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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cardz9863, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Weeeee.

    3 hours left, then 2 hours / 30 minutes left, then 3 hours / 17 minutes left, then 3 hours / 49 minutes left.

    Time to see what's on TV.
  2. my download is going pathetically slow...
    around 45kbps...
  3. 207kbps here ;D
  4. i wonder if the teasers are performances of the geek method or the sleight method.

    i wonder what criss angel performed.

    i wonder if both are equally effective.

    i wonder why i bought it before i had answers to these questions.
  5. 171 kbs

    wayne says the geek method and sleight method look the same, criss angel used neither he just edited it afterward, ; )
  6. low blow to crisssss angel....:p
  7. Whoever bought it please comment on the differences in appearence with each method
  8. my download is almost done, i'll post some basic facts when its done and i can watch it
  9. Just went through it all

    Wayne, why aren't you in a religion yet?


  10. 70% done. Going at approx. 140 kbs. Bought the moment it became available. I have about 38 minutes remaining. I am looking forward to watching this. :)

  11. Really?! Mine was done within a about 15 mins

    Jeez man, I feel special :)

  12. 35 minutes remaining over here...

    I'm pumped.

  13. Just finished mine. Extracting now. :D



  15. I love thread!

    I like the sleight method more, if you look at the part where wayne does it in black and white, it looks awsome. So easy.

    The "geek" method can look a little better, but to your audience its the same.
  16. Geek fan right hizzere!!

    Wewt sauce on my stoked burger


  17. I know this will sound a little odd, but I'm a little more icked-out over the sleight method than the geek method. Just the way he showed to do it - too much business going on up there.

    All in all, I feel a lot more comfortable with the effect and can't wait to try both methods. It's out shopping for me tomorrow!
  18. i love the geek method but i just can't do it and i am so mad right now.
  19. I think that both methods will get the same reactions from your spectators.

    He just explains the sleight method, look at the clip after in black and white. Looks much cleaner, just do it like that.
  20. Of course both methods will get the same reactions. To them, your doing the same thing. ;)

    Anyway, I'm done with Thread and I am overall more than satisfied and very happy with how it turned out. Wayne once again gave way more than we payed for and I am very grateful for that. I always love Wayne's DVD's over most DVD's because Wayne just puts so much more into them. Take a DVD like Control. For anyone who knows the method, you should know that its a very simple concept. However, Wayne takes that small little concept and makes a 2 hour DVD out of it. The DVD is not only very entertaining and teaches the effect you payed for, but he talks about magic as a whole. He really makes you think about who you are as a magician. He makes you rethink yourself, who you are now, who you want to become. I always feel inspired after watching Wayne's work to just try new things.

    I'll probably review this one in about 2 weeks or so. I want to spend time comparing both the DVD and the download, trying both methods, and trying the Gypsy Thread effect.

    However, from my first impressions, I can safely say that this effect should be bought. There is more than just magic taught in it.


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