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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by erdnase97, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. So, a while back, I posted a thread about tips for center dealing. I've been practicing the center dealing for a bit now, and I'm not exactly where I want to be. So, here's a short video of me doing centers(ignore the bottom sailing), and feel free to criticise.
  2. Again, what resource would you recommend? Look's pretty slick, what you really need to practice is your dealing rhythm. Your take is clean, but you lose a beat every time you deal from the center, and the actual dealing motion is significantly jumpier. Both of which are problems you should be able to solve by practising your rhythm.
  3. Ideal place for beginning is expert card technique. Although people think it's not a real method, I practiced that move, and I'm able to do it quite well. that method teaches you to get the center card out with no problem. then, I suggest moving to gene maze's art of bottom dealing center dealing section. Martin Nash has a center deal, and Kennedy's method is in revelations. There is also the fred robinson center deal(but I'm 15 so can't afford his book), and so on. I played with these methods and came up with my own. My method is a bit more practical, and doesn't involve putting pressure on the deck. That is a good thing if you need a natural deal. Plus, you don't buckle the card, so there is no knuckle flashing during the buckling action, and there is no need to ridiculusly bevel the deck. And I will have to mention Antonio Zuccaro's booklet on center dealing. This method can be done in mechanics grip, but I do the seconds, greeks and bottoms also in gene maze grip, because it gives me more cover during the deal. :)
  4. I recommend every single method ever published. This method is my method, and it's a hybrid of expert card technique, gene maze and the art of bottom dealing, martin nash and allan kennedy's center deal. Although it utilizes some elements of every method, the center card extraction is something I've never seen done before. That's why I don't move my third and fourth finger during the deal. You can also see that my hand is relaxed and that I'm not putting no pressure on the deck at all. Note: I'm sailing to other opponents, and striking to myself. That's why I have this rythm downfall. If I striked to others, there would be no difference in rythm. You can look up foundations by england, but I am a fan of books. 15 dollars for one move is just too much for me. Although it is on video, and it is worth the money, I think that you can do a better bargain by buying gene maze's book and maybe learn some new things and thoughts on bottom dealing along with some card tricks aswell. :)
  5. "With deceptive techniques for cheating at cards, one must avoid becoming a 'jack of all trades.' Learning many difference techniques for the same move can cause irreparable damage; one can become trapped in bad habits picked up from exhausting every different resource of training on the subject; multiple suggested techniques will only offer confusion and conflicts in the handling and execution of the move. One should not pick a suggestion from one resource and piece it together with the one from another, the technique, although a series of precise instructions, is ultimately one move, a specific beginning is designed solely for a specific end and everything else must never breach the boundaries of those instructions. One may believe that 'tips' may improve an old idea, but one must also understand that even the simplest of changes can upset the entire flow in a butterfly-like effect what may seem to improve an old technique at first, could present an unforeseen problem later on. Your deceptions should become unique to your hands..."

    From Daniel Madison's work; food for thought.

    I personally think that it's good to absorb a lot of information regarding a specific move, but then to form it to your hand and your habits. Once you start on a path of how to do a certain move, I think it's good to follow that path until you've at least gotten the move to work and only then to consider how other people might be doing the move. That way you don't constantly try to learn and re-learn the same move.
  6. Well, when it comes to false dealing and gambling moves, I don't think that Daniel Madison is the man for the job. It all looks pretty and that's ok, but when you take a look at the "Deal" video, you can clearly see that his false dealing is unnatural and just not right. In "Green", he demonstrates his greek deal which can be seen from miles away, etc. Jason England's center deal is a hybrid between a few methods.
    I played with all those methods to see what are the good sides of the move, and what are the bad sides. This demonstration is done with an old deck of cards, and I had no problems with it. I can also sail the cards from the centers, what I've never seen anyone do.
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  7. I'm not really sure about your statement on Daniel Madison and his false dealing, but you sure got some really good dealing. I saw all of your video and boy I'm impress. Very natural, no "suspicious" move, fast and precise. Very good.
  8. Well, thank you! :)
    That is just my opinion, maybe you think that his deals are great, and that's perfectly okay. But it's just not natural enough for my taste. Yeah, he does have impressive deals, but it's just not right to me.
  9. Out of curiosity ... have you ever used these techniques at the gambling table?
  10. I don't think that anyone would use center dealing at the gambling table, but seconds, bottoms and overhand run-ups, yes.
  11. Wait, didn't I read in another post of yours that you are 15? And you've cheated in a poker game?
  12. Yes, it's not really easy to explain.. Let's just say that I don't hang out with people my age much.
  13. i dont want to sound rude but angle of camera is very bad, can u post it from the spectators point of view and not from under the table
  14. I will an another video soon, this was shot from this angle because I wanted the camera to burn my hands as I deal.
  15. i have the center deal video from jason england and i dont use that method very much
    i personally like the allan kennedy center deal which is taught in dai vernons revelations (great book)
  16. not doubt , my opinion is J.England's center deal is one of the best in all his false dealing ...
  17. there is a book called finding the center which has many variations
  18. Finding the center is currently, for what I heard, the best center dealing source out there. Yes, England made a great dvd, but England's deal is almost impossible to do natural. Again, England's deal is beautiful, but you are looking at the one of the most talented card handlers in the world. And again, he does do the move for 15 or so years. But there is one huge downside of the deal that I cannot really live with. The pressure on the deck. While I, for instance, do the deal, you can see that the deck is almost completly free. But then again my method does involve some bits of his method. I just added some touches and adapted the grip to myself, because I do all the deals in Gene Maze.
  19. hey where thit you learn the center deal??? i want to learn it two
  20. You should really do a tutorial
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