Top 5 Jaw dropping Moment in magic's History

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  1. Hey guys. I thought I'd try something just a bit different. But before we get into it here is an explanation:
    I Love talking about magic and comparing certain things. In fact One of my favorite things I've ever done on this site was discuss what was the worst effect of 2017 with some fellow magicians is a private conversation. As magicians we love talking about, debating and just discussing history of magic. What better way than a top 10? to start we will use a top 5 to find out how well everyone enjoys this.Once a day for the next 5 days I will post the next entry on the list. That way everyone can respond to each entry respectively. You can respond with what ever you want. Like your thoughts on it. Is it too high on the list? too low? Or just the general thoughts on this topic. Does it belong on the list at all?I may do this weekly, possibly monthly possibly never again. it depends on how well you guys enjoy these. (and no it won't replace Wednesday's game day) So with out further ado, lets dive into:

    The top 5 Jaw Droppers in the History of Magic
    Magic as an art is naturally surprising. Therefore, when something causes a magician to be startled there must be something beyond the comprehension of man. From an unexpected contest winner to an infamous Idol's arrest, and even the sad passing of an absolute legend magic's history is full of jaw droppers. These include the mistakes that must be learned from and the moments to be inspired from. Be prepared to be shocked all over again. as we dive into number 5!
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  2. NUMBER 5: Dan Harlan Gets Arrested

    When the average magician is asked to describe Mr.Harlan he is general described as arguably the best magic creator of the modern Era. He does every kind of magic known to man. from strolling, stage, stand up, close up, and even kid shows. From the number 1 selling trick of all time: card-toon, to countless revolutionary rubber band effects, and of course his personal favorite Starcle the creativity his creations are greater than that of every trick from most creators. Truly one of the greatest there ever was. However, One morning in 2008 this almost never became a reality, as the truly unexpected occurred.

    A younger and intoxicated Harlan, quickly ran into a store. He then jumped the counter and attempted to steal all the money from the cash register. After unsuccessfully opening it the decided to steal the entire register. After attempted his escape he was chased by police. His pants fell down making him unable to escape the chase from police officers leading to his arrest.
    When news first broke of this horrendous event. Shock waves were sent throughout the entire community. Jaws smashed through floors. This was long before the Penguin live lectures, vortex, and Hover card plus, but Starcle, card-toon and the Minotaur periodical had already released, so many knew Harlan as the lovable child in a man's body. He was very well beloved and had many people waiting for his latest creation. After this Many began to question the rubber band artist. Would he redeem himself? He had no yet released many of the effects that have made him the modern mature performer he is known today. So many began to wonder what would become of him. Had this actor finally lost it?
    Dan Immediately apologized for the event in question. stating he does not even have memory of the event due to his intoxication. however he said he was guilty of the crime. This event was the true turning point in his career. Dan quickly fixed his drinking problems and began to focus more on his magic and began his work with Penguin and their live lectures. Then began The Tarbell's Course Every trick in the book. Not to mention the Many modern ground breaking effects since 2008 have came from Mr.Harlan. Among these are Hover card plus, speak easy, pro version of PB&J, Bounce no bounce pro, and of course walk on the wild side. many of the before mentioned are revised and highly improved versions of classic tricks. He had found his calling: improving not so perfect tricks and making them perfect. If this unfortunate had never happened we never would have these revolutionary resources we gladly have now,and who knows maybe Rick Lax would host penguin live, and Every trick in the book never happens. After 2008 a very large amount of brilliant content has been released from him. So to conclude It was a shocker no one could believe, but a learning experience that we should all brush off and forget about and enjoy the greatness that has resulted.

    So there we have it #5. don't worry tomorrow (Saturday) a much less gossip related entry will be revealed. let's just say it had AMERICA'S jaws dropping...
  3. Love this, I didn't even know about this story. I do love me some Dan Harlan and his Tarbell lecture series was great.
    Looking forward to the next installment.
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  4. Ooh with a hint like that, Statue of Liberty “vanish” maybe? Great idea mate.
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  5. Crazy Butterfly effect.

    If he never tried to steal the register, and never got arrested, he probably wouldn't have changed his take on creating magic, and a ton of great effects that really revamped the modern market would never have been made.

    Looking forward to the rest!
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    The national broadcasting talent shows are a long running and successful collection of TV shows, Including Britain's got talent, Sweden's got talent and of course America's got talent or AGT. Each show is full of amazing magic performances, from Richard Jones' indescribably good BGT winning salute to soldier's performance, to all of Jon Dorenbos's tear jerker performances. many of Magic's greatest stars including Oz pearlman, Eric Jones, and Steven Bridges have had viral career jumping performances from these shows. These shows constantly pump out amazing performances, and magicians every year. HOWEVER, This almost never came to be if not for a season 9 contestant's Unique presentation.
    Seasons 1-8 of AGT were very predictable with 67% of all winners being singers of some sort. Magic was not well respected, considering how unlike singing, most magician's performances were personal to THE JUDGES not the audience who actual votes. In season 8 Teenage magician Collin Key became the youngest Magician to perform in Radio city Music Hall (where the show is filmed) in which he came in 5th. This was due to the charm he had on the female audience and his use of the internet to have an interaction with the at home audience. This was The Closest a magician had ever came to winning. If it took season 8 for a magician to finally make the finals, a question came clear: Would a magician ever win? The answer came unexpectedly.
    On June 14, 2014 a Young self taught magician named Mathew Franco Stepped on stage to audition for season 9 of AGT. He performed his version of the soldier's deck of cards. His unique presentation and style quickly set him apart from the rest. His happy smile and talk about his grandma was very unnormal compared to that of his competitors of that season and prior seasons who used patter about "spirits" (most notably Mike Super), and beings psychopaths (in fact one guy was literally called himself Physco jack). The judges were very impressed, and sent him on to the next round. He then did the second portion Of Justin Flom's Soldier deck. The judges were fearful that he would be unable to adjust to the very large stage of the next rounds, but allowed him to move on. This is what began some of the best performances in the shows history.
    As Season 9 entered the quarterfinals, Mat faced very tough competition. The fear of being unable to astound an audience with just 52 pieces of paper was still being held over his head. With comedy magicians David and Leeman, already moving on with their large scale tricks. One thing Mat had was his his Charm and unique cool style and presentation, but could he move on? He began with "magician in trouble routine" in which he spray painted what he thought Hiedi had picked, Two of diamonds. He lit the prediction on fire and revealed the actual identity of the card, 10 of spades. He said stated that although no one chose the 2 of diamonds it chose SOMEONE. Particularly Howie mandel. When the germaphobe checked his back pocket he found that very card, with Mat at least 10 yards away the whole routine. (full routine) This was praised as a ground breaker in the show' s history it shocked magicians and laymen alike. News for days were describing this event. "the time The magician slid a card in the back pocket of an extreme germaphobe".A large group of people not only praised it as the greatest Magic trick in show's history, but quite possibly the greatest performance in the show's history. But if only those people knew what was coming from him next round...
    Could Mat stun the world once more? Could he top last round? What followed cannot be described in words

    It is to this day known as possibly the greatest performance in not just the shows history but all of the Got Talent genre. It was large scale had a lot of character, drama, and most importantly Mat's cool unique style. However it raised a large problem and the death of many great acts on AGT. And the core problem with AGT and magic. Had he peaked? Could he top it?. Magicians Can never do the same trick twice. They must create a new effect each time, therefore some tricks are better than others, and in a contest with having to top your self each week, was it even possible? Well... as we enter the final stretch it was a terribly rough rode for our buddy Mat.
    The final stretch began and mat sadly had a bumpy rode....He attempted an
    ambitious card routine in which the card to mouth routine failed. He never quite reached the hype of his semi finals performance. He did many classics including oil and water, and cups and balls, but it was clear he had peaked. HOWEVER he kept making it through, because of one thing that cool unique style and presentation. But going into the finals by the skin of his teeth each time people had memory of the style and of course his first 4 performances. The problem became 4 of the 5 other finalist were singers including 2 kids and a professional named Emily West who appeared as guest star on the hit Tv show Are you smarter than a fifth grader, and she was on the hot American billboard magazine's top 100 Country song chart with her song "rock Your shoes" at number 39 in 2008. She was more than a minor celebrity among country fans. With Mat's lesser good performances fresh on the home audience's mind and her brilliant infamous career still on their minds the out look sadly seemed clear...
    Mat would have to pull an upset beyond compare. He would have to leap frog 2 child singers a hot male singer, and of course Emily West. With only 37% of winners up to this point being non-singers, and 0% being magicians was it even worth the thought? The professional Singer Vs. The Magic man who had peaked. Mat was clearly the best magician in the history of "got Talent", but was it enough. It was now or never if Mat was unable to upset the singers it was clear a magician would never win. you may be asking "But who cares?" I understand, but think: The entire audience is not only a Laymen to magic, but to singing, and everything else. So, This decided how did the general public received magic. Will it always be in the shadow of music? this was the answer:
    The finale went on and the singers began to drop, Mat began to rise Proving That No matter how much you screw up, EVEN if you peak, all that matters is presentation. His presentation carried him to the top 2. Between Emily West and Franco himself. NOW OR NEVER! Mat was standing there against an absolute professional with his grandma in the
    audience. So silent you could here a pin drop on a pillow. As nick cannon raised the card, every magician held their breath hoping for the impossible, for all magic kind we NEED this!!! We REALLY need to win, and this may not have a good chance, but the best we will ever have. The card came closer to nick a he blurted out the 2 words that will live in infamy among magicians for decades "MAT FRANCO"! HE HAD DONE IT!! The upset had been completed! His presentation carried him all the way, and help submit magic as a legitimate art form. This proves how important a good presentation was. For years "the upset" lives among magicians and shows how the general public views magic.
    So next time you see a magician's AGT performance go viral, and you see laymen get excited about magic Remember one thing. That this never would have happened if Franco had held on to Mel B's phone. In that world "the upset" never happens. Without that we would live in a terrifying world. And I think that is pretty "cool"

    So there is it was quite long I promise Tomorrow's will be less joyful, and much sorter, as we moron in the loss of a truly AMBITIOUS man.
  7. Glad a magician finally won AGT. I think Mat represented magic very well. He's performances seemed to be very natural of him and everything ran smooth.


    (Oh boy...... really was hesitant about recalling this memory.)
    The history of magic is full of Iconic heroes that are looked up upon as absolute legends ,for particular reasons. Such as Eugene Burger's signature patter and story telling. The before mentioned Mat Franco's
    cool presentation. And of Course the up-beat and happiness of the Magician's Magician, Daryl Easton. Much like Eugene and Mat you look forward to seeing his uniqueness shine threw every time you see him perform. Daryl's performances, Especially at the magic castle, Were exciting, energetic and most importantly FUN! Truly one of the Happiest their ever was. That's why words seem to disappear among magicians when #3 on our list occurred...
    February 24, 2017 started out as a normal day in the magic castle. Until before it opened 2 gentlemen wandered into the backstage dressing room to discover what appeared to be a man's body dangling from a rope with a bag above its head. As normal they did not want the check the body and risk getting fingerprints, or tampering evidence, so they were unaware to who or even what was dangling due to the bag. That's right! The 911 emergency respondents were hesitant to rush over because of the chance it was just a magic prop. When they finally arrived they took the body in and from what I've gathered declared them DOA in a local hospital. Magicians sat sadly in fear as they anticipated the news. Theory ran wildly among magicians heads. Who/when/why? There was great fear it was a performer. However not a single soul expected what the out come was about to be.. Later that day An autopsy was finally released and was handed out. This was soon revealed to the public and sent jaws breaking floorboards as it was revealed the joyful ambitious card king and illustrious rope "beast", had sadly hung him self and had lost all breath in a suicide attempt.
    The news broke and spread like wildfire. No one knew why. Some even believed it was an accident while practicing a rope routine. This was proven to be false. That made the question grow wider: "why?" He was the joyful man every one aspired to be. there wasn't even a sign of serious depression. What had we over looked?What Could we have done to prevent it? Is there a similar magician we are overlooking now? This question was to never be answered. It appears that everything was fine in his life. To this day Magicians refuse to ignore ANY sign of depression in fear that this would be repeated. That is why depression is taken so seriously by magicians, and always will be.
    The most important part was the celebrating of his life. Luke Dancy of Murphy's Magic held a 2 hour long live stream to celebrate how great he was. For weeks Magicians were honoring him, and performing his material in every set they did. Showing how seriously this was taken. to this day people moron his loss, and they will honor him for generations.
    Depression. The shortest word that causes the most pain. Not just for those who suffer it, but for the loved ones as well. Every one becomes sad , although depression is unfathomable by those who are fortunate to never deal with it. Those with it are asked to seek help, but saying "that is easier said than done" would be an understatement. All we can do is look back and realize what we SHOULD have done, and see what we SHOULD do to those suffering it now. The pain magicians felt when they witnessed the passing of the Magician's Magician should never be felt again, and with YOUR help it never will be.

    R.I.P DARYL EASTON 1955-2017

    There we have it Half the list down. We've moroned we've cheered and we've learned. WAit until tomorrow when #2 will be UNMASKED.
  9. A tear rolled down my face while reading this one. I loved Daryl, and I was heartbroken when the news broke of his suicide.

  10. I'm sorry, part of me wondered if it should be recalled, but I knew it must be reflected upon and honestly knew it belonged on the list. Don't worry today's will be be a lot less depressing. Unless your name is Robert.......
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    Oh yes let us flashback to 1906, when Harry Houdini was in his prime and revolutionizing magic. Based mostly off his idol in which he named himself, Robert Houdin. Obviously not very uncommon for magicians to base them selves mostly off of the work of other. To be inspired by them is very common for magicians, however #2 on our list is not.

    Many thought of Houdini as respectful and honorable to the art of magic. Therefore it would surprise anyone if not only did teach against that, BUT also his biggest idol that even he named himself after. This surprise came true when it was discovered The king of cuffs was believed to be writing a book that required 15 years of research. People began waiting in anticipation. The book is claimed to be "The first authentic history of magic ever published". So you can imagine the anticipation the people of the time had for this book. Although, no one can fathom the shock people felt when T
    he unmasking of Robert-Houdin was put on store selves. The book in question was an unflattering recollection of houdin's Idol. Exposing Robert's creations as stolen! So, not only were people shocked at houdini's writing, but also the truth about Robert Houdin. Years later books have come out completely against these allegations, including Houdini's Unmasking(Fact vs. Fiction) by Jean Hugard. In fact it is now believed that Some part of the books conception was Due to the refusal to meet with him by Robert's widow. Therefore a large amount of untruth was most likely added. Houdini, onced praised as the secret keeping, and Houdin lover shocked the magic world for quite possibly the first time when he unmasked a legend and tarnished both their legacies at the same time.

    There we have it, short and sweet not much to say. Anyway,
    tomorrow will not be #1, instead we will take a look at some honorable mentions. As well as a separate post with a new question on our weekly Wednesday game day. So make sure to check here tomorrow for that and come back here as we take a look at THE HONOR ROLL. See you there!!;)
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  12. So far we’ve learned, cheered, mourned, and questioned everything we know, but before we decide to dive into #1 its time to dive into The Honor roll and take a look at what barely missed our list!
    So sit back and relax as we look at:

    David Blaine accused of rape.- One of the greatest of the modern era, with his patter showing little to know emotion, therefore people could not believe their eyes when allegations of this emerged. This missed the list due to many people just brushing it aside. And automatically assumed it to be false. So, it did not come to as big of a shock as the others on the list.
    David Copperfield vanishes the statue of liberty.-One of the greatest illusions ever performed, however Copperfield announced he was doing this, so it was missing a major shock factor.
    Ramsay, Peter Mckinnon, and Daniel Madison all leave Ellusionist.-Missed the list because it was so recent we are not sure what the true impact on the magic community will be.
    Eugene Burger Passes away- Missed the list because I did not feel that this was nearly as abrupt and out of no where like Daryl's death was, and I felt that just like the previous honorable mention it was very recent.
    Criss Angel Passes out when escape trick goes awry-
    With 2 very special guest in the audience in attendance Criss had a bad time to loose all consciousness during his upside down straight jacket escape. He was then immediately rushed to a hospital. However, the next day he went straight back to his normal routine, and did this very same effect. So it was shocking, but NOT top 5 all time, which is the same reason David Blaine shooting himself missed the list aswell.
    Penn Jillet looses over 100 pounds in just 3 months- This was an amazing feat, but barely missed the list. It is probably #6. It just did not have the impact of the the rest of the list.

    So there we have it 1-4 are complete as well as the Honorable mention. So be sure to be here tomorrow Same Bat Time same Bat place as we take a look at #1 which just so happens to be the most recent to occur. So be here as we flash back to the event that may have changed the course of modern magic through the internet era.
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  13. Very nice list thus far!

    I'm assuming you are doing more modern stuff (20th century - Modern day). But one thing that I think deserves to be here is when "The Discoverie of Witchcraft" was published. Although not very popular, it was the first real modern magic book.
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  14. Number 1 Is......

    going to be revealed tomorrow.......

    (Sorry, I've always wanted to do that:p. See you tomorrow)

    (oh boy been kind of dreading this one... It's very recent, and I've covered this before so I will not go too in depth)
    Not gonna lie I really haven't wanted to talk about this one which is why I won't. I knew it belonged #1. As it has changed the course of modern internet magic. But this has been mentioned a lot of these forum and because I'm afraid it may violate spam, and to stop from"beating the dead horse"
    Make sure to read about it here.

    So there we have it. How did you guys like this series so far? Should it continue? I look forward to all feedback ESPECIALLY NEGATIVE. It helps a lot. See you guys again Wednesday!
  16. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this thread

    I like these kind of posts!
  17. I agree with Maaz. It was a really good read.
  18. Really nice post. Thank you
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  19. Did it?
  20. You see, after news broke the community went a flame. And to this day split the internet magic community apart. Some support Rick lax, and jibrizy, but there are also the Shin Lim and Chris Ramsay who are against this coaching.

    This means that we may never see these two sides of the community come back together. Without that the magic community may turn into the rap industry with just a bunch of Diss tracks and very little progress. Hopefully they will come back together, but we will see

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