True Astonishments 9 DVD Set by Paul Harris

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  1. I personally feel that Cheng's Change is a very magician-y thing to do. I'm learning it anyway because I like it, but I probably won't ever use it as a routined effect for spectators.

    Incidentally, to someone who asked previously, I feel that New Leaf (I hope you don't mind me giving a short opinion either Wallmott) is a very special sort of effect. Actually, it's my favourite effect in the entire set. Wallmott is correct, it's not something you'll do everyday, it's more a walk in the park and ok let me show you something to friends. But I feel it has so much potential as a really special effect.

    Firstly, it's a trick using nature. I think this in itself is inherently powerful; not just using props like cards or coins, but actually controlling the elements, controlling nature, feels to me, by nature, to be something deeper and more mysterious. When we speak of real magic we speak of surpassing death, superpowers, that sort of thing. Really, these sorts of things are, for the most part, extensions of nature - death being a part of the natural life cycle, superpowers such as flying or invisibility essentially harnessing the wind. So when an effect comes along that allows you to "commune" with nature, I feel that it has a lot of potential.

    The other thing that this trick has going for it is the very fact that it's not something you're going to approach a stranger with. Near where my girlfriend lives, we have several hidden forest paths that we regularly go for walks on. So you can imagine me performing this for her as we're walking along, alone, with nature around us. It's a really intimate picture, something that happens just for us, while we're alone, together, and in a place that happens to be quite special for us.

    I think magic of this sort is inherently beautiful; find the right time and place to perform New Leaf, and it'll be better than any you perform on the street to strangers.
  2. Ordered my set earlier. :D Cannot wait for this!

  3. Just ordered my set thanks to the persuasion of Sinful. After talking to him 12 hours straight last night TA will be coming this week.

  4. I skipped Cheng's Change. It's a nice effect but too knacky for me to be able to pull off. I do however like Backlash 2 and Twilight Angels (tho I will need to order refills of that later on.) Also Big Tiny is neat, tho right now I am trying to get the hang of properly doing the Zarrow.
  5. I agree, Chengs Change is a very magician-y effect which will impress other magicians more then a normal spectator, i find it quit sad that this is what most magicians i have talked too thinks this is the best effect on the set, and allot of people dont really like the "un-magician-y" things with simple methods and i have seen allot of people saying that the magic on the set is too simple.

    The reason i like Chengs Change is that poker is extreamly popular where i live and its a great effect to performe for people who likes poker and card cheating.
  6. I wouldn't call it sad, It's a DVD set that magicians are going to buy, so they had to put a few effects in there that look to magicians.

    Everything else on the DVD set tho is pure gold. I might skip one or two things mainly due to not having the stuff required for them. Casanova Inc. Unstable Label. and 2 or 3 others.
  7. I have the money, but I don't think this set will be beneficial to me as of yet, I have Trilogy andthensome, and some other tricks mainly from T11. But I'm still learning, only been doing it 4 - 7 months. So, my question, is this set for everyone or just advanced magicians.
  8. A lot of the stuff on the DVD's is pretty much within in the range of just about anybody.
  9. Yeah, but I think I will not buy it as of yet, I'm buying a new PC and I've bought alot of tricks recently... Panic, Advocate, Witness... so I don't want to keep spending my money in the bank, maybe some other time I will purchase it.
  10. Don't buy it!! I don't want anyone else doing these tricks other than me!!LOL. :D
  11. i wasn't sure where to put this but this'll do

    i am relatively new to magic (about 8 months now), i have been really interested in true astonishments and also the Art of Astonishment books. i was wondering should i get AOA before TA? would it matter at all?
  12. I recommend getting AoA before TA, not because it matters, technically, but because AoA is more comprehensive, and I'd still rate AoA above TA.
  13. Yeahhh. Well it's their loss, if they can't see from a layman's perspective. Magician foolers doolers, who cares, really? It's not what's important, and the people who can't see that will never be as good as people who understand it.

    It took me a little while of hard practice but I've pretty much almost gotten the knack of it now. On the subject of refills - where can we get them? Incidentally, I like Big Tiny - but I really don't think it's worth marking the entire deck for (I wouldn't be able to use a deck after it was marked like that).
  14. The Astonishment Project sells refills of Twilight Angels. I think for like 5 bucks or so. I was kind of disappointed the set only came with two. I also need to get a blue deck for SOS.

    When I first practiced Big Tiny I screwed it up and now the deck is pretty much toast unless I want to use it for something Torn or Ripped and Fried or any other effects that require me to destroy cards.
  15. I agree with you there. Specially because I don't have bicycles here. In fact, poker sized cards are a rare breed around here... But there is one thing we can do. After performing Big Tiny, we can use those cards separately. Torn and Restored, Twilight Zone, Osmosis, etc. Or even throw one of two in the normal deck, and use it for those tricks where card needs to be signed...

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