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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Sinful07, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. lol I like the ending hahaha

    If anything I say work on your smoothness some more because you have the speed but just try taking it slower and you wont have any problems with your flouishes ;)
  2. Cheers- Im actually going to go with my pride on this one and blame my cards. Ive been toying around with wynns for a few weeks now. (And after i made this video i came back to my SS)

    Normal Cards feels so goddamn nice compared to crappy wynns
  3. I like this video. Well done.
  4. Good job! Nice vid. Like the vanish towards the end! It was nice and smooth!
  5. Yeah could tell you weren't used to handling the cards from the little slipups....

    But dude! In the words of dnd "they fan immaculately" lol not....
  6. Yeah wynns suck ass. i can probably re-do this video with Split spades and do it all in one go. (i said probably)

    Anyways, Cheers for the comments. Ive already been noted down on my "pinky cleanup." (B4 cut, 0:11.) I think i should copyright that move. De'vo, eat your heart out.
  7. Nice.
    your hands are very small, aren't they?
  8. They're very small. and skinny. Makes palming hell for me.
  9. The only thing I can add (come to think of it, not the only thing, but the only helpful thing) to this is your performance of Blanco.

    Alejandro intended for it to be a smooth slow flourish - try it out by doing the moves with a regular beat, or rhythm - it will help make it appear casual and beautifull.

  10. i was actually waiting for someone to criticize me on that. I re-watched TheCuso's Tutorial on Blanco, and after seeing it i really shouldnt have put it on the video. I dont do it justice at all.

    Anyways, what were your other suggestions/comments?

    For anyone curious, its a Combination of Molecule 4 to Blanco Cut.

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