UltraViolet Deck Feedback

Apr 25, 2012
Hello All,

The UltraViolet deck is looking for feedback from the cardistry community. We have supplied a photo of this new project. Like it? Hate it? Let us know, we appreciate all input.


Mar 16, 2012
I don't care much for the enormous borders, it would be nice if they were a little thinner. Also, you should add a little more detail to the back design. It looks a little boring, the AoS is cool though.

Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
I like the big color blocks, it reminds me of Jerry's Nuggets or Wynns. The back design looks a bit out of focus though so I'd want to see what it really looks like. I'm curious as to what makes this deck better than any other?


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Sep 10, 2011
I like the design, and I believe you're on the right track. Like mentioned before, borders need to be thinner. The AoS has a great design but is too cluttered with words and the lines. With a deck like this I think it would be more appealing if it was just the spade and the pips and indexes. I'd move the indexes more into the corners as well. As for the back could you post a clearer picture. The little triangles and lines in the corners of the back design. I would probably remove those. I have to say that this deck has a great great design. Good job! :)


Jul 5, 2009
Longview, Texas
I actually really like them. The only thing that bothers me is how large the indices are. That's why I never use jumbo faced Bikes. Other than that, I really like them.
Can I be honest with you? Please don't take this a bad way. My immediate reply after seeing the picture was:

"What? Another new custom deck?"

I have to hand Ellusionist credit. They managed to do to playing cards what Pokemon did to baseball cards. They created this fad within our industry where magicians are willing to pay top dollar for 52 pieces of paper with fancy or unusual designs on the backs.

Honestly six years ago I would have lambasted anyone for using a custom deck or supporting this movement, but I've recently come to realize that cards are just tools of our trade. As such certain decks in the hands of certain people with defined characters begin to complement the overall image, and complete the experience. So I've retracted a lot of my negative comments in favor of a more individually based critique. There certainly is good enough reason to use custom decks so long as you can find the right one that works for you.

I digress. Since I don't really think you can do anything more to the cards to make them perform better than anything else out there, and since Vipers and Tally's are pretty much agreed to be top of the line as for decks being concerned, it comes down to a matter of personal choice. They look pretty. Not a deck I personally would use, but the Ace has an unusual font, and the card faces have an unusual pip arrangement. This does make them stand out from most of the other custom work out there.

All the best to you with these! I hope you sell lots of them.
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Feb 7, 2011
I think the same thing as Draven when i see these custom deck threads. Maybe it's because im not a card collector. I do have a number of custom decks that i like lying around, but not what you'd call a collection. I dislike these threads popping up mainly because in my opinion most of the designs flaunted are awful and tacky.

However i was pleasantly surprised by this one. I dont know if i'll buy any, probably not, as any of the kickstarter deck makers Ive seen seem to that 10 dollars is an appropriate price for their artwork on bicycle cards, but this thread is you asking for opinions on the design. And i think it's very nice, nicer than 99% of the new wave of custom cards.
Thank you guys so much for your feedback. We realize the market is a bit saturated right now but once we had the idea there was no turning back. Minimalism isnt for everyone but we think it's highly underrepresented in magic and cardistry. Thanks again for your kind words and we hope you consider helping out with our project!

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