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  1. Hey guys, so quick question, I was wondering what video editing apps do you guys recommend specifically for iPad users?? Thing is I have some ideas I'd like to submit, think you guys might appreciate and enjoy
  2. Do you have a computer?
  3. You haven't responded yet, but I'm thinking over it now and you don't really need a fancy editing software. The performance, should pretty much be uncut. If you need to cut in an info card, or a explanation or something, you can either use iMovie, or if you have a window's computer, open up movie maker on it.
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  4. Thanks for the tip, so is iMovie what you generally use for you're videos?
  5. For all of the videos I put together on my YouTube channel, I use the paid version of Wondershare Filmora (available for both Mac and PC). Although, if you don't want to buy the program outright, there is a free trial version, but any video you export will have a giant watermark on it. That said, I would recommend getting the free trial (this version is exactly the same as the paid except with the watermark) to test it to see if it fits your needs before you purchase it.

    For the iPad, iMovie is pretty much the best way to go, but I typically never edit on there because I can get better results on my Mac or PC (I do have both).
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  6. No, I would use windows movie maker for free, or Lightworks, which is also free. I might also ask a friend who owns a high end vidoe editing software, such as sony vegas pro, if I could use it for a bit over at his house, or if he wants to edit it for me.
  7. Another program I just thought of that's free that might work wonders if you have the time to learn how to use it the called Da Vinci Resolve. From what I've seen it has lots of potential and is an epic free editor, but it seems to have a learning curve.
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  8. I've been considering using filmora which is actually pretty good and it's free
  9. The free Filmora will leave water mark on your video so...

    You can use Light-works though, which is free.
  10. The downside is the watermark is a huge pain though unless you get the paid version.
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  11. Hi there,

    As a person who has used iPad editing softwares, I agree that iMovie is the best way to go. However, if you do have the opportunity, invest in Adobe Premiere Pro. I've been using it for over s year and a bit and it's very easy to use and gives amazing quality, which is a key component when editing and posting videos.
    iMovie is good for a starter editing software, but later on it would be beneficial to invest in Adobe products and keep going from there :)
    Hope this helps
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  12. If you want a wide range of control FOR FREE I suggest "Hitfilm 4 Express" It is amazing and there is a ton of stuff you can do with it.

    Having said that, to submit a video to the marketplace, you will just need something super basic like iMovie. As long as you can create transitions and add text, you will be fine.
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  13. Thanks for the tip, also just wanted to let you know I sent you a pm on messenger

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