying that surfaced will soon be released and the final trailer will be up next week. They said that the sites prices were fake. As for dangerous I truly can't wait. I really don't have and of his pdfs so this will be new for me. Although I'll wait for a review before I buy since too many things are coming this summer and I want to spend on things I know are worth it.


Elite Member
Nov 18, 2007
Yup, Surfaced isn't coming out tomorrow (the 10th). Sometime next week, probably on a Friday. Just guessing though.

As for Dangerous... I am desperately waiting for the new preview! Trying to keep myself busy until it's time :D
Sep 3, 2007
This actually looks pretty awesome. I'll wait for some reviews, but I'll definitely consider purchasing this!
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