Umm... is this a joke?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phenomena, May 25, 2008.

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    Us poor wee New Zealanders already have a crappy exchange rate. Further punishment isn't needed :)
  2. Seriously... I Checked out shipping for a brick of cards in PRIORITY MAIL and guess waht? its 13$ US. So by saying " A LITTTLE BUFFER", you mean 10$? Cmon... stop this...

    p.s I am talking about shipping company that 808cards uses and FullboatDealer (Ebay dude) Uses.
  3. ^ Yeah, it's complete crap if you ask me.
  4. It doesn't, you do.
  5. Respect to the Moderators on this site!!!
    i live in i said at the start of this thread and the shipping costs are horrible!!

    BUT as a business their costumers come first so im sure they are doing what they can to keep us happy but to also break even and maybe make abit of profit aswell (please correct me if im wrong).

    ridiculous shipping costs still didnt stop me buying a brick of guardians though so i can't really complain!Also ive got to say that for the price we're paying for shipping, isn't their any option for tracking the package?

    Last thing......any of your retailers in England??

  6. But they are.

    Seriously, theory11 has nothing on the helmet-cam.
  7. Now I start wondering how much guardians actually cost...
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    A brick of Split Spades costs around $110.

    A brick of Guardians or Centurians costs around $98.

    $43 Postage (incl) for both.


    A brick of Black Ghosts costs around $111.

    $34.08 Postage (incl)


    Little Harder, as no Custom. But I will just use Bikes as an example.

    A brick of Bikes costs $43.15

    $11.95 Postage (incl)

    For the $110 Mark, You could buy 40 Bikes, Including Postage (Still of $11.95.)
  9. Sorry, but could you rephrase? I don't really understand what you mean..

  10. The shipping problem is not within this website.
    This is a global problem. We all see the gas prices going up in our neighborhoods.
    About $4.17 a gallon.

    Ridiculous, I know, but you can't expect T11 to fix a shipping that is out of their control. I don't know how Penguin does it, but my guess is that their losing some money.
  11. It just doesnt make sense to me how two companies located in the same state have such a wide spread of shipping fee's.
    One will cost me 25$ for a particular item in shipping
    the other will cost me just under 6$
    thats over 4x the cost FOR THE SAME ITEM, TO THE SAME LOCATION

    Sure gas is more expensive, but it effects everybody equally, not one person 4x more than the other.
  12. just a little tip.

    being in canada, shipping isn't great, but it's not bad either. Still though, I'm just cheap.

    My general purchase strategy is to make bigger orders less frequently, and to see if I can find someone else locally to combine my order with. Shipping costs are usually the same for 1 deck as they are for 12+.

    That, or buy more than you need and sell them to friends.

    Hope this helps some of you.
  13. Hey Dana,

    This bit confuses me a little. And I hope T11 dont take this to heart, as I love you all (Especially Dana.)

    'We set our prices off what they charge us'

    So they charge you $10, you charge us $10. Fine.

    You add a little buffer.


    If they charge you, and you work out your prices off of that, what is the need for any buffer?

    It just doesnt make any sense to me.

    Why should there be any extra cost to the consumer for shipping? We already pay the profit margin for the item, why should there then be an extra profit (Almost like double dipping) over shipping costs.


  14. Profit is how a company makes money, plain and simple.
    If a company can charge extra for something, they will.
    Makes total sense to me. I have four companies and wherever I can add an extra quid here and there I will, it's what keeps my bank balance looking rosy.

    Is any of this us...the poor consumer?
    Of course it is. It's called a Free Market.

    I'd love to never have to pay shipping for anything (and I buy almost exclusively from the Net, and have done for years) but that ain't gonna' happen anytime soon.

    Such is life.

  15. I understand profit..

    I just dont understand why profit should be gained upon shipping (Which would basically mean that international buyers are are disadvantaged)
  16. Hey Guys,

    I thought I would shed some light on this as well. theory11 is a business, and as such, depends on sale of our products to continue to grow and improve.

    Regarding shipping - packages do not magically appear in the hands of the US Postal Service, although we sometimes wish they did. It takes hard work on the part of our full-time warehouse crew to make sure orders are prepared, packed, and shipped within 12 business hours, every day.

    Our goal in shipping is to be the fastest and most accurate out there - all the while making sure that theory11 support rocks your world. It takes a great team to do all of this well, and it's our goal to make everyone happy - all the while keeping prices as low as possible.

    Ya'll are awesome.

    Katie E.
  17. In that case, you have a long while yet before you reach your goals.

    I ordered from Penguin, E and theory11 all on the same day, all within the same hour. Theory11 had the most expensive shipping out of the three, with E second to them and Penguin with the cheapest. Now, usually, the more expensive things are better so each day I asked my parents if a package from theory11 had turned up, assuming that I'd get theirs first. One day, my dad answered "No, but you got something from Penguin Magic.." The same happened a few days later with E. Then, a whole two weeks after that, I get a package I almost forgot about: Theory11's. So, long story short, theory11's shipping is the slowest.

    I have nothing bad to say about the support team, they rule.

    The other thing is, going by the responses in this thread, you're not making everyone happy and you don't seem to be doing much to try and help that issue. The term "goal" is used rather loosely in this instance, because a goal is something you try and work towards - you don't try and sugarcoat the issue with all this "Theory11 loves you.. *insert random joke here*" stuff. I mean, I love Theory11's humour, but money isn't a joke and therefore there needs to be some serious talk for once.
  18. A few things about shipping.

    The reason the shipping here is higher than anywhere else is because as its become obvious through other remarks in this thread, T11 does not do thier own shipping. They have contracted an outside warehouse to handle all those duties.

    When T11 gets the bill, its not JUST for shipping. Im sure they charge T11 for storage, packing, ect as well, thus the ridiculously inflated prices.

    Personally I dont care. I make good money off of T11s high shipping. People all over the world buy cards from me.

    Just a small example. To order a brick of Lions here and ship to the UK via Priority Mail would set you back around $115-$120. I could do the same for AT LEAST $25 less, and still make a profit, if I wanted to sell those decks.

    Stop complaining about the shipping and just buy somewhere else. Check ebay. I know most of the big ebay retailers personally, and I know none of them charge more than $13 to ship up to 14 decks WORLDWIDE. Except a few, like Italy, Turkey, and Greece. (for some reason customs only lets in Express packages)
  19. Blink:

    I love you back. In the non-creepy way.

    To answer your question, we add a buffer because it's not as simple of a system as just paying the exact amount they (USPS) charge us for your package. Sure it only costs exactly say, $5 to ship your package, but there are other fees associated with it that we have to cover. All of the manpower, stocking, etc. costs money as well and we have to factor that in. That's all.


    I'm not quite sure what you mean, as I just checked our system and a brick of Lions to the UK would be approximately $25 through First Class Mail International, and $35 through Priority Mail International. Simply put, it's expensive to ship playing cards internationally, as they are quite heavy (~ 4 ounces a piece).


    Sorry your shipping took a while. That's no good. I always hate it when that happens to me.

    You should know that we don't have any control over how quickly it gets to you, however. All we can do is make sure that every order we receive ships in 12 hours (which we do). After that, we don't have much say in what happens unfortunately.

    You're right, it does suck that your package got there last. I get the feeling that might also be a function of your location though. Both Murphys (which distributes Penguin) and Ellusionist have warehouses based in California. Ours it a little further east than that, which may have something to do with your shipping time, perhaps?

    Don't get me wrong, I know shipping sucks. I'm sorry shipping sucks. Shipping sucks for us too. US Postal Service just raised the rates for everyone again on May 12. Don't assume that because we joke around here that we don't take this seriously. I find it unfair of you to assert that we aren't actually actively looking for solutions. Bayme and I were talking about this literally last night. I can assure you that none of us think of this as a joke and I certainly didn't mean to imply that I felt that way in any of my previous comments.

    To conclude:

    1) This issue is on our radar. We are looking at it seriously, but it is a complex problem with many factors that are out of our control.

    2) Please keep sending feedback (positive or negative as long as it's honest).

    3) Wow, that was long. I hope it was helpful in some way or I just gave myself carpal tunnel for no reason.

  20. I think Dana & Katie have said all that can currently be said on this. We very much appreciate all of your feedback >> keep it coming. As the same points and concerns that were brought up at the beginning of this thread are now coming back... and the answers from myself, Dana & Katie are starting to overlap and repeat, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. I think Dana's post above sums everything up pretty nicely. If you feel that this discussion needs to be continued, feel free to start another thread - but before you do, please at least re-read through this one to be certain that your concern or suggestion has not already been addressed.

    Thanks for all the honest input & we'll talk to you guys soon!
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