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  1. cool sounds great but is this something that once i buy will last me a while? You said that there is only one gimmick and it is kind of fragile. That is the only thing i'm a little worried about.
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    Hi- The gimmick isn't that fragile, it's like 1 or 2 playing cards thick.

    And yes, this gimmick could probably last you a lifetime with good care.
  3. Thank you all for your kind words! Thank you KingofSpades for your excellent review! I just wanted to say that this is something that I use all the time. I would not have released this if I didn't love it wholeheartedly. The effects and applications on the DVD are just the tip of the iceberg. There is just so much more waiting to be discovered and so many routines that U.I. can be incorporated in.

    Since I began magic I've always been fascinated with mind reading. Not the kind that bore the audience to death but the powerful, undeniable, inconceivable stuff that shakes peoples reality. Ive searched for so many ways to to make this happen and finally discovered and put together the best, easiest and most direct way to do it.

    I want to thank everyone that has purchased this for their support and I hope you get even half the value from it that I have.


  4. Hi- Thanks for the kind words b. Smith and thank you for releasing such a

    wonderful effect, and would like to see more products from you.
  5. Great Review, I couldn't have said it better myself. Universal Impression is really a great utility prop, I was amazed at the method itself, it's really ingenious.

    Quick question- Would anyone know if PCP was considering selling the gimmick by itself? cause it would be a real shame to dish out another 50 if it was lost or misplaced....just throwing it out there.

  6. Hi- I asked PCP myself, and they said if you go to costumer support, you can

    request to get the gimmick by itself for the effect.
  7. Yes, people who have purchased the DVD can order a back up from PCP. You must already have Universal Impression DVD and contact customer service.

  8. Bob is a bad ass and probably one of the smartest guys out there when it comes to routining. U.I is always my first recommendation for a must have.

  9. Hi- This guy speaks the truth about b.Smith!
  10. First off, great review, covered everything well :)
    U.I. is also now a must by for me, just waiting on the pay-check.
    Andddd... On a sidenote, Papercrane are great, quality products.
  11. I imagine the deck/wallet/notepad cannot be inspected because of the gimmick, is this correct? It may seem like a dumb question but I just imagine someone picking up the notepad in disbelief only to find whatever the gimmick entails.
  12. I just received my Universal Impression last night. After scanning through the DVD and playing around with the supplies, I think this will probably the sexiest thing I own as far as mentalism props are concerned. Bob thoroughly teaches how to modify certain everyday objects so they can easily accomodate the required gimmick(s) for the effect. The props he details will make you feel like James Bond. It's that cool.

    I don't think the actual device is new or breakthrough by any means, but it's nice to know that it's transferrable and reusable. It will last a lifetime. I think that was the best feature of this device when compared to similar marketed props. Bob took some of the most devious technology in the mentalism community and made it extremely versatile. I think that will appeal to many workers.

    On top of that, PaperCrane provides you with everything you need to perform it straight out of the box. In addition to that, they also give you additional supplies to construct a second pen if you so desire. I'm sure others will agree: in professional work-- 2 is 1, and 1 is none. It's nice that they allow you to make a second prop for backup. It's a great, great deal.

    I cannot wait to take this out.

  13. Hi- david52, to answer your question:

    Card Box- You can show the cards and the box without being caught.

    Wallet- I they really think that it is necessary for the spectator to really examine your wallet.

    Notepad- Never had anybody ask to examine the pad, even though they are using and writing on it.

  14. Hi- romeo sierra, and great point and comment.
  15. sorry i got one more question.lol.

    Will this work just as well with a post-it pad?
  16. It's a bit big for a post it pad, well it might fit in one of the big ones - it's about the size of a business card, ish - maybe slightly bigger.

    Buy it - seriously, you'll find somewhere to put it and you will use it alot. I've had a few different imp. pads in the past and this is the best I've used - Slim, portable, easy to read even in lower lit situations, versatile in where and what you install it and it doesn't try to con you into spending lots on refills, they teach you how to make them and supply you with everything you need.

    Best $50 I've spent in a long time and anyone that knows me, knows that I buy a hell of a lot of magic :p

  17. Hi guys,

    I picked this up recently and the gimmick I got was slightly different from the one B. Smith uses in the DVD? The impression seems a lot lighter and the gimmick is only one sided? Any one else have the same experience?

  18. It is a slightly different one to the one he uses I believe, but it should work fine!:)

  19. Thanks you all again for your comments and questions. Phil, it is the same exact material, the only difference is that is has a white backing instead of a transparent one... this actually makes the orientation easier to figure out.

    If your impression is coming out lighter than mine did, try 'breaking in the gimmick' the same way I teach on the DVD. I will also pm you about another possible solution, I cant do so on here without tipping the method.

  20. I just picked this up from madhattermagicshop.com for $34+shipping.
    I'm excited. =)

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