Tom Isaacson on Ellen!

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  1. Yeah that must suck, sorry. How early was the recording for the show? Oh yeah ellens face was priceless.:D
  2. Awesome to hear Tom!

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  3. I thought you performed it great just when you counted the bills you seemed a little sloppy but I thought everything else was perfect:)
  4. awsome tom! nice job!! i watch ellen almost everyday7 and i flipped out when i saw you haha!
  5. You seemed kinda nervous, but actually I think that's good to know that even the professionals get a little nervous.
    -That makes it ok.

    Anyway, great job Tom, way to get your name out there!
  6. Just watched it a few hours ago. Sorry you were nervous - would have loved to see the bills change back. Still, I was really excited to watch it! Excellent job!
  7. That was a great performance just listen to the audience.
  8. Could have been a better camera angle but overall pretty cool. You did not seem that nervous to me...
  9. i have no idea how to do prophet so to me, that was a friggin awesome performance.
    tom, you did look a little nervous though. : p
  10. You were sweating a lot tom, you were shaking too. now i dont know if that's part of the trick (since i dont own prophet, goddamnit) but that was pretty flawless.

    and if that's the exposed angle, Screw this. i'll be honest, i rewatched it 5 times, and i still dont know how its done.

    Yes, you should all throw cards at me for trying to reverse-engineer it and save myself an amount of money. Go on, throw cards at me. (preferably wynns please)
  11. *throws my bussiness card*

    is that one okay...?
  12. haha, thanks for posting...although, I am not sure Tom will be happy with his "little" dance move on his way up being caught...awkward!

    I don't think being nervous matter...I mean, were on Ellen....even Oprah is impressed.

    However, there was a lot of fumbling and organizing - some small fumbles...and I think why the crowd didn't react was the fact that it plays small...and from the camera you see green turn to green - or if you watched real close it's like GW's head grew, but
    there is no distinct change that occurs and it registers late from afar (even on camera). In short, I think it went over their heads at first - it didn't for Ellen, as she was right there. So we learnt that Prophet isn't a parlour effect....but it is still neat.

    Congrats Tom, great publicity.
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    Congrats on the performance and HD Tivo Tom!

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