Thunderbird by L. Asher OR Autograph by J. Miller?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Crisco, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone I need help making a decision.

    Should I get Autograph by Justin Miller for $25?


    Lee Asher's Thunderbird PDF for $13.99?

    I want both but don't have the cash. :mad:

    Eventually I'll own them but it has to be one at a time.

    Which one should I get first?

  2. It depends on your style, thunderbird is for few people or on the stage because it is little bit angle sensitive. But Autograph is for close-up show or for street magic. I would go for Autograph(but one performence = one gimmick is destroid)
  3. for me.. i'll get thunderbird first.... its kinda stage magic to me... instant donwload... learn it right away... and its suits the routine of my ace's production..... but really it depends all on you... if you are good at tenkai then go for thunderbird!
  4. My style is cards. I love card tricks.

    I have to tear up a gimmick every performance of Autograph? Thats sort of no good. :eek:

    Do you ruin the cards with Thunderbird? LOL
  5. In my opinion, if I had to choose, i would go for Autograph.
    Thunderbird is cool, but not something audience would go balistic over.
    You show people thumderbird they will say "WHAT? thats cool" or something...
    Show someone autograph they will say "WHAT? HOW DID YOU!??!?!? WHAT??"
    although it costs more, I find it more worthy.
    Thunderbird is more angle sensitive and has a limit to amount of audience (unless stage). Autograph can work for a way larger audience in different environments. It does require the ruining of a gimmick, but some of the best tricks do. so yea...
    I would get Thunderbird when you have some extra cash to burn.
  6. You don't tear up a gimmick in Autograph, you just end with peoples signatures on it.
    And no, you don't ruin cards with Thunderbird...

    But i would go for Autograph myself...
  7. These are 2 completely different effects. It only depends on what you like. However, since you say that you're short on cash, just go with Thunderbird. It's too badass. I'm not that into Autograph, but it's your choice.
  8. i like thunderbird because it can go into any 4 card trick. i do a king production, simple switch trick and go into panic. if you know panic youll know what i mean.
  9. haha... as i said.. i prefer more on thunderbird... its good to be a starting of your routine...
    stun them with thunderbird first and conty with other cards production/vanish
  10. You cant ask questions like this. They're stupid. Just get what everone you want. Or save the money get a pack of cards, and create your own tricks!

  11. No, you're stupid. If you can't answer the question, why bother posting? :mad:

    Thunderbird or Autograph?

    Which one should I get?
  12. Anybody else see the irony here? :rolleyes:

    - Sean
  13. I would get autograph... which I already have!
    Autograph is a killer effect, and people will trip OuT!!!
  14. I know I'm about to play the advocate's devil, but...Why don't you buy Thunderbird, and at the same time watch carefully Autograph's trailer with a pack of cards in your hand and figure out the method ?

    I know what everyone is about to say, but come on, I agree that Autograph is a Killer effect (and I mean it), but it's in NO WAY a magician fooler. The sleights are known by any average magician, you just have to think a bit about the mechanics and the method. I'm sure that a lot of people here has already watched an effect and, knowing the sleights used, managed to figure out the method. As long as you don't put it on Youtube I think it's fine. Don't you ?
  15. Yes, I laughed pretty hard when I read it.:D
  16. 1) It's Devil's Advocate.

    2) I didn't realise that it was supposed to be a magician fooler? :confused:

    - Sean
  17. I think we all understood what he was trying to say here! No need for a correction!

    I think he was trying to say it in the context of try to figure it out instead of purchasing the effect!

    I guess somebody here must police the police!!!!
  18. Which is oh so ethical right? :)

    It was a genuine question anyway, I wanted to know what the problem with it not being a magician fooler was.

    I guess someone needs to stop trolling the boards for my posts.

    - Sean
  19. Ok, it's Devil's Advocate, my bad, I've been confused by the french version which is "l'avocat du diable". Won't happen again I promise. Me nice. Me hungry. Grump.

    Well, Autograph isn't supposed to be a magician fooler, nobody claimed it was (except maybe Brad Christian who said he had "no idea where the second card went" at the final comment). Actually, some of the strongest stuff I perform for laymen isn't at all magician fooling material (simple colour changes, card transpos...), so it's really not a concern for me to learn such tricks.
    No, I was only insisting on the fact that it was not THAT hard to understand how this trick is done once you have some basic card handling knowledge. Of course, it's always better to buy the stuff from the creator himself, he'll share with you his years of experience, what works, what doen't, the patter, the misdirection, everything. What I'm saying here is that if you don't have enough money to buy a trick, but enough knowledge to figure it out by yourself, then why wouldn't you ? I really don't see where it's not being ethical, as long as you keep it to yourself and don't expose it (or sell it, even worse).
  20. No worries man :) Easy done, especially if english isn't your first language, I'm assuming.

    Yeah I see what you're saying now, that's all I wanted to know. :) I don't neccessarily agree with everything you said, but at least now I understand what you meant.

    - Sean

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