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  1. "The more you explain it, the more I don't understand it."

    -Mark Twain

  2. Mark Twain is a racist and was probably being explained onto why slavery was going to be abolished.

    Anywho, the more you learn the less you know. When you learn about something like a field of study, you know of it but you lack all the new information that you are given to explore. To relate it to magic, you may be a master of card magic and are unaware of other forms of magic hence your knowledge is vast, that is until you learn about coin magic. That opens a door to more information that you don't know about which then makes your knowledge of both branches less then it once was.

    Just my thoughts good luck trying to cypher that you get one hint.

    It's basically like the missions in COD, when you complete several quests and you think your mission is over, then the game throws at you some new information and new quests are added.
  3. Nice hint.

    It goes for everything, magic related the wolf did a good job. I'll try to explain it slightly different though.

    Laymen know three things about magic: It's up our sleeve, you must have palmed it, and we have very fast hands. Even if none of it is true...they know this much.

    If they learn about the double lift they now know this much more. Then they learn about the pass. Then all of the variations of the pass. The more they know the further into the craft they dive, and they realize they know even less then they thought. The more I know, the more I realize I don't understand any of it.

    People devote years to the pass, amateurs devote hours and think they have it. The more you know about the pass, the psychology, and the way it's supposed to work...the more you realize you don't understand it at all. Which leads you to doubt what you know about everything.

    Good quote. Twain has quite a lot of good work, my favorite is the work he did on Shakespeare, rather, the work shakespeare allegedly did.
  4. You might want to rethink this. Twain was a noted abolitionist and often condemned slavery via his texts.
  5. Mark Twain text messaged?
  6. Was just about to say the same thing.
  7. Yes.

    He tweets too.

    (I guess this is one of those - you know you're old moments. Ah, when texts referred to a body of writing. Those were the days.)
  8. Haha. I'm actually a high school English teacher. Sometimes I just channel my students. ;)
  9. Haha, that made me laugh.
  10. I'd be interested in the source of the quote. Was it in one of his writings?

    To me, it is open for interpretation as most famous quotes are.
  11. NO! No thoughts.
  12. The only text I have really read from front to back written by Mark Twain was Huckfin. I am almost completely certain that I have no real view on the subject. My statement came completely from my HS English teacher, who I suspected was a bit racist himself. He could of left some things out, but in either case I have said worse and really don't have much of a desire to brush up on literature right at the moment.

    Thanks for the tidbit of fact instead of the possible gull I was spoon fed in HS.
  13. As for the quote. The way I first read it was that he was talking about how other people interpret him wrongly and not the other way around.
  14. I lot of people assume Huck Finn is racist because of the language and the way Jim is treated at the beginning. But this was done intentionally to reflect the times and social class of the players in the story. As the story progresses, you see Huck come to realize the human-ness in Jim, and you even see it in the way his language changes.

    Huck Finn is not a racist text. The language is dated and by our standards inflammatory, but the message is anything but racist.

    The more you know (insert shooting star logo and twiddly music riff)
  15. I'm wondering if the original quote was taken from Huck Finn? I agree with you on the racism idea. He was portraying the world as he saw it at that time. A lot of it probably came from personal experience. Or, just a great imagination. But not racism. You can tell if you have read the book.
  16. Here you go
  17. Meaning, the link/post was awesome. And then I signed my name because it was too short. Not that I am saying 'awesome brad' which would be very arrogant - and we know that doesn't exist in magicdom

  18. Yeah, that link I saw was just a short news thing. How about this one:

    Music is not attached. That's a different story.
  19. Back to the topic please, keoke was almost there.

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