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  1. Hello everyone! I, for some reason, have entered a Mr. *Insert my college's name here* contest, and part of it is a talent show. I am a music major, so I think it would be cheating to use my major as my talent. Soooooo it's magic time! I mainly do card tricks, and I plan on doing tricks such as the French Kiss and a teleportation trick I call "Just In Case." What kind of tricks would you all suggest for a large audience? They don't have to be card tricks, so throw some tricks at me, my friends!
  2. Generally I would say don't do card tricks in a stage environment, but more specifically avoid tricks where the identity of the card is what causes the climax of the trick. Cards are small - anyone more than 10 feet away isn't going to be able to easily tell the difference between one card and another and that delay in comprehension will destroy any reaction you can hope for.

    There are ways around that - a good cards across routine can go over very well, a la Mac King. Or you could use the reaction of the volunteer on stage to cue to the audience, but generally speaking you want something more visible.

    What I would do and what you would do are probably two very different things so I would have to say that to give a good recommendation I'd have to know what you have already studied and are already good at?
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  3. So I have been reading "The Roal Road To Card Magic" as well as "Expert Card Technique." I also do a lot of learning through the Method of YouTube with people such as Brian Brushwood and the Scam School Crew (Alex Rangel, Diamond Jim, ext), Chris Ramsey, Alex Pandrea, and Spidy. I can double lift and force cards well. My palming is decent but needs work.
  4. The only card trick I can think of at this moment, that would work in any form of 'stage' environment well, is Cards Across.

    I don't watch exposure channels so I don't know what they've taught or if it's any good for stage environment.
  5. Thank you for the recommendation, my friend! If you think of any other tricks, let me know. Like what are your favorite ones? I would love to learn as much as I can :)
  6. I'm with @WitchDocIsIn on this one. Most card tricks don't play well for the stage. Often the value of the card is important to the effect and that becomes an issue if some or most of your audience can't properly see the card faces.

    One solution would be to use a jumbo deck but then you wouldn't really be able to do any sleight of hand with it.

    It also depends on what you're comfortable performing. There are a lot of stage tricks out there so it'll be easier to help you find something if we know what you know how to do or want to do.
  7. How long do you have before this event?

    I'm primarily a bizarre mentalist, hypnotist, and seance artist. There's a good chance nothing I do regularly will suit a "normal" performer.
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  8. The arms crossed/hand twisting trick that David Copperfield (among others) performs quickly is great for entertainment and humor value. This isn’t really a great trick if you are looking for something that is going to completely amaze or befuddle the crowd, however it is best in crowds of the size you mentioned, and from the times I’ve seen it used, can be good little transition into other tricks.

    Plus it’s as easy as it gets, all you have to do is time the misdirection right.
  9. I have till the night of the 13th
  10. You’re doing yourself & magic a disservice by not using your strengths.

    All the more reason to use music. If you must, you could have a magic component to your performance.
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  11. I would not recommend learning anything super new, then. You don't have time to do it justice.

    I'm going to circle back to Cards Across. Since it's probably at least more or less in your wheel house.
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  12. Do a book test using cards. Simple. Even better, for the book test, refer to a any popular book from the college library and then maybe keep it with some teacher or even the librarian till the day of the performance, sealed. Or something. Get madly creative :D
    (people oh-so-easily forget that cards were involved that it's actually funny).
    If you want to perform standard card tricks, maybe get a camera and connect it to the college's projector?
    Or do a simple mind-reading trick. Less is often more <: )
  13. Mentalism is always cool! I would suggest some sort of mentalism routine in which you read someones mind and maybe have it written down or drawn somewhere.
  14. That covers about 90% of contemporary mentalism.

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