Theory11 Superhero?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Glenn West, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Well, I wasn't sure where else to put this, but this was something that Kenner said during the initial hype for Theory11.

    He said it was his favourite clue so far and it was just 'superhero.'

    The thing is, no one seemed to really find what it was meant, or was to lead us.

    Does anyone here know?

  2. I believe it was a reference to Wayne Houchin. Batman, Bruce Wayne, Wayne Houchin.

  3. Yep, I think we narrowed it down to Wayne.
  4. Yeah, I honestly thought that was a bit of a leap.

    Especially considering the whole 'you need more than the internet for the superhero clue' thing.
  5. I thought Wayne was always Ryu from Street Fighter.

    Look at his last name. "Ho-U-Chin" FIREBALL
  6. And what about Musha Cay? There were a bunch of clues that translated to that. They are not mentioned on the clue break down.
  7. Well i think everything was shot their in Copperfield's warehouse or something (The place with the jaws picture)
  8. all of kenners videos are shot there not sure about the others
  9. it may be the fact that in the preview for the superman coin bend on E
    it is J.Bayme
  10. Really, lol. If so, then I imagine that IS it.

    As for the DC wear house, I believe that was actually KENNER"S place they filmed at, NOT DC's.
  11. Well there's theories but, I wanna hear from Kenner himself, Im still confused about it haha

  12. Maybe it has something to do with Chezaday The Magic Superhero? Chezaday ROCKS!
  13. If we have any cartoonists or artists. we should come up with a theory 11 comic.

    Each of the team members is really a villain or superhero =P

  14. Sounds like fun!
  15. Starring:
    Wayne Houchin as the Evil Dr.Indecent.
    And Jon Raiker As Supermod!

  16. So, I am still very curious as to how Superhero is connected, especially with out using the internet, or rather using more than just the internet.

    Also, I am pretty certain that the Musha Kay stuff was more than just alluding to Kenner as it was around after he was revealed to be involved, or at least it continued to appear.

    I would really like to know what it was meant for.
  17. Did we miss explaining this one in the clue explanation news post? Will make sure it gets in there ASAP. Sorry about that.

    Alright, so here's the explanation. Everyone who knows Chris knows that he's a little bit obsessed with a certain superhero. No, it's not the Power Rangers (although Chris' first true love was the Pink Ranger... or was it the Red?). This particular superhero shares a name with theory11's creative director.

    Why did Chris release the clue "Superhero," though? A few months back, Chris did a little remodeling in his house. One room was hidden and completely unnoticeable-- unless you know it's there. The room is a closet, and inside the closet is a large mirror bolted onto the wall. Behind the mirror is something pretty incredible...

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  18. My god that is perhaps the coolest thing ever! If my buddy saw that he would so fanboy over that.

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