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  1. I don't want to pay 400 dollars for an unfinished bit of magic - I don't want him to do the work for me, but I want to have a solid foundation to build my house on....NOT just a plot of land on a swamp. As good as I am, if I sprinkle gold on crap...I just have sparkly crap. Think about it.

    Don't worry Randy - you are young - in time, you will learn to be fully baked.

    I am not sure it is all a matter of opinion, but a matter of education. I am not trying to cause a fight, but I find it odd that Toby can see some of the same things I do, and you think I am taking crazy pills. I think your opinion and impressions are in the way of seeing the truth.

    Some people choose to be told how to think, some think on their own - I just call it how I see it - the effects have potential, but I didn't realize I was buying potential - because in his books - I bought finished pieces that were patter included.

    At this point - I am done disc 5 and still don't see this set having the impact on magic like his life work in his books that is an opinion.
  2. Well most of the stuff in the DVD's aren't Paul's work. It pretty much has maybe 2 -3 things from the books that have been changed, and everything else was contributed by other people. This was pretty much said from the get go. Paul does however talk about the effects (IE: The phootnotes.).
  3. So what you are saying is that PH doesn't really have creative control on what he puts out - he just puts his name on things to sell it? What is next - you are going to tell me that Ronald McDonald doesn't cook the burgers, so it isn't the company's fault that the food sucks?
  4. Disc 5

    Transcendental Bar Bet

    This effect is pretty neat – a bit knacky, and may be better for the “right” situation, versus any situation. As we have seen in prior effects, some of the handling/method makes no sense – why rip up a playing card to put it in the same spot in the deck – why not just stick the card into the pack? This is another case where the handling is not justified, just done. Illogical touches to create a desired result. However, I don’t think, in this case, it would arouse suspicion in the right situation – and the actual effect portion of the magic looks incredible - a real fooler. I might rank this higher, if a more logical or natural way to set up the effect could be created, rather than contrived – 7.5/10 – I will admit, it fooled me badly – so bad, I did a moon walk and grabbed my crotch while wearing one glove – still – until I try this bad boy out – it sits at a solid “B” grade.

    Extraordinary Proof

    HOLY BAIT AND SWITCH! The effect we see Bro do is SO edited, that it doesn’t even look like the same effect when you see the explanation. That being said - this may be the FIRST professionally presented effect where people relate and connect, in the performance section, to what is being said. You can tell they are instantly connected...and Bro even gets to hold the hand of a few hotties. Cards are dealt down with one hand, until one is arrived at – it matches the card on the palm of the held hand. Pretty sick...but, this does go back to the idea of “finding the card, should be more impressive than the fact you knew it” – and this is really a force and revelation dressed up. Gerard shares some ideas that this can be used for card at any number, and I think the idea – although simple, could be useful. I do wish they would have shown the effect performed in full – and I would like to see a more “magical” revelation – however, the effect as is – pretty decent. Not a worker, but I can see me using it. 8.5/10


    I, like PH, hope that this is the start of a new art form – unrelated to magic – but a new branch, like Cardistry, Mentalism, Children’s Magic – I hope that Tensegrity can find a forum or a home where people can show this magical pieces of art. Again, not a conventional form of magic, I see this closer to fitting large objects into jars (See Magic Magazine with Eric LeClerc) – but amazing none the less.


    Yep, another version of Reset- Bro’s worst performance on video – they even camera jerk to avoid the double showing of the Ace of clubs and a miserable excuse for the most basic move in magic – being an Elmsley count – despite that, perhaps the most logical version of Reset. 8.5/10

    Tap Dancing Aces - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation

    This was one of the first effects I ever learnt – it is a great effect to learn various techniques. I keep it in my arsenal to show friends...but that is about it.

    Bizarre Ad Shrink - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation

    A neat toy – perhaps a follow up to the “growing” card...hmm.

    Fizzmaster - Wayne Houchin Performance and Explanation

    Umm, do people still now know how this effect is done? Perhaps the 21 card trick will be an Easter Egg on this set? It is a good idea, although I am not sure worth the mess - still a great effect at the time it was introduced.

    The Burger/McBride Interview

    Wow McBride is an odd duck – he talked so much I thought I was watching Penn and Teller – until Burger finally spoke near the end of the interview. I did like, what I feel is becoming, the new wave discussion on bringing the audience in – rather than presenting to him. I want people to notice how this talk is not reflected in his presentation of “Shuffling Lesson” – why don’t we at least try to practice what we preach?!

    Gerard Interview

    The most useful thing this interview contains is the first minute, when Gerard is talking about presenting effects in a more real and believable way. Unfortunately, the rest of what he says, including how kids aren’t effected by finding out about Santa, and how that mirrors that exposure isn’t the end of the world – is lie, you could go back to the menu after he talk about how to present magic in a mature way, and miss NOTHING. Even PH seems to disagree with this guy, as the interview becomes more a discussion. Strong start – weak finish...starting to see the irony.

    Alright - as we end disc 5 I, only 4 discs left - but I have got an average of one effect per disc - not bad...and a few toys to play with...and some ideas, sort, if the pace continues, I will be very happy.

    This disc had some good ideas - the only thing that stood out to me was Extraordinary Proof - the rest are cute, but not my thing.
  5. Not saying it's not Paul's fault that everything doesn't work. I am sure he could have looked at some stuff and said "This just doesn't seem right. Sorry." I do know that a lot of stuff was cut from the final product that was filmed.

    And yeah Paul does put his name on a lot of products. A lot of things out today have the "Paul Harris Presents" logo on them.

    You've still got 4 more DVD's to go, So I am sure there will be plenty more things you will and won't like.

    One of the things I didn't like about the DVD's is Bro's performances. The guy kind of lacks the ability to connect with people and has that David Blaine bored attitude. Which is odd for a guy who's worked in Vegas professionally.
  6. I'm just gonna throw in MY opinion on Dr. Fun since I just read people's opinions on it and I'm gonna tell you that it is one of my favorite effects on the DVD. I'm 28 years old and perform magic for a living 4 nights a week and I do this 25 times a night. I have never been caught over the "dirty work" because people are so amazed that I actually predicted what their memory was and they don't even think about it! I'm just giving my 2 cents here and there is no need to flame what I like; but I will tell you that I did this for an older gentleman at my restaurant where I predicted the name of his first dog when he was a kid. He got very emotional, thanked me, and then gave me a $100 tip! I love this effect!
  7. Thanks for your opinion Cypher - I am happy to hear that Dr. Fun meets your standards - they still don't meet mine. Again, it is not the dirty work - it is the unnatural handling that I feel will trigger subliminal alarms. I think audiences see magic and react first emotionally, then logically - you got your emotional reaction, and it paid you off - I would prefer to have both the big tip and the long term memory for them to keep - 100% of the time, not just when they don't question why I touched the deck before showing them the card.

    Again - this is not to say you can't enjoy it - I just feel that for those that are trying to make their magic appear flawless and give their audiences no mental outs - this effect doesn't make the list.

    I think the premise of this effect is wonderful - as I already stated - but the handling leaves much to be desired. I don't know how getting a good reaction is a good enough reason to do an effect with weaknesses in the method - sort of like doing an effect with a flawless method, but the presentation is half assed - but, we all have our standards.

    However, maybe in my 4th year, I would have enjoyed this effect too - imagine if you have been doing magic for 3 times as long? Perhaps you will see it different at that time. For now, glad you are having fun with it - keep doing the trick for older men and you will be very wealthy...probably get to 10 tables in the night - make yourself a grand.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you consider my thoughts, as it is easy to accept effects at face value - or you can think critically and see where improvements need to be made.

    Answer me this Cypher - do you see the logic behind the weaknesses in the effect? Do you understand how this would appear like a "fishy" move - maybe not right away, while they react with surprise - but when they think about it later.

    On a side note - the performance didn't fool me at all - and I don't think like a magician - I saw that fishy move and said - SWITCH - but even as a lay audience - I wouldn't know about that, but I would realize something was up, when you put the card down for no reason...then again, I want to fool the guy as smart or smarter than me - a small percentage I aim for - some of us are happy with making the rest our goal.

    Please don't take this as flaming - but please be honest with your goals - to do magic that gets reactions and gives you instant gratification - not doing effects that can never be figured out. I am not flaming you for liking it, but I will point out a short coming in the growth to understand the weakneses and say, "He is right - the effect gets reactions, but when I think about the how - what would the method point to" - because a time will come where they ask that, and ponder it. If your method is as see through as Dr. Fun - you have a trick good for now, not good forever.

    There is a difference - in 8 more years, I hope you understand that so you can reap the benefits of doing stronger magic...and not just cute puzzles that get strong reactions.

    I think I will post my next essay thanks to you Cyper - look for it soon.

    Thanks for adding.
  8. Hey Morgician,

    I've been liking your more critical take on these effects, although I do not think things are as black and white as you do with regards to what can disrupt a spectator's memory of an effect. I like "Dr. Fun," the handling doesn't bother me as much as it does you, but if I had to critique it, I'd start with the most basic thing: why use cards to write down memories? The problem isn't so much the laydown of the cards but the use of cards in the first place. In the minds of the spec, why wouldn't you just write on a pad of paper to achieve this same effect? Or, simply say the name after you drew the picture? And, as a magician, why not just use a nailwriter and do a much cleaner version of the "Dr. Fun" presentation?

    I think what "Dr. Fun" is is Paul wringing every little bit of use out of a principle that he also applies in the "Half Moon" tricks and in "Transcendental Bar Bet." (People who have the set can think about this and figure out what I mean.) In this case, he's come up with a mentalism type effect in which cards are used as, essentially, billets. So where this trick would work for me is if you are doing some card tricks and then use those cards to suddenly shift gears unexpectedly into a piece of personal and casual mentalism.

    Just to illustrate one of the paradoxes of this set, which is that there is not a lot of agreement on what the best and worst effects are (although I think "Water Trap" is universally considered at or near the top), unlike you I found "Transcendental Bar Bet" to be the worst. I immediately sussed out what was going on, it didn't fool me one bit, and if you want to talk about fiddly, unnatural handling, that trick takes the cake.
  9. Yeah they only changed the part where the card prediction appears on your hand, instead of a business card.

    I was watching the Ph notes one night and I think I recall Paul saying they had Bro do all the performances because he was more common and casual about it. The problem I had with his style, is that for a guy who's been a pro for a years.. He seemed really nervous about doing the effects and didn't really have much of a personality.

    Oh and the best performance for Re swindled was Calebs.
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    Again, different strokes for different folks. For me, Bro was the highlight of the set. I found his style personal and relaxed, not nervous, and he has an appealing, non-aggressive, low-key manner as well as a lot of natural charisma. My girlfriend doesn't like magic and she occasional walks in on a magic DVD. She saw a couple of Bro's presentations and went on about how much she preferred him to other people.

    I think the whole reason this set came out is because Paul found someone who was both willing to finish producing the set but who also embodied that kind of off-the-cuff style he has gravitated towards in recent years.
  11. yeah - Bar bet sucks - I was trying to be nicer - to avoid heat, as I am getting flack for my honesty. It is knacky and illogical - 7.5 was being generous.
  12. I wouldn't say it sucks, I would say that it doesn't have a logical reason for being. All you do is have them vanish a card to their pocket or whatever.

    When I heard about the effect, I originally though it was something else. Also for LVL2 I don't like the idea of doing the hand gesture of putting a "card" in their back pocket. It seems too corny and some people might have the urge to check each time you do it. A better idea would be to do the Through the Fist move. That way it looks less corny and also removes the urge of them feeling like they have to check a few times.
  13. DISC 6

    Smoking i

    In the right place, the right time – this would be a real stunner – as long as you are someplace you can light matches without breaking the law or setting off any alarms this effect is strong. Again, it is not a worker effect, but a very good piece of magic. 8/10


    A card warp style effect – without the cover card. I liked this effect - anything that Weber touches, I want to get my hands on (except his junk). I remember saying to him – you are my favourite magician – his response – “don’t worry, you will get over it”. Nice.
    Anyhow, I think the effect is interesting and a serious fooler; the principal is a good one. Although, I can’t use it in a restaurant, so it may be a great carry around to do when on the spot, but for guys that have women in their life – they may have to rethink the excuse to destroy the evidence. 8/10

    Ripped and Fryed

    A beautiful effect – it looks great – has room for many presentational angles. It looks like magic – I only wish it has a few more phases – regardless, as a standalone piece – it is nearly perfect. 9/10


    This will kill and reminds me of an old key card effect where at the end it was THERE number, but this is very cool. I think PH was wrong about one thing – this could be a great part of an effect where you bet a random number, using cards, will be called and the person that picks up will name their card, or whatever. This is a winner – 10/10

    Immaculate Connection - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation

    In Paul’s hand’s this is a very sick effect – if you can do it as well, you will have mastered a nice effect full of eye candy. The next best thing to actually linking the cards.

    Blaine Interview #2

    Always interesting to hear Blaine talk about how he started a new wave of magic – I would love to hear him talk about if that influence is positive for magic, when it comes to mimics.

    Orange - Taught by Joan Dukore

    What a waste of time – it looks neat, but if you do this and your magic sucks – I wouldn’t wonder why – TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS!!

    Jachques Olet and Kylie Layton Interview

    Wow, PH has stalkers – nice – an interesting story about two people that want to live in a world of acid trips. At the end of their rainbow is not a pot of gold – just pot. However, an interesting story none the less – very cool.

    Ammar Interview #1

    Out of all the GREAT and AMAZING thoughts from this man – I am surprised they chose this clip – perhaps, it is my wish they went deeper on the subject.

    We are 66.6666666 oh wait, I made that joke on Disc 3, well – we are 6/9ths done and this disc is one of the better ones. This disc had less magic on it then most, as the Easter Eggs didn’t contain much, but the magic on it was pretty strong. I found one worker, and a few other situational killers.
  14. This looks more like arts and craft thing than a magic thing. Because I originally thought he was going to teach the extremely classic effect of turning an apple into an orange.
  15. im supposed to get my tax return within the next couple of days and then im getting this set over nighted to my house.i cant wait.
    and im loving this review.

    morgician, you have great views. im enjoying your criticism. keep it up.
    i cant wait for the disc 7 review.

  16. Disc 7 - enjoy

    Water Trap

    This one is a coin toss – no pun intended. It has the same inherent problem much coin magic has -Why? Why would a coin vanish and appear in the lining of matches? Outside of the rationale that seems to not matter in coin work, this is a stunning effect. I don’t see it as a restaurant worker, because of the set up, but since that can be done quickly or before hand, I am more concerned with the flames. Although, I wish it were a worker, it is a very clever and stunning appearance of the coin IN a matchbook, literally, INSIDE the cover. A few other things that bothered me – I found the vanish to be a bit over handled, for a lack of better words. I don’t necessarily think that the use of two gimmicks, with one leaving you dirty (and Bro’s out of making the gimmick the effect is like saying, “If you get caught doing invisible deck, just say you magically shuffled them face up and face down” – weak) is a great way to do this effect. I would like to see a better way to vanish the coin. There is no reason to bring extra coins into the effect, and no reason is given for the dime to do this – and not another coin. I think the method of getting the coin to be inside the matchbook cover is brilliant – I think the vanish lacks, as well as the rationale for both the vanish and the effect. 7.5/10

    Dunn’s Deal

    This is a good effect, certainly a worker if you wanted it to be. If you like this, check out “Not Impressive” by Lee Asher – as I think it is stronger and allows for perfection. On that note, I think that was the only part of the effect I wasn’t happy with – sure it is hands off, just about – but adding into the presentation that the cards didn’t separate because of “negative thoughts” seems like a bunch of smoke up the butt – only red necks or hippies would by this...oddly, look who Bro does this for – Red necks and hippies. Seriously though, the same presentation that covers this part...seems to be dismissed if they get it perfect. This is like having someone imagine they cut to a card and number...then they cut short – you deal a few more, and the card is at that number – it doesn’t match your presentation. That aside – and it is a big putting aside – I think this effect has some great strengths. I will continue to do versions that allow the same concept, but always end the same way – a perfect separation. 8/10

    Invisible Palm Aces

    I have been using this as a worker for years – there are some nice handling touches, that I have used – the new bit of doing that back palm, not sure how I feel about that. However, doing the first card on the off-beat, I do like that. This is a great effect, although, I prefer to use 4 identifiable cards, the aces, rather than four random cards. I also want to say – it looks like the explanation was filmed at SSS – cool – anyhow, I have seen many versions of this, but this is a decent one. If I hadn’t been doing it for 10 years, it would have been a winner. 9.5/10 (I would have given it perfect if he used Bikes, haha)

    Truly Screwed

    I own the original Screwed Deck gimmick, I don’t use it – only because I had one awhile back, and ruined the gimmick brining it in and out of my pocket. This is a pretty visual effect, and the convincer of the spread makes it look like the deck IS half face up and half face down. I have had issues in the past ripping the cards from doing the twist too tight, haha, so be careful. That being said, this is a decent effect. I think that it is asking the audience to stretch pretty far, with little proof, but I personally have always had trouble with “printed deck” type effects – where you show the cards all black, or all double backers, etc – I think of these as novelty effects, and they don’t fit in my sets. However, I really like this one – and WISH it was great, but we may settle for good or pretty neat. 8/10

    Easter Eggs:

    Eric Mead Interview #3

    I see these bits of business as the most valuable things on the DVD’s – Eric speaks my approach on transitioning between effects – he calls it a skill, I wonder what he would think if he knew that I scripted that approach from people’s common preconceived notions...I have said too much. Gift.

    Flap Jacks - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation
    A neat stunt.

    Zen and the Art of Boomerang - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation
    A neat stunt. Deja Vu...Deja, yeah, overused. Check out Gregory Wilson’s Boomerang Cards from Card Stunts, if you like this, but want it to be even better.

    Mac King Interview


    No new winners for me – but if you don’t do Invisible Palm, you will now, and Totally Screwed may work for you. The Mead and King interview were the best thing on this Disc – also, if you don’t do a better version of Out of this World, Dunn’s Deal may be a good one for you. Also, dismissing the lack of rationale in Water Trap – a very cool effect and principle with a match book. So really, not a bad disc, actually, a pretty good disc, just not a gold medal winner for me personally, although, perhaps a silver. No workers, I don’t already do, on this disc either.
  17. where can i find this, i love lee ashers work
  18. Its in a booklet of his called "Hand Jobs". I think you can still get it.
  19. Disc 8

    Belly Button

    Well...first, I didn’t get any buttons with my set – so maybe this trick is the Ultimate Ripoff – anyhow, it won’t be hard to buy buttons and set this one up. It is an interesting effect, and if done with tact, could have a lasting impression on people. The one thing I was disappointed in. From watching the performance, I thought it was attached to the outside, and then became attached to the inside – not just loose in their clothes. However, even with this small difference in effect, the strength of this effect is that it happens in their personal space. It can also become it’s weakness, very fast, in the wrong hands. Not a worker, but a good effect to carry around with you, if it matches your style. 8/10


    This has some strong moments in it, and the concept of using the odd card to force during a face up and face down spread is clever – however, I am not sure the structure of the routine is stronger. The order is – matching prediction, the cards all turning face down, and then revelation of a different colour back. The presentation makes the colour change a switch, rather than a change, and the order doesn’t seem to build from weak to strong. It was more strong, weak, strong (not that the triumph phase is weak, just weaker to the other revelations). Anyhow, I think that there are other versions, including the original that are much stronger than this. Gregory Wilson’s use, to introduce two decks, from Card Stunts, is awesome as well. I won’t name my favourite, but there are gems. That being said – the clever use of the Marlo tilt will get you thinking, and this method shouldn’t be dismissed. It is not going to replace my colour changing deck, but if I didn’t have a better one, I may consider this one. 8/10

    Muscle Bend

    I really didn’t like this. I always hated the concept of bending metal objects. I would love someone to hand you are crowbar, or something of that stature, and say:
    Audience: “BEND THIS THEN – get the dents out of my car”
    Magician: “Oh, my powers only work on objects that can be bend with human strength”!?

    Truly, this effects takes the magic of the coin bend out of the audiences hands, and puts it in your elbow pit (for a lack of term) – I think this trick IS the elbow pit, perhaps the arm pit of magic. The only cool thing – I learnt I don’t need to spend money on a Superman gimmick by Roy Kueppers, as they teach you a way that ANY...door hin, err...knob will use. 7/10

    Unstable Label

    This is not a worker – it takes much set up – but will be one of those things you can set up, if you have the moment, to leave a lasting piece of magic. Usually, I like stuff like this – but this effect just doesn’t do it for me...I am sure it will kill, I just don’t see it as being part of something I am thinking about enough to make it part of my arsenal...arse, haha. 7/10

    Easter Eggs – and it is about time this word made sense to that particular time of year

    Ultimate Ripoff - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation

    I never liked this version – people will always ask you to put the last piece on – if you can claim that you can put ¾ together, why not 100% of it – for a single card torn and restored, it is good – but I would rather not do it, then leave my audience unfulfilled by not restoring it completely. If you claim you can do something, you should be able to do it fully. 5/10

    Flash Fold - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation

    I really like the Michael Close version of this effect – he has really motivated all the moments that occur and made it more magical, and interactive. Close presents it in a way that allows the audience to be the magician, and put thing in their hands to create perceived success. This is a great effect, but I urge you to watch Close do it, and what he adds.
    Click on SOS (Son of Stunner). This will bring you to the Performance/Explanation/Phootnote page. Put the cursor on "Performance" then click the right arrow on your DVD remote. This will highlight a purple-tinted mushroom in the picture of the girl. Click it and watch and enjoy PH's Flash Fold. 9/10

    Paper Propeller - John Bodine Performance and Explanation
    At first I thought – Wheeee...a friggin propeller piece of paper – only stoners will like this..I know, because I started to think it was neat. Not gonna lie, I can see myself playing with this in a group setting. Not magic, but a magical experience.

    Ammar Interview #2
    Not one of his better interviews, as Ammar is a wealth of knowledge, but a good lesson in appreciating what we have in magic and life. Actually, I hear kids sometimes on this site, talk about how hard it is for them to get playing cards – and I look over at my stack and collection totalling 500 or more, and realize how lucky I am. Perhaps a mail out for those in need is in order.

    PH Reel Magic Interview
    This was a great interview – it really sums up why PH’s stuff is full of non-working material. He really believes in the organic situation of magic, rather than the magician as a performance worker. The discussion on mastery vs. astonishment is a good one – but I wish that we could discuss astonishment WITH mastery. I agreed with some of what PH said, and disagreed with the rest, no in-between, however, great thoughts for us to mull over. I would love to see some threads on the topics in this interview.


    Well, ONE DVD left – and the journey is over – I didn’t find anything for me on this DVD either, but the PH interview put things in perspective. Most of this magic is for people that want to do magic for others to give them a gift, not make a living. I had a feeling, but oddly, there is usually a few workers in Paul’s work – and that is exactly what I found – a few workers. If I were new to magic, this DVD set would be worthwhile, not only would I get all this magic to show friends, but a few pieces that would go into my working material as I grew as a magician. There are many chances to learn in-depth theory, sleights and understand the impact of magic.
    Going into the last disc, I am not unhappy, but I am not sure this was my best investment in magic, FOR ME – but I can see how it would be to a youth.

    That being said – I have one more disc to watch – then I might put this up for sale at a good price, not because I hate it – but because I think a younger magician might get more out of it than I will in the long run.
  20. The fact that you didn't get the buttons with your set is strange. I got them with mine. Even though I got them, I wouldn't use them because they look suspicious. They are black with a white question mark on them. Pretty strange. Also, I also am not a 100% complete fan of this effect. I don't think I'd do it.

    I'm a big fan of SOS. :)

    As for the Muscle Bend, I originally thought I was going to LOVE it. Unfortunately, when performing, I could never quite make it work for me. For a while I was in denial that I couldn't get it to work well for me and my performance style. I tried this one a lot and kept altering my presentation. Sadly.... I had to give up on this one. :(

    Stoners will like the Paper Propeller as will probably everyone else who tries this. Stoners commonly have the required item on them as well.:p I have yet to try this because I don't have any rolling papers, but I wanna give this a go.

    As for your comment about the Ammar interview, I've gotta say I disagree. I was a HUGE fan of this interview. I wish everyone could watch this. I see sometimes people say on this site that they refuse to use Bicycle cards because "the quality is not good enough for them". While most magicians use Bicycle cards, people elsewhere may not be lucky enough to get the chance. (It also shows lack of skill when you find Bicycle cards unusable. That's not the point of this post though.) Everyone knows we are lucky to have what we have. Despite this, not enough people REALLY know how lucky we are. I think this story helps people really realize what they have. Many people on here are willing to spend $150 on a pack of Jerry's Nuggets, a very rare deck that is known for possibly being the best out there. Well when someone cried after getting a single pack of Bikes, maybe some people will re-think themselves. For me, this interview was wonderful. Well.... Agree to disagree. ;) (Please note: I'm not saying that people shouldn't get Jerry's if they want them. They are collectibles and I don't doubt they are great cards! I'm just saying what we have versus what other people have.)


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