Top 5 Jaw dropping Moment in magic's History

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  1. The community is not unified in any sense of the world. The magic community is just a gigantic collection of cliques. The majority of the people who are into magic probably don't even really know who Jibrizy or Ramsay are. These are not actually very large players when you look at serious numbers.

    The divide between them existed long before this happened, too. Jibrizy got himself a pretty bad reputation in the magic world years ago, due to his ego.

    These two groups could probably have an all out "war" of disrespect towards each other and it would continue having zero impact on the magic world at large.
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  2. That is why I specifically said
    I understand what you are saying, but I am talking about the Internet magicians, those who use the internet regularly to watch performances, or get news. Of course Jibrizy was not well loved, but look at the numbers. He Had a Significant Drop in followers across all platforms after this.

    And saying
    I would like to say, Laymen ask me about "that cool hip-hop Illusionist on FaceBook" all the time.

    To Conclude yeah, in the end it may not have a huge impact on the comunity as a whole,BUT the internet community was shaken.
  3. If you say so.

    You may want to revisit your definition of "history".
  4. As TV is dying The internet will soon become what TV was, ergo it will be the future of how how magic will be viewed so as of now it appears to be the most shocking as it effects the entire platform. So maybe I was too gung-ho and called the shot. But I honestly believe in the next few years it will be seen as bigger than unmasking robert.

    Just a question. What do you think beongs as #1?

  5. The use of stooges has been and will always be a thing. It is how things were handled that got interesting, Jibrizy approached it in a rather childish manner by saying he was better than Justin Miller, Chris Ramsay and Shin Lim and "screw all the haters". So he's going to slowly decline in numbers and fade in obscurity. So if anything its more like unmasking Val Valentino. The world carried on after going "who?". (There is a great Penn rant on him I wish I could find. It's not even bad. I do find it in poor taste to jest about the guy though seeing as he is struggling with terminal prostate cancer)

    I disagree about the average magician not knowing who Ramsay and Jibrizy are however. Due to YT's suggestion algorithms, pretty much anything magic related will lead you to a Ramsay video or vlog within a video or two. I just pulled up a google account that had never searched anything magic related and after typing in "gaff deck review" I had Ramsay's cigarette magic explained video up. If you use Youtube/Google account and search magic related things... you're going to be hit with targeted videos. Whether or not they watch them? Who knows. I ended up watching his deck reviews, and saw Jibrizy on a Fool Us youtube playlist. An all out "war" between them would have the internet a little shook, but it would be a small ripple in the actual magic community as Christopher said.

    #1 hasn't happened yet. It's "Man invents loops that don't break in minutes of opening package." :)
    I honestly couldn't tell you what #1 is though.
  6. This is top 5 jawdroppers not Top 5 things that had people killed of heart attacks, lol.

    Seriously though you bring up a good point, so I guess only time will tell the importance of this. I still do believe, like you said the way it was handled, will be the key factor to see how it will shape the future.

    But I believe he has the Cross Angle Parodox attached to him, no matter how much magicians hate him there will always be a layman who loves him. So I don’t see him fading into obscurity.

    But don’t worry I’ve been wrong MANY TIMES before. Thanks for both of your opinions it helps a lot.
  7. Ok - tell me this - they're still "feuding" to whatever degree, right?

    What's changed? In the grand scheme of things - what's changed?

    Professionals are still getting paid. Amateurs are still performing. Creators are still creating. People are still bickering on the Magic Cafe.

    The only people who even know this "feud" is happening are fairly hard core fans of the people involved. And I bet, even then, most of them don't really care.

    Here's the thing - internet magic, and magic on TV, isn't really magic. It's a taste test, a preview. Magic has to be experienced live. Because when you watch magic on a TV, or computer, or phone, or whatever, you literally have a barrier between yourself and what's happening. No matter how good any routine is when seen on TV, it will be better live (Assuming it can be performed live). And as soon as someone who's primary experience of magic is through a screen starts experiencing magic live, they will understand that. The fact that these videos that have coached audiences exist is proof of this - that's the "performer" trying desperately to convey the heightened emotional state through a screen that literally detaches the watcher from experiencing it.

    What's my choice for #1?

    I don't know. There's been some crazy amazing things in the history of magic. How about when Washington Irving Bishop was possibly killed because they performed an autopsy on him after he went into a cataleptic state? He was known to do this, and even carried a note on his person stating not to perform an autopsy for several days to insure he was truly dead. His wife believed they ignored this information in order to steal his brain and study it.

    How about when Jean Eugene Robert Houdin stopped a war with magic tricks?

    How about Teller being the only magician in modern memory to win a lawsuit protecting to protect the secret of a magic routine?

    How about the time(s) Doc Shiels was able to appear in two locations at once, according to eye witnesses?

    How about the temples of Greece and Rome that were created to be giant magic tricks in and of themselves?

    How about when Siegfried and Roy's tiger attacked them?

    Bob Cassidy's cancer was a shock for much of the community, and his subsequent passing is still being mourned by many.

    Eugene Burger's passing was significant as well.

    Heck, how about the Indian Rope Trick capturing the world's imagination, despite the fact that it didn't actually happen?
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  8. Still one of my favorite moments. I remember telling this story to my girlfriend and friends, and they said "okay, you're exaggerating." Then we attended the Illusions exhibit in Montreal and read it for themselves. It was their biggest take-away from the entire exhibit.
  9. I used the story during a talk on Manipulation of Perception at Drexel University to illustrate the power an illusion can create.
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  10. I'm with ChristopherT on this one. What really changed here? A single magic YouTuber lost followers. To me, this is among the most minor of changes in this world. It is only a big deal if you are Jibrizy himself or one of his big fans. This sort of thing happens all the time in magic. ALL. THE. TIME. This is not the first time someone has been called out, or the first people have been feuding.

    You perform for a different group of people than I do. I have never heard this statement uttered in my life. If a layman talks to me about a magician, they talk to me about Copperfield, Blaine, Angel, "this magician I saw one time in Vegas" or "this guy I saw on YouTube". If the magician they saw isn't REALLY big name, they are generic to most people.

    What is different about Internet Magic now? Some people look for their YouTube magic fix on a different channel, and more people have heard about one specific magician. Not revolutionary, not history changing. Just a story that got a lot of buzz in the community.

    // L
  11. I have nothing to back this up, but I'm sure this has been happening for as long as there has been magic performances. Probably all the way back to when "magicians" were shamans and tribal leaders.
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  12. @010rusty I’m gonna have to agree with @ChristopherT here. I’d argue that 2, 3, and a few of your honorable mentions were much more surprising.
  13. To me, Daryl hanging himself at the Magic Castle qualifies as being among the most startling and shocking moments (as well as one of the saddest). He was always so upbeat and seemed so joyful performing magic, and his talent and knowledge seemed practically without limits. He will be greatly missed!
  14. Wow!!

    I guess I'm getting out voted on this one.I'll admit there was a lot of confusion so I'll clear that up real fast. And I'm actually really happy you guys disagree. That's the point of these to disagree and discuss what we believe.(please continue to send what you believe as #1) Anyway here's my explanation

    I realize now I probably should not have posted my Wand street journal entry. You see, Number 1 on the list was NOT the feud. That is why number 1 is listed as "NUMBER 1: TOP INTERNET MAGICIANS ARE PROVEN TO USE COACHED REACTIONS" It was that we have undeniable evidence, and confessions from Jibrizy himself that stooges were used. What This means is: If you don't use Instagram regularly you may have missed the sudden burst of staged reactions that appeared on the app once this occurred. People's jaws dropped when they realized that they could do this.

    An example would be:
    my mother watches Steve Harvey. One day I decided to sit down and watch an episode with her. It included one of these Instagram Magicians. They rolled a montage of his performances, and I quickly noticed this was a trend. So I was curious how he would do. Oh boy... the poor kid bombed! He was unable to excite the audience without his set up reactions. That is why I personally believe this is #1. This could be the future of magic through the internet era. I really hope Christopher is right and nothing will change but it is my fear that these guys will take over the majority of what laymen see. Clearly you guys agree with him, and that is fine.
  15. If you don't believe him just look at #2 on the list.
    Which ones specifically?
    Yeah when I originally made this list This was going to be either #2 or possibly #1 with Eugene's death taking the other spot, but it made me sick to my stomach, and talked my self out of it. I felt they were shocking but the ones a head of it were truly the better choice, but clearly according to the comments above That was not true...
  16. Eugene Burger's death and Copperfield vanishing the Statue of Liberty.
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  17. I think what's going to happen (And this is just speculation) is that in the near future you'll start seeing the phrase, "Just an internet magician" pop up as a descriptor. As in, "internet magician" will be the new "Uncle Charley". "Oh yeah, I got this guy on my FB friends that does tricks. But he can't do anything in person, he's just an internet magician."

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