Tryin to learn the Human Crazy Straw

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  1. I recently attended Harley Newman's "Oddity U" and have learned a lot of great things, such as The Human Blockhead, Straight Jacket escaping, Fire Eating and Spitting. I even successfully swallowed a sword.

    Know I'm trying to expand and try different things, The Human Crazy Straw being one of them. According to Harley, if I know how to do Human Blockhead and sword swallowing, which I do, than it should be pretty easy. He explained the act like this:

    "tube goes in nose, and out mouth. The nose end goes back to mouth for sipping. The mouth end goes to the glass."

    He also suggested that I use Vinyl tubing for the act.

    Is all this information correct? I really hope it's not hard to do because I really want to try it tonight.
  2. Human crazy straw is something I've been working on for a while, I've had nasogastric tubes stolen from my partner who's a nurse haha

    I found it easiest for me to do it with a modeling balloon, I'm still working on getting over the gag at the throat to get it back out the mouth though.
  3. I mean it sounds right. It's basically that old spaghetti gag where you sick a noodle up your nose.

    This kind of thing could get really dangerous though. I'd make sure that you keep in contact with your teacher and all for more details if you are unsure about anything.

    If your unsure, then don't do it. Write to someone like Brian Brushwood (who has performed this before) or a sword swallower like Ryan Stock.
  4. You know, I didn't know if it was true, but I *knew* he must've done it.

    Though I have no experience with the Human Crazy Straw. I second emailing him if you have questions about stuff hes done, he's normally super helpful and points you in the right direction.
  5. I think he legit holds the record for the longest ever human crazy straw.
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  6. He actually allows people to call him. I tried calling him, but didn't get an answer, so I left a message. O even tried emailing him, but he never replied.

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