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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by YRAMagicMan, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Here is my handling for a signed card between jokers effect. What do you think?

    I realize there are a few minor hic-ups in my performance. Also, if my camera had a better microphone there would be patter, but as it is, there is not. I am sure that the effect would be much better with patter.

    Also, I'm almost certain that this has been done before, so if it has, please let me know who did it first, but if not, I'll certainly take the credit.
  2. everything is good, but the switch and the putting the deck down and picking it up for the switch. Try to come up with a better switch, and eliminate the putting the deck down and picking it up.
  3. Thanks. I'll work on that.
  4. you might want to consider using a top change as your switch
  5. I was very confused without patter.

    You take out jokers...put a card in between them...have me select and sign a card, losing it in the deck...bring the jokers to the deck (card inside) and then after some fumbling show it was my card?

    Why lose it in the deck if it's in between the jokers?

    What patter do you use with this to make it make better sense?
  6. The handling makes no sense, why are you putting the jokers back onto the deck? Are you inviting a casual connection? Another note, you move the top joker to the bottom, and the card disappears from the middle. It literally makes no sense, and is easily seen through. I would restructure it mane. Cheers!
  7. It just looks all muddled up really.

    My biggest issue is there is no reason you should bring the two jokers and your prediction in contact with the deck once you have put them on the table like that. That kills it. I'd say look at the handling for the sandwich routine taugh in Emran Riaz's shinobi control or Daniel Madison's half vanish.

    Emran's routine the plot is you introduce the jokers which stay on top of the deck, you make a prediction and place it face down in full view the whole time, a card is selected and left side jogged in the middle of the deck, the jokers are then placed around the prediction. Their selection is pushed flush into the deck, the prediction is revealed to actually be their selection. The card can be signed.

    Half vanish-There is no prediction but you can show the two jokers first, place them on the table, then a card is selected and vanished, then appears sandwiched between the jokers. Again their selection can be signed.

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