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  1. Hello guys. A cofee company wants to hire me to do some magic to promote their brand. But they want me to do a think that I think doesn't exist.
    The want me to do 3 cup monte, with their cups and one capsule. I think they are confusing it with 3 card monte. (They are mixing 3card monte and cups and balls :S )

    Is it even possible to do 3 cup monte ? They want this in two days, and I need to reply today. Thank you guys. THis is veery important
  2. Well, I am sure you can think of a way to do that with cups. Shouldn't be too difficult. Also, why don't you just tell them you'll do effects with their cups? Such as prediction effects, appearences, vanishes, tons of stuff out there with coffee cups. Just use your imagination.
  3. They contacted just contacted me yesterday, dont really want a magic show.
    They want to offer souvenirs to people but not just in a regular way. So they came up with that idea. I cant be doing long routines because I will be working at 2AM and need to do fast things to drunk people xD
  4. Sounds like a three shell game kind of thing! Just play the three shell game with them, that's probably what they're looking for anyway.
  5. Sounds like a three shell game, or a cups and balls? either way it shouldn't be too difficult to arrange for something that will work for them. Unless their cups are all clear plastic cups. That might present a problem.
  6. As said above, they want a three shell game. There's lots of resources for this, some very cheap. You can combine it with cups and balls too if you'd like. I think it might be a bit awkward with tall coffee cups (three shell game), see if you can use espresso shot cups and maybe a coffee bean.
  7. Yup, sounds like a cups and balls routine. Just add more capsules because it would appear as if they confused the three shell game with three card monte.
  8. More like the old Pea & Shell game. I know of a few ways you could get away with it if you're using stock paper/foam cups and one of those "Pod" type dispensers. . . even a method for you to end with 3 cups full of hot coffee if so desired (I did a similar act for Bacardi Rum long ago using small rummer pineapples & coconut shells, ending with Pina Coloda in all 3 shells).

    I'll warn you, it won't be cheap to make and it will take more than a few weeks (about 6 if you're lucky) to have a magic engineer craft the fake paper cups from metal and then make them look & feel like the normal drink cup). Talk with the company and see how much the bit would be worth to them -- IM me and we can arrange to chat a bit more at length should you be interested; understand however, this is a "pet" piece of mine, I'm not going to just give it away.
  9. Yes Perform the cups and balls!
  10. ill take the job for you...lol

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