1. JLAndersonMagic

    Tricks for 50+ People

    Hello everyone! I, for some reason, have entered a Mr. *Insert my college's name here* contest, and part of it is a talent show. I am a music major, so I think it would be cheating to use my major as my talent. Soooooo it's magic time! I mainly do card tricks, and I plan on doing tricks such as...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    What's a trick you hate doing but your audience loves?

    We all know magic is about the spectator and that means that sometimes you have to endure performing a trick you hate for people because you know it'll blow their minds. Maybe it's difficult to do, requires extensive set up, it's expensive, painful, etc. I've heard for a lot of people, it's the...
  3. K

    Stage magic tips

    So i want to expand my magic, knowledge and performance wise, i have recently been interested in stage magic and I perform and practice close up so i would like some help on beginner stage magic. Recommendations on books and dvds for beginner stage magic would be nice or any reccomendations...
  4. K

    Magic at school and college

    So i am a 16 year old magician and have been practicingfor around 3 years and have just gone into college. In school i never told anyone that i was a magician as i felt like i was still an amateur magician and still learning, but now i feel like i can perform and have excelled in my magic...
  5. K

    What should you tell a spectator

    so when im performing to some audiences they ask me how the trick is done which is natural right? Well i was performing to this audience of around 4 people performing david blaines sandwich trick and he kept pestering me to tell him how it was done and wouldn't leave me alone at which i had to...
  6. GrahamHorgan

    How would you work a room of people like this?

    I've an opportunity to do my second magic show (ever) in the same place as the first. (A day care center for the elderly) The first time went well. But to be honest I felt they were a lot of cringe moments. Maybe most of them, if not all was in my head. But the audience was really good to me...
  7. Wkirk1467

    Decoy by Eoin O'Hare

    Is decoy worth the price? How durable is it? How much will this trick fool the audience?
  8. pugz

    What is a persona to you?

    Okay so this could and does bring up a few questions: 1. What is a persona? 2. Is it something you like to put on during performances? 3. Or is it just your personality? 4. Does this enhance your audience's experience in a good way? 5. If you have a different persona to your personality, then...
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