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  1. It certainly is. The reason Morgician hasn't put them in his routine is because he's a Table hopper and a lot of the effects need a bit more time than Table hopping would require.

    I didn't really like the Big Tiny because once you've performed, the deck is pretty much toast. I've done Twilight Angels and Backlash 2 and both have actually pretty much gotten really good reactions.

    With Twilight Angels you CAN use the clean handling they teach. But personally I prefer to use the one with the force that is taught. It makes it look more natural and a bit better. Plus they don't chase you, because it's such an out in left field card trick. My problem is that the set only came with TWO of the things required for it.
  2. Yes.

    It actually came with 4. 2 are blue and 2 are red. Is it annoying? Yup. Despite that, my real problem with Twilight Angels is THE PRICE FOR REFILLS! $10.00 for 10 gaffs? Wow. That really disappoints me. I'll buy some refills, but seriously.... Most other gaffs are so much cheaper. The price for these are ripoffs. Oh well, no point in complaining. I'll buy them, but I won't perform the effect as much as I would like to. For this effect, $10.00 for 10 gaffs is worth it. (My opinion anyway.)

    Big Tiny is good if your deck is done. If your ready to open your next pack and ditch the one you are using, this is great. Big Tiny is not something you will use in every performance.

  3. I was hoping that the set would come with more than just two for each color tho. I've already gave one away and those gimmicks are pretty hard to find. I also have to buy another deck for Son of Stunner.
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    I will answer that when I am done them all - but just from the outside looking in, think of it this way.

    You could spent 300 bucks on 9 DVD's, not get a nice wooden box for them and free gimmicks for each set - and NOT have as much fun with the magic on these discs.

    Is it worth it - yes - is it worth it as a worker - again, I will let you know at the end. Randy pretty much said what I was thinking.

    On that note - guys - not doing Big Tiny because it "wastes" a deck, is a horrible reason. I don't think the strength of the effect is worth wasting a deck, but I haven't done it yet - again, need motivation...but I might do it and see if it speaks for itself.

    Also - and to put this topic to rest - A DOLLAR FOR A ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOMENT is a very good investment. You won't do Twilight Angels for everyone - you will do it for the occasional extra. Yeah, a dollar is a bit much - but you will spend 50 bucks on a DVD with a gimmick coin or with card effects on it - you have to do ONE trick 50 times to get the same exposure for the same price. I would rather do Twilight Angels 50 times and have that personal memory given out to build my reputation, than something less personal for the same price.

    Anniverary Waltz cost 25 cents a card (roughly) and it is worth it - Twilight Angels is an encore piece or for that special table...where you think that effect would fit the need. How much is it worth to you to leave a lasting impression. How much is a reputation maker worth?

    I know you guys don't have much $, but consider value.
  5. Thanx again ;)
    I figured that I will just tag along with your reviews, and just fill out the blanks that you left out. Mainly because I used a lot of these effects in performance.
    Oh, and really can't wait for Disc 3, it is one of my favorites...

    True, to it's very bones... (I really suck at these expressions lol).
    Is it worth it? It really is... I have yet to hear someone who bought it and didn't like it. I won't say much now, I will wait for Morgicians final thoughts and just add mine at the end...

    About Twilight Angels gaff... Well Morgician said it all, I really think that 1$ a gaff is not that much... Specially if you do it only in special occasions...
  6. Just a side note - I did BackLash 3 times today for randoms that asked, "Why do you have a deck in your hand".

    Anyhow - 2 of them FREAKED, the last one said, "I bet you just made me sign the back of another card"! My worry comes to life - the method is too obvious - too perfect theory in effect. If I saw my card in the middle of the deck...and then the card in your pocket has another signature on it - reason has it - TWO CARDS WERE SIGNED and they never saw the back of the card with your signature on it.


    In short, it is not off my list - if 33% of people can solve the effect, it doesn't meet my standards. Also, I did Big Tiny - for one group - they were more impressed a few moments later when I faro'd them back to one large, Unshuffled effect. So far, the material hasn't done so well in my world.
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    Well, it's 33% out of three people. If you perform it successfully another 97 times, it would be just 1% :) (I had to get that out of my system)...

    On a more serious note. You are right, it is too perfect and a bit easy to figure out, if they are paying attention. But, if we could just, somehow, show them this trick while they are sleeping, it would KILLED... (I have a lot of these in my system...).

    You know when you get this feeling, when you just know that one little thing in the presentation or the effect itself, would just change the whole thing. I think it is a good effect, and I propose to everyone, to come up with an idea of how to solve this "problem" aka. make this trick little less obvious...

    You can post solutions on this thread, and I will post mine as soon as I come up with one.
  8. Backlash is one of those effect's that you can't show as just one effect, you have to have a more shocking piece of magic before it, to warm the spectator up in my mind.
  9. Disc 3 review!!!

    Cassanova Inc.

    This is a sick transposition of two drawing on the back of your business card. I figured it out a few seconds after the performance, but it duped me BAD. It would have totally fooled me, if it weren’t for the “card mixing” to hand the cards out – I think a decent presentation can be hooked to it as well – this could be a nice effect to give your card out. Not that it is my mandate, but it could incidentally romance a few women if approached the right way. Some of the moments of the effect seemed unnatural, like the mixing of the two drawings, but the transpo and convincers are sick. I will replace the mixing with an in the hand turn over move, like used in a in the hands monte routine, and I think I have found one of my first sure fire winners. 8.5/10

    Halfmoon Trading Co.

    This effect is pretty cool – a selected card vanishes from the deck and appears in the card box, as a kicker the imaginary name they wrote on the back of the deck is written on the boxed card. I could see myself doing this. I am not sure how I feel about the motivation to show the card the way you have to, but it is a pretty powerful effect, if all goes smooth. 8.5/10

    Halfmoon Voodoo

    A strong effect, I think a better method could be used – again, the issue – pulling the box away after the selection looks like an unnatural way to get rid of the box – why was the box even picked up? I think the effect was strong, but the method is weak. Having the cards examined at the start is not worth the fishy add – when the card can be easily concealed in the deck and the cards shown somewhat fairly. 8/10

    Pack of Lies

    A vanishing deck, from someone’s pocket – at first, I thought – that is a neat idea. However, I am not sure how you would fit it into an act – as the “set up” would have to be done on approach. Also, I feel you have to prove the deck is there, before you can prove it vanished and appeared elsewhere. I am starting to feel that many of these effects ignore the too perfect theory. Just because people freak out, doesn’t mean that the effect is successful, if you are measuring long term success.
    Actually, I originally thought this was great just watching it – and if I wrote this up right away, may have said – awesome – but once I thought about the logistics of actually doing it, i realized some of the weaknesses. 6.5/10


    This is a good effect – it answers some of the issues that Solid Deception has – like, how do you switch in the deck, or give the illusion that a few cover cards are an entire deck (although that does work) – anyhow, not sure if I would use a girl’s name and phone number as the “signed card”, I would prefer to do pre-writing of the audience member, then asked them their name and write it on the spot – or have something on there more meaningful...if you use the magnet concept – you could easily draw a magnet on the back of a card every time. I also don’t like the switch used in the packets – I thought of using a top cover pass to switch top and bottom blocks. I think with some minor handling changes, this one is a great worker. 9/10

    Looy's N.I.T.E. Story

    Hilarious – I have been part of similar experiences. It is so funny what you can make people do in the name of a card trick.

    Overkill - Paul Harris Performance and Explanation

    This old effect reminds me where magic has gone – again – this violates the too-perfect theory. If a card is selected in an odd way, it is then shown you have predicted it – they only way that could be done is if you knew the outcome. A buddy of mine, and talented magician, Shane Campbell once said, “finding the card should be more impressive than the fact you knew it” – so this is where “Insurance Policy” fails, but effects where you chosen card appears (magic happens) to reveal it find success. Overkill is just that – overkill – the effect displays the problem with not layering your magic with barriers, but instead displaying the method. I find this true when magicians continuously force a are just displaying a force – so you get a reaction – but there is no magic. This is one of the FIRST rules in learning magic – don’t display a sleight or singular method, especially by squeezing every last bit of juice (known knowledge) out of it. This topic can be a thread on itself.

    Eric Mead Interview #1

    Again, started off a waste – but what Eric says about new effects replacing old ones – that the new effect must be better – this is how I feel with Unshuffled and Big Tiny – too close in effect, and Unshuffled is by far the better.

    Classic Napkin Rose - Taught by Chris Randall

    Nice – I finally know how to make these – nice to have a cool give away that is easy to make.

    Card Mucking 1 - Jason England Performance and Explanation

    I have met Jason England a few times – his card work is amazing – this clip shows that he is one crazy mucker.

    Well, I have officially watched 33.33333333, and so on, percent of the TA videos – I agree with Toby, so far this disc has offered some of the better magic on the DVD’s – that being said, I know I will use Solid & Cassanova Inc with some minor handling/presentational changes. Awesome – my first two effects that I feel only took to disc 3 to find TWO sure winners.

    So to catch us up...
    I re-fell in love with Twilight Angles, am considering using LVL$ - and found winners Cassanova and Solid – I may revisit a different handling of the Voodoo Card – (Outside of Hollignsworth, check out Nate Kranzo’s).
    So far, so good – look forward to more on disc four...yep, I rhymed that on purpose. Enjoy the weekend!
  10. My problem with Backlash 2 is that it turns into your name, and thus even if they are amazed that their name changed. They can usually work out how it turned into your name. Not that it's a bad effect.

    Twilight Angels is actually something that is really powerful because if you do the move that is taught. It looks like a free choice and that you didn't set anything up. Thus making it more impossible looking.

    Pack of lies is more of a close up or stage effect. I can't really see somebody doing this for a walk around gig.
  11. What I wished they discussed is various methods to get into that position - you would have to walk up to a group or on stage with it in position - thus, nobody gets to examine the deck, making it easy to dismiss that what was there, didn't reallyi vanish - at least when thinking long term.

    Yep - I used the word "thus"
  12. Yeah that's true. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. I've just about finished with Disc 2.

    I have skimmed through most of the stuff on the set. I did like Dunns Deal and a few other effects. Las Vegas Leaper 2 looked good as well. Tho It seems like more of something you would do for friends and not for clients.

    The other thing for Backlash 2 is that there really doesn't seem to be a reason for them to sign both sides. I mean if they sign the face it usually makes sense, because you can go into whatever presentation you want for the Ambitious card. Just that signing the back of it as well seems a bit out of place.
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    Hey guys, it's time :)

    1. Cassanova Inc. : A really great effect, that steers away form a deck of cards. You can present it in a lot of different way's; like an "ambitious girl", or the one that I will use "the little girl from the movie "the Ring" that can go trough anything"... And the joke about Bro's nephew is priceless :D
    Or, you can romance a few lady's, like Morgician said...
    *ruins bunch of business cards*

    2. Halfmoon Trading Co. : A lesser of two Halfmoon effects, at least in my opinion.
    But it is a good effect, and can play BIG in the game of "imagination", just like Bro did it. You have to show the card in the weird manner, specially because it is one card, but I think that the end result will push that awkward moment into the Realm Of Forgotten.
    *ruins one playing card*

    3. Halfmoon Voodoo: One of my favorite tricks in the whole set. When I saw this trick from the first time, I was amused. But when I figured out the presentation I am going to use, and the actual impossibility of the things that are happening during and effect, I just couldn't wipe the smile of my face (I am actually smiling right now).
    Again, you have to show the card in the unusual way, but it is more "natural" because you are holding half the deck, and not just one card. You can use "Siamese twins" or "Spooky Twilight Voodoo" presentation. This effect is really FUN.
    *ruins two playing cards*

    4. Pack of Lies: Ummmm... Great effect, but you have to be really brave and bold (you can even shave your head), and have great audience management, etc. because this effect is really risky. And yes, the biggest problem is the setup. You can do it on approach, or you can do a invisible switch under the table if you are sitting, and go "hey, why don't you stand up, so I can show you guys something". But, I think this effect can get you great reactions, if you just act casual as possible.
    *it doesn't ruin any cards*

    5. Solid: I am really at a weird place about this effect. It looks great when someone else performs it, but I guess I have to get more familiar with it. The effect is simple to follow: One moment half the deck is normal, you rub the cards for static electricity and then that half of the deck is stuck, and than again with a little rub, it is normal again". And, I agree with Morgician about writing some girls name and phone number on the card... Maybe Bro did it in order for the girl to whom you are showing the trick, to write her name and phone number... But yes, you can write anything, and I think "the funnier, the better".

    @Morgician and Randy: You guys are absolutely right about everything you said... BUT, I think that you are viewing these effects way to much from a magicians POV. Specially with Halfmoon principle. By the time those effects are done, and because of the impossibility during those effects, spectators will not remember the first part when you showed them the card, even more if you showed it as casual as possible. Same goes with the "Pack of lies" about setup, and "Solid" about switching the half's.
    If you are trying to find the better method that will replace these that are given, than great, even better. Make sure to drop me a PM so we can discuss that also ;) But I think that methods that we already have are good enough to fly by the spectators.
  14. Hey Toby,

    POW? Position Of Wonder? POV, right? Am I looking at it from a magician's POV? No.

    I find I am really good at pretending I don't know how it is done, and asking myself, "If I knew NOTHING about magic - how would I think this was done?" I usually end up strengthening my magic this way.

    The phrase, "it will fly by people" is not where my magic is at, nor do where I want it to head. My goal is to fool 100% of the people I show magic to. When I do my work, I want people to think and think and never suspect anything. I aim for the most difficult guy to fool, you know that guy...sits in the back of the crowd...arms folded, he never laughs or blinks - he just thinks. If you get this guy - you get the rest for free (as Jami Ian Swiss says). My magic is built around this guy - and I think awkwards moments send up subliminal alarms - the kind that people don't express - but they realize it in their mind that you needed to do that "thing" to make your "trick" work.

    I think the methods will work...but not for all, they are not the kind of natural and logical handlings required to fool ALL the people. Good magic looks like nothing - not a series of moves that I don't understand. REMEMBER - I look at magic like I don't know moves, as this is how they see it - and whenever I see anything unnatural that makes me go - WHY DID HE DO THAT? I realize this is a moment of weakness, and ask if it relates to method - if it does - I may have to change/ditch it.

    Wow, that was a powerful paragraph - that advice was too good to post - God, I am brilliant!!

    Seriously, the magic on the first three DVD's is good - it is just not good enough for me. We all have standards - some people like hamburger...some like steak - both are tasty - but one is the better meat. Hell, at least one of us isn't into BOLOGNE - haha - there is a joke there too.

    Thanks Toby - good review.
  15. Well the thing is that a lot of that stuff IS good. Otherwise Paul wouldn't have spent 5 years on the project and released it. I just think that some of the effects are mainly things that you would do for friends or for other non walk around gigs, due to the fact they take set up here and there. I doubt any Walk around magicians want to go to the bathroom every 5 min to reset or set something up. It would just look silly and kind of dumb.
  16. If what you said is true - then I think that is pretty expensive a set to not doing for a paying audience. Truthfully, my level of magic doesn't change in relation to my audience - unless, I don't want to do my paid work for people for free - I do the exact same strength of magic with the exact same standards.

    Paul did spend a long time making this project - but do you think it was because it was good, or there was money to be made? I think PH's stuff is good, and I am not trashing on it - but I am not sure if I want to spend 400 bucks to do magic for, good magic shouldn't need a 5 min bathroom set up.
  17. Well it's either that. I mean PH's latest actual thing he released was Art of Astonishment which came out in the early to mid 90's. I don't think he really NEEDED the money. The man does do work for people like David Blaine and Criss Angel.. So he probably gets a pretty good amount of cash from both of them.

    There is a lot of good stuff in it tho. Like Angel Cake which is pretty much a bill switch without the Thumb tip and in the end they spectator gets to keep the bill that you changed to a higher one.

    I do think it has a lot of hit and misses. But that's kind of OK. I mean nobodies perfect. The other thing could be that Bro's presentation is a bit lacking on everything and he seems a bit nervous for a guy who has been doing professional magic for a few years in Vegas.
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    I love that your doing this in this way so thanks Morigician and Toby thanks for adding you takes also.

    I originally held off getting this not because I didnt think the effects would be strong but I was concerned more on how I could add some of them into my routine. I can work with practicality issues but if you have to leave and come back to start off again I'm not wasting my time on it. Great stuff for the family BBQ though.

    Since you've started this review I do see a few gems I like and I'll probably end up getting it anyway but I'm going to wait until your finished as theres a few more effects in future disks I'd like to see commented on.

    Could I make a suggestion if its not to much? Could you add who presented and/or taught each effect for reference?

    Not to jump back to the first disk here but if you are a Wayne Houchin fan he just posted a performance of him doing Twilight Angels on his site and it looks great.

    Thanks again for doing this, it is very awesome of you to do.
  19. I don't think he did that performance at the magic castle. Simply because he and the girl were dressed a bit more casual than the magic Castle would allow. I'm pretty sure it was done at a random bar or restaurant.
  20. Youre right. I dont know why I just automatically thought that. Maybe because he was there last week or something. Anyway I edited, thanks.

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