Uncut Sheet - I need your help.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MitchellStafiej, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. I'm not trying to show this off (well maybe a little). But I need your help. I have no idea which way to hang the sheet in my frame. Please let me know which way you think it would look best!








  2. If I were you I wouldn't hang it in your frame....I'd roll it up and send it to PhilTheMagician.

    Just Kidding...

    I personally would hang it displaying the backs.....they look SO good....
  3. Hah, that's a sweet uncut sheet dude. Congrats on that one, but if I were you...I would definatly frame it and hang it up with the faces of the cards being shown. Now, if you somehow come across another sheet you can either do one of two things.

    - Show the backings of the cards.
    - Send it to me.

    Shane K.
  4. an awsome idea would be
    instead of frames, simply get 2 panes of glass that are the perfect side for the sheet

    moutn some hinges onto your wall, like a door is mounted to hinges
    than mount the glass panes, with the sheet inbetween them, to the hinges
    now you can "open and close" your sheet to see both sides
  5. i would first try to have it signed by all them t11 guys....then i would hang it so the front is showing....more contrast.....

    but what i really want to know is why you have that little Rudolph book right next to your uncut sheet.....
  6. Why not?

    I'm an avid reader of Rudolph stories.

  7. OOOO

    Ok .... i was just wondering why you didnt have that in a frame....that is the limited edition 1992 Collectors Rudolph Stories Volume 2 John Smith version....thats soooo much cooler than an uncut sheet....it deserves it's own vault!
  8. I thought that was oneof the worst prizes, in the contest, but it would be cool.
    I like the backs.
  9. send it to me, i'll hang it for you and store it, and keep security on it.
  10. I'd say just hang the faces. you get to see every card including the back because of the double backer and u just cant help but to stop and stare at the court cards in the middle... or maybe that's just me.
  11. sorry to sound rude,but what is so great about uncut sheets?
  12. Not only are they wicked cool decoration when it comes to framing it and putting it up on your wall, but you also probably don't have much of a chance getting a uncut sheet unless you know somebody that knows somebody...or there was a special promotion going on.

    Thanks what I think at least.

    Shane K.
  13. but what makes it so special,that someone would want one
  14. Numerous card collectors get uncut sheets to add to their collections. It's more of a collection piece, or a gift for somebody who has every deck of cards imaginable.

    It's the same reason as buying a piece of artwork, all your going to do is frame it, brag about it, and stare at it.

    In this case, the Uncut Guardians are a very inexspensive amazing piece of art.

    -Happy Holidays,
  15. Personally, I'd show off the backs, because they look so great.
  16. Yea I would too : ) its better to have 2 uncut sheets because you can show both sides, but thats alot of money, and you need alot of wall space, Silly me!.
  17. I believe that Mitchell auctioned the sheet off.
  18. Heh the are very very cool things to have up on a wall....
    I have two!!

    one black tiger sheet and one ghost sheet.
    I got them as gifts for being a customer since Ellusionist first opened shop.

    I got them a year ago and still haven't put them up, im just waiting for the right place and right time.....

  19. Mitchell, are you the one who is selling your uncut sheet or did you decide to keep it? Good luck either way!

    Shane K.
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    Pshh, I wouldn't hang it at all. . . . . . . . . .

    . . . I'd get my sizzers.
    What's the deal about an uncut sheet of cards?
    "Oh thank you, thank you for this raw material."
    "I will make it into something I could use it for."

    Seems like more work.
    (kidding btw)

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